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    It is very worrying knowing in the back of your mind that PayPal could close down your account at the hint of any possible problem. I have known of Marketers being shut down by PayPal immediately after the start of a product launch because to many transactions were taking place. There are alternatives to PayPal that may or may not suit some IM better, such as; Google Checkout, Money Bookers, Paymate, Obopay and lots of others. It’s worth shopping around to see what is available.

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    I wonder what happened? Did you upgrade into a merchant account? Personal accounts aren’t allowed to hold too much money since they are only used for purchasing.

    There is an official Paypal partner in the Philippines. Have you asked about it?

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    hi i dont know what these people are talking about ive used paypal for my sites for years and never had a problem,in fact i think it has increased sales from when i had a regular merchant acct since people can just shop with paypal with only a few clicks whereas with a regular merchant acct some people might not want to fill out all the info and you lose the sale,cheers!