Bring The Fresh Review: A Comprehensive Online Money Making Resource

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Online moneymaking tools are nothing new – there are hundreds of different programs, courses and books out there, all of which proclaim they are the best option for those who want to earn an income online. However, not all of your options are created equal. Some are little more than basic beginner’s courses that offer no ongoing benefits. Others might not even offer those limited benefits.

However, Bring the Fresh is different: this comprehensive resource offers vital information, tips, training and videos essential for anyone working online, whether you’re just starting out or looking for ways to improve your online profitability. What makes Bring the Fresh such a unique option, though?

First Impressions Make All the Difference

First impressions really count, and Bring the Fresh makes a good one. The initial page is simple, cleanly laid out and evocative. The founders go to great lengths to explain what you will find with the program, as well as clearly delineating what the program is NOT about (i.e. getting rich quick).

The page layout is elegantly simple, with three links at the top, one leading to their How to Make Money Online fact page, one leading to their contact page and one to their member forum. Below this, you’ll find an in-depth rundown of what Bring the Fresh offers, what it’s about and how it can be used. That’s a unique offering in itself – many online moneymaking systems only give teasers and hints to incite your curiosity, but Bring the Fresh lays it all on the table in the beginning, allowing you to make an informed, empowered decision.

How to Make Money Online Fact Page

Special note should be made of their fact page here. As with everything else about Bring the Fresh, this differs from other systems you will find online. First, they come flat out and say that most people reading the page will NOT become millionaires. Second, they clearly lay out attainable incomes of $50 to $200 per day, all of which fall within the realm of reasonable expectations from such a program.

The lack of empty promises of instant wealth is certainly refreshing, and one of the things that really makes this program stand out from the plethora of others crowding the Internet these days.

Make Money Online Video

Immediately below their minimal navigation system, you’ll find a prominently placed video that purports to tell you exactly how to make money online. The video loads and plays on the page, so there’s no need to worry about a pop-out player or having to load another website to watch it. The video is almost 35 minutes in length, and goes deep into the question of making money online. It provides vital information at no charge, which is something else not usually found with online moneymaking courses or systems.

The video maintains the air of honesty, integrity and openness that pervades the entire site. Narrated by co-owner Kelly Felix, the video explains just how simple it is to earn a reasonable income online, regardless of your experience level, how much you know about website design or even if you have no idea what to sell.

The Lists: What’s Inside

Below the video, you’ll find a lengthy rundown of what’s inside the website, and what’s not included. The information here makes it clear just what the program is about – generating real results for real people. It also makes clear what the program isn’t about, namely get rich quick schemes, bait and switch tactics, building fake sites and blogs and other tricks that will doom your efforts from the start. Bring the Fresh starts out honest and upfront – a quality that others would do well to emulate.

Below the lists, you’ll find the payment link, which is a very reasonable lifetime rate with a 14-day money back guarantee. You will also find videos from real users detailing how the program made a significant difference in their lives. These are real people, telling their actual stories, and are accompanied by proof in the form of earnings statements and other information to substantiate the testimonials.

What’s Really Inside?

Of course, for those who have been burned before, there’s no substitute for actually knowing what you will find before you pony up your cash. Inside the actual program, you’ll find an assortment of powerful tools, all of which are designed to give you leverage, knowledge and knowhow to build your own income.

Special Note about the Contact Page

Most programs lack any form of contact details, other than perhaps a rather generic email address. Bring the Fresh goes far, far beyond this. You’ll find a link to the forums, as well as an email address (Kelly and Mike personally answer all emails).

However, the real difference here is that you can also contact Kelly and Mike via their cell phones – both numbers are included on the page for members! If that’s not standing behind your product, then nothing is. Finally, you can also get in touch through Facebook or Twitter, as well.

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Understanding the Tools Available to You

When it comes to tools and information, Bring the Fresh really delivers. There is immense value to be found here, but you will need a full understanding of what you can do. Here’s a look at exactly what you will find:

  • Latest News: This takes you to the news page, where you’ll find out more about what’s going on behind the scenes, about upcoming changes, new developments and more. The news is presented in video format, which is not only informative, but enjoyable, as well.
  • Member Forum: Within the member forum, you can ask questions of more experienced members, as well as interact with Kelly and Mike. Tons of valuable information can be found here, and it’s the go-to source for quick answers about almost anything related to making money online.
  • Recommended Products: Bring the Fresh offers a helping hand with a list of recommended products that can help you boost your profitability and productivity. These range from preconfigured websites to keyword research tools and everything in between.
  • BTF Roadmap: This is a full map of what Bring the Fresh offers in the way of tools, tutorials, training and educational videos, Core Video Series interviews with Kelly and Mike and screen capture videos that show the inner workings of powerful, productive websites and more.
  • Fast Start Guide: For those new to the program and looking to get started right away, the fast start guide is the answer. It contains search engine optimization strategies, meta strategies, tips on organization and copywriting, and vital details about conversion and website traffic.
  • Fast Start Videos: These vital videos work hand in hand with the fast start guide to get you moving immediately. They cover topics like “Launch Jacking,” conversion and list building, using keyword tools and understanding how Google works to rank sites and promote traffic.
  • 1-Article-To-Rule-Them-All: This is article is broken down into a series of videos and expands on topics like gathering traffic, using white hat strategies, article marketing and invention, as well as quite a bit more.
  • Behind the Scenes: This series of videos walks you through Kelly’s famous Rich Jerk website, how it was created, what elements made huge differences in performance and how he brought it all together to create real success.
  • Core Interviews: The Core Interviews series is a powerful series of informational, behind the scenes interviews with Kelly and Mike. The series goes deep into the strategies required for real success in the online environment, and offers immense help for anyone seeking to make money online.

The series offers information about inciting curiosity, how to deal with feedback, determining what the market really demands, how to handle naysayers, SEO information and quite a bit more. The immense value packed into this video series cannot be overstated – it’s a central part of what makes Bring the Fresh such a good platform for anyone.

The Full Disclosure Section

The bottom half of the navigation menu is given over to the Full Disclosure section. These topics range from SEO to coaching and consulting.

  • SEO: The SEO section contains videos in which Kelly and Mike fully discus search engine optimization and related topics. Those include article creation, information marketing, boosting readership, syndication, market and keyword research/analysis, site building with SEO and getting links to boost site value.
  • Annihilation Engine: Mike’s Annihilation Engine videos are vital for those who demand the utmost in website conversion. He describes it as “website conversion on steroids,” and that’s a pretty apt analogy. This series offers the precise formula used to develop $21 million dollars in conversions, as well as the marketing secrets used by gurus in Fortune 500 companies.
  • Underground Biz Philosophy: The underground business philosophy section brings you information and critical conversion formulas, as well as an important product creation course narrated by David Mills. This part of the site also offers information about the right thinking for online moneymaking, how to add value to your offerings and offers four different perspectives on adding that value.
  • Inside $7-Figures: Here, you will get an in-depth look at two different businesses Kelly and Mike founded that earned seven figures. It also delineates exactly how those businesses were able to achieve such startling results, such as using YouTube to create viral marketing.
  • Coaching/Consulting: If you find that you need some personal help, both Kelly and Mike are available. This section of the site highlights additional services and products designed to help you maximize your profitability and online success. From full business reviews to monthly training sessions, this section is ideal for those who want a helping hand.
  • Contact Us: The last link on the navigation menu is to the Bring the Fresh contact page. As mentioned previously, this page gives you the means to find the answers to any questions you might have, either through the forum or by contacting Kelly or Mike in person or through their social network accounts.

In Summation

While online moneymaking programs abound today, most are not worth your time. However, Bring the Fresh lives up to its promise. You will find real, actionable information, step-by-step video guides to every aspect of becoming successful online and more. When it comes to powerful tools, accurate information and more “bang for your buck,” few options can rival what you’ll find with Bring the Fresh.

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It’s so easy even Kelly’s dog could do it :-)

Click here to visit Bring The Fresh and start making money online


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