Become A Blogging Expert On Any Subject In A Couple Weeks

This article is guest posted by Brian and Jeff.

There is a heavy misconception in the Blogging World that in order to Blog about a particular topic and turn it into an Authority Site, you need to have gone to school for years on the subject or do it everyday at work. I’d say that statement is about 10% true and I’m going to tell you why in a minute. All you have to do to create an Authority Site is learn about the subject you want to start Blogging about. But it doesn’t take that long.

You can Become a Blogging Expert in any topic in just a matter of a few weeks. I don’t see anyone writing about this, but just about each skill, trade and subject out there to create a Blog around has it’s own set of custom lingo or terms of the trade. For example in Network Marketing there are terms like jump ship, which means to go from one program to another. If you wanted to start Blogging on the subject of Network Marketing you’d want to be familiar with all the comp plans.

So to Become a Blogging Expert in a niche find out what you want to start blogging about. That’s the first step. Then do a search on google and make sure at least a few adsense ads come up. This is a 30 second test to make sure the niche you want to enter is commercially viable. Then go online and do some research and learn the trade lingo.

Another example is if you wanted to Create a Blog on Insurance you’d learn all the terms and lingo relating to the Insurance Industry. There are great clickbank programs and especially awesome CPA Programs in this field. Also go to your bookstore and get a $15.00 Dummies Book or even visit Half Dot Com and get a used book. Read it from cover to cover.

This is the learning formula for getting the required knowledge in a certain area that will allow you to blog on the subject and to create a high quality blog. After reading one good book on the subject and doing some online research you should have enough knowledge to write as many articles as you want on the subject. You will also gain critical insights into how the industry works so you can review similar articles for ideas and interject your own ideas for a blog that is 100% unique content.

I’ve personally viewed hundreds of blogs that are setup in many different niches that are totally built with RSS feeds and none of their own unique content. They are usually ranked a PR0 which means Google doesn’t really value these blogs at all. In order for Google to value your blog you have to write the articles yourself or have them written by a Ghost Writer.

Ghost Writers do have their uses. In fact we’ve used them a lot in the last couple years. But in the last 90 days I’ve made an interesting discovery and for the most part have stopped using them. We have a great repoir with the major article directories now, and what we’ve discovered is they prefer to see new content trickle in over a period of time verses getting bombarded with a bunch of Ghost Written articles all at once.

So what my program is now to build our Blog is that I will personally write 3 articles per day. Sometimes I’m feeling great and write 4-5 but as a general rule I write just three. I’ll write for other blogs in a related niche and give them unique content and I’ll also write for article directories and submit duplicate content to most of these. Personally I rarely post comments however I’m not against this as I know many benefit a lot from it, but I prefer to stick to writing since I love it so much.

There are a couple other reasons I’ve been shying away from Ghost Writers recently. One reason is the cost. If I can write just 3 articles per day at $6.00 per article, that’s $18.00 per day or $540.00 of value per month I’ve put into my business that I’ve saved. This is arguably a lot of money to save each month.

The other reason is that a Ghost Writer usually isn’t usually an expert in the particular niche you want them to write about, so the articles you have them write have a tendency to be too general. People will see this and it can negatively reflect on your business. Plus I’ve had to do a lot of editing on articles I’ve had Ghost Written, like high Keyword Density issues. I’ve had to go back and remove the main keyword so the Article Directories would accept it.

After all the trial and error of marketing over 11 years online, I’ve come to the realization that one is better off creating 1-2 authority blogs in particular niches they know a lot about and use this as the foundation of your career. Then writing 1-3 articles per day and submitting them to the major article archives. If you do this after 6-9 months, your blog will start getting lots of attention. Eventually you will get a lot of traffic and you can now start to sell advertising and make extra money with Google Adwords.

I also recommend finding the Hottest Affiliate Program in your niche and make it your main program on your blog as you build it out. You should get the Simple Link Cloaker WordPress Plugin. Then create a cloaked link and call it “mainprogram” or something easy to remember. Then as you create each post, insert that cloaked link in all of your posts using your main keyword as the anchor text. As you create more and more posts and get more and more backlinks over time, you’ll drive more traffic to your main affiliate program.

I recommend you do this until you start making one sale per day and if it’s a CPA offer do it until you are at $100.00 per day. It’s imperative you build out your blog with one master cloaked link for your Primary Affiliate Program because if the program goes south it only takes you one minute to change the link to a competitor program to ensure none of the work you’ve been doing became a waste of your valuable time.

I think that’s the biggest mistake most Amateur Bloggers make. They don’t centralize all their Affiliate Marketing and traffic operations and structure them in such a way so they maintain total control. They will link from their offsite articles directly to an Affiliate Program, and when that program dies or they stop paying out, all that SEO work they put into promoting their main program was wasted. What’s worse is this discourages some people so much they may even quit and this is a trajedy.

If you set things up right, you can keep driving more and more traffic to your Blog until eternity and virtually guarantee your income will keep rising each month. And remember that ALL your offsite articles need to link only to your Blog, keep all links within your Blog Posts Cloaked so you can update your Affiliate Links from one centralized place in your WordPress Back Office, and no Affiliate Program Managers can ever take advantage of you.

If you follow all of these rules and work hard, you will Become a Blogging Expert in your niche over the next 1-3 years. Remember keep posting and focus on constantly ramping up the traffic and the sales will come by proxy. We wish you the best of luck with all your future publishing.

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    Thank for the informative post.

    There are millions earn money daily online, through various programs, websites, and Internet businesses. Many people are taking their offline businesses online to tap into the online business world. Many shoppers these days are turning to online shopping for the ease and comfort of it, and this has created so many online business opportunities.

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    Those who work hard will be rewarded. As for ghostwriters, once you find one who deliver the good, the best thing is to keep him handy.

    Just making a post a day will make you an expert after a couple of months.


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    I really interest in making money online, but I have some thing to learn and do some experiments to proof it. your article is very useful for my experiment.. thanks a lot

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    I was never fond of using ghostwriters to begin with. Firstly for the cost and secondly I believe that doing the writing yourself will train you more in content development which I believe is one of the most important skills of professional blogging.

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    This is a huge topic of discussion because must people are stuck in the mindset that they cannot be a coach or an expert in a certain thing just because they don’t have higher education in that particular subject. This attitude is totally wrong because everyone knows something that could help someone else out, it is all about discovering exactly what it is

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    It’s amazing that so many of thoise who commented can’t spell or puncuate and yet think they can write.

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    Brain and Jeff you guys did amazing job. You people gave some good blogging tips that a common layman can understand them and become a blogging expert. I really appreciate the way you described the entire blogging procedure. It also helped me to gain some unknown information. Anyway thank you so much.

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    I agree when I first started out blogging I was under the idea that it took years of experience and knowledge to be completely knowledgeable about your topic. Simple steps and tricks really can out you on the list with the best in the business

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    Thanks for helping us better understand the new world of internet business.

    Success and good health

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    This posts helped a lot.

    Actually I just started blogging, and I’m really having difficulty in a lot of things, like how to make blogspot more flexible, creating additional page and such, is there an available tutorial on that? Or is it possible to know if my blog site’s been viewed? how do I get to have more readers? How do I let them know about my blog? I really need tips and inputs, thanks in advance :D