6 Reasons To Encourage More Comments On Your Blog

This article is guest posted by Abdulrehman Agha.

Most Bloggers with less or no commentators on their blog would say,  “Who cares about a few talkative people when we have a lot of visitors?”. That simply gives me a laugh, imagine yourself giving a good lesson to your class and the students just stare and walk away after a while, you delivered your message? Yeah right! Let me explain myself for those people in a few bullets(I don’t mean real ones):


You get feedback on your content, or shall I say more of a proof that people who visit your blog actually read the content. A survey or a question would have a much better feedback.

“Hey, You Need to learn how to proofread!”

You become aware of your flaws and know where you lack when people point it out, mind it: It is not a bad thing if people correct you, or don’t agree with your point. After all, everyone has a freedom of thought. Bloggers become ProBloggers when they learn from their mistakes, but if you don’t even know your mistakes, then how will you learn?


For me, it is the biggest inspiration that a blogger can get, good comments are like a life-saving drug for a dying blog. Many good commentators are out there, knowing the truth about your writing feels great to know after all the hard work you put into it.

Attract Advertisers

It is a good way to attract advertisers to your blog, imagine having spectacular Alexa Ranking, Subscribers count and technorati ranking and you have less than 4 comments on each article. Not only would that give a bad image about the blog to the advertiser but also would rise doubts about the traffic being legit/real.

It Helps SEO

If you don’t already know this then you’re in for a hidden surprise package beside every comment. Searches which are very much in depth of a topic, words normally not used in titles and by you particularly in posts would mostly be discussed by commentators. Moreover, they are majority and discuss the topic into further depth, thus helping your SEO efforts to best fit all related keywords.

1 brings 2, 3 bring 4

Remember, average internet users are more like a sheep. 60% of them will not comment if the post already has n0 comments on it. Get the first few comments, and the rest will come smoothly like skiing with butter on pancakes.

So I hope if you had any doubts about comments helping your blog or blogging experience would have been cleared. There are dozens of blogs that concentrate more on increasing comments rather than traffic. Let me ask you a question, wouldn’t a blog like Carl Ocab dot Com seem very unimpressive if popular Articles on it would have less than 5 comments? I think the importance of comments becomes very obvious.


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    I dont really know if I agree or what… Basically each has his own opinion on this. my blog isnt really getting a heap of comments but Im happy with the overall community of it

    • says

      Well, I went through your blog and most articles have somewhere near 10-15 comments which is great! 15 Comments shows that people are visiting this blog, would you still be happy with it if it had less than 5 comments? :?:

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    Nice guest post. However, we must also remember that comments to our blog can distract us sometimes. Having tons of them may divert our mind especially when he is in the middle of making his next post. I wonder how much time Darren Rowse is spending to read all the comments on his Problogger blog, if he is really reading all of them. Another problem would be some commentators are only there to promote their blogs, even if their comments are legit.

    Note also that Steve Pavlina and Seth Godin disabled comments on their blogs, and yet they are doing alright. And for your last part, I don’t think that readers who will not comment if there are no prior comments will reach 60%, not unless you have data to prove it. But of course, I agree that commentators can increase your credibility to advertisers. The same goes with subscribers, anyway.

    Lastly, I think commentators make a blogger more sociable and this can be good somehow. However, I think most Internet marketers care less if they don’t have comments on their blogs. About Carl Ocab, I think he do not need tons of comments to impress others. He himself is impressive enough.

    In the end, I think comments are not that important but it feels good to have some.

    Just my 2 cents though.

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    I like comments on my blog because it adds to my post. I might not write down every important details and my commenters would complete the post.