The Brilliant Way To Find A Niche Market!

This article is guest posted by Franck Silvestre.

Affiliate marketing is often seen as the easiest money you will make online. Let me put the record straight, this is not true.

This may be one of the biggest lies when it comes to making money online. Still with me?

I am going to show you the very first thing you need to do in order to earn money with affiliate marketing

The very first thing you need to do is…

Find a hungry market of people who are going whatever your promote. They are called desperate buyers.

If you can’t find a profitable market, you are not going to make any money from affiliate marketing, so pay attention because this is where 95% of the newbies who are trying to make money online fail.

Note: I advise you to find a profitable market and stick to it. In 2007, it is better to build a huge site (authority site) with high quality information and resource on your topic.

If you add one page every single day to your site, in one year, you have 365 pages. Plus you are building a solid business asset that will have a high value.

Hmm, I hear you say: “but they told me that I don’t need a website!”. Well, it’s possible to make money without a website, but believe me, you will make way more cash online with your own site.

You will become a major player in this market, and dominate.

If you already have a profitable market, great. If not, read on…

Be aware that you don’t need any keyword tool yet. This will come at a later stage. Now, you are in the brainstorming stage.

One last thing: if you plan to build a highly successful site, it is always better to go in a niche in which you are an expert, or a topic that you would like to learn more about.

It will be easier to update your site (you will not feel that you are working), and you will become an authority in no time.

There are not many of experts on the web… There are many Self Proclaimed experts. This is totally different.

How is this possible?

Most of the experts in their field don’t have a clue about how to build a website, and even if they build one, nobody is going to find it, except the people who have the chance to get their business card…

They will eventually come out the darkness with word of mouth after a certain time though.

You want to find a market with:

  • High demand
  • Low supply (small percentage of GOOD and RELEVANT websites serving this market)

4 Quick and easy steps to find a Profitable Market (Niche)

If you are building a website to profit from it, before you start to build your site, you should ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Is there a market?

If nobody is going to search for and find your website, don’t build it!

2. What’s their problem?

Solve people’s problem, and you will always have good results in everything you do. Find their problem, and give them a solution.

For example, If you build a site about Forex Trading, it is because you want to help people in that niche. Your can provide a website geared towards beginners with tutorials, tips and advices for beginners like (, or more advanced stuff like daily alerts, advanced strategies and reviews like: (

3. Is the market willing to pay?

You want people to do something when they land on your website. They should take action (your most wanted response – MWR), otherwise, there is no point in building a website.

Your MWR can be:

  1. Buying your own product,
  2. Subscribing to your membership site
  3. Clicking on your affiliate (and contextual advertising) links
  4. Make a Phone call
  5. Make a donation
  6. etc…

Actual numbers you can rely on (no need to guess)

If for a market of your choice, you find these 4 parameters, there is 99,99% of chances that it is profitable. All these marketers are making money, and you will earn as well.

Don’t be afraid of potential competitors. Competition is good because it is the proof that there is a market of hungry buyers. This is the only reason why people compete to get a share of the pie.

1. Clickbank: Minimum of 4 books on your topic

Many savvy Internet marketer quickly crank out a product when they found a profitable market. Just piggy back on their work. They took the time to get an ebook on the subject and sell it because they earn a good income.

2. Adwords Ads: at least 8 ads running

Advertisers are paying money because they have a good ROI, otherwise, they will stop (except if it is a big company with deep pocket, or someone who deliberately lose money to crush his competitors)

In the mean time, you should check the ads, and analyse the websites and what they are doing.

3. KW: 50K search for your main keywords

If more than 50 thousands people searched for your keyword last month, there is a good interest in the subject.

4. Offline Magazine ads

You need to go offline, and be sure that there are at least 2 magazines on the racks. Take a look at the ads inside to see what people are selling as well.

Only after this, you can start your keyword research because now that you found a profitable market, you need to find the main keywords for this market.

You need to target your site to keywords that will end up in a sale for your products (or affiliate products, contextual advertising).

Franck Silvestre is an affiliate marketing expert and help newbies to build a real affiliate business online. He earns thousands of dollars every years writing powerful articles like this one. Wonder what the secret of his success is? Visit


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    To find a niche that will work for you, you will have to build the site, test it and re-test. If it doesn’t work move on to another niche. Don’t spend too much time on a niche that doesn’t work for you. Ideally you want to a handful of niche sites that are profitable. Don’t give up, just keep building new sites with different niches.

  2. says

    These are some great recommendations. Before I started my blog, I asked myself what I had to talk about that other might be interested in. THEN, will those readers be willing to spend money on related stuff? Your tips for finding a niche market are a bit more detailed…and helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    Thanks for your writings. I’m working hard to find my niche, have a few going but it’s too soon to rate. Only been at it a month.

    However. sites like yours give me new insights. I thank you for that.


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    Hey nice blog my friend. Affiliate marketing is the fastest growing business in world. However its not that easy as it looks. Obviously you need advanced knowledge about

    affiliate marketing . If you are dead and broke , you can learn most of the startup tricks via marketing forums.

    • says

      You are right, it’s not as easy, it’s a real business.

      As for learning on forums, I’m not sure about this. My business skyrocketed when I learn directly from super affiliates via coaching.

      Advice on forums are not always accurate, and you can lose a lot of your precious time there.

      All the best,


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    I like to say there is a formula to get the perfect niche using the K.E.I analysis, this formula i have used in six sigma and is very powerfull, wordtracker is using this formula for all the keyword that we use. If you need the formula go to my name and you will get it.