WEIRD – Interview With The Bond… Paper

First of, I had a hard time putting this thing up. It’s a BIG video and took me an hour to upload on Youtube. Unknowingly they’d delete it after because it’s more than 10 minutes long. So yeah I screwed.

Second, the quality is not that cool because I’m using the built in 1.3 megapixels webcam of my Vaio – not cool (compared to those sweet HD’s) but OK.

Third, I like this interview personally. I did the interview with trusty bondpaper, goofed off around a “bit” and gave some good stuff (I can’t quite decide if this video is about me goofing off or answering interview questions)

I’m pretty sure you’ll like it nonetheless…

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Questions asked by the bond… paper

1. Hi Carl, you have been the well known kid guru around the block who makes money online at the age of 13. Could you tell us more about how did you get yourself started and where did your main inspirations come from?

2. Everyone knows it isn’t to get on Google’s first page for keyword “Make Money Online” but you manage to keep your throne even up till now. What are the exact methods you use to reach this position?

3. When I first visited, your RSS subscriber count was at 8,000+ and now it has climbed up to 14,000+. (Even while you were away from your blog for awhile). How did you manage to keep this up?

4. I know selling ads hasn’t been a problem for you because I always see new ad placement on your blog. Do you go about contacting businesses or do you only wait for companies/personal to contact you?

5. Following up to the question above, does the blog theme really affect your ad sales?

6. Carl, you have created one of the most practical and converting theme for monetized blogging. Would you like to use this chance to tell my readers why they should use your Ultimate Blogging Theme?

7. If they were to buy your Ultimate Blogging Theme, how can they make full use of it and ensure they are really able to start making money from their blogs?

8. Besides blogging, you make money from affiliate marketing too right? Do you make use of any other marketing methods besides blogging and mailing list?

9. Finally the last question Carl. While many of your peers at your age are still hanging out in shopping malls or at gaming parties, you are raking 4 figures every month. Can you give some words of encouragement and advice to help them succeed as well?


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    I have been using different theme, but ur UBT had stay longer and more then any other them I had use, and even though I had brought the ONE theme, urs are still looking better then theirs, in terms design, and the only thing that you lose out to them IN MY OPINION, is One Theme had great One Panel functionality in the wordpress admin, may be the next update of UBT could have this… eh that’s just one of my suggestion.

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    Thanks for the video Carl. It delivers a great message and hits home for sure. The closing point says it all…”you need a good mentor to be a success”…Not an actual quote but the idea is accurate.

    You my friend are the best mentor in the business…I thank you for that.

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    Hey Carl, love the interview…but I couldn’t figure out what you said at 9.45 minutes when you talked about tips on how to get on the first page.
    “Age on time? Ache on time? or something” Sorry but I couldn’t understand it. What is that? I hope you can help me..

    And another thing…how can someone benefit from sponsoring your contest? What is their benefit, i mean they spend money and actually why would someone spend money for a contest? I didn’t get that part too..

    I’m new to marketing that’s why. I hope you can help.

    Thank you.

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    Mabuhay! that’s less than half an hour video… and it’s great, never mind the quality of the video image as long as your answers on each question is clear and direct to the point. :)
    and also just found out that your blog and the commenter above have the same blogging theme, are those the Ultimate Blogging Theme?

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    Hey Carl, I love your blog themes. I have had a couple of websites up to now, but have just started using wordpress, and YOUR THEMES make everything really easy. Your tutorial videos helped me set everything up (4 blogs) and when I was stuck and emailed you for help you answered quickly and with perfect answers to help me out. You are a star!

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    Whoa, when I heard ben saying there is a 13 yr old making money online i was impressed and I wanted to know more. Great job man keep up the good work.

  7. CarlCarl says

    @Gary Marsden – Thanks dude :-)

    @Katya – Hey Katya, at 9:45, I was talking about the headings tags, h1-h6.

    Ref to the contest sponsorship, they get publicity. I publish them on my blog and people who will join should publish them to their blog too to get an entry. Check our last contest

    @nad – but hey, I don’t want to be late with gadgets LOL. And yeah, The Bad Blogger is using the UBT.

    @Ian Parkin – Thanks :-)

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    Hey Carl!

    My name is Justin and I am a 13 year old internet marketer and entrepreneur. I was wondering if you have any personal advice for me. I’d love to get in contact with you!! Thanks, Justin

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    Hi Carlo, To tell you the truth I expected a poor quality video, and what I got was a very easy on the listener interview. I liked the way you answered each question but also had it in text for us to look at. I felt that you looked comfortable in front of the camera, although I have never seen any of your other videos. You also looked like you had fun or like I said comfortable answering the questions and they all felt honest & to the point. Thank you for some very interesting answers that will help anyone in this business. JJ

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    Informative interview indeed. But Carl, one thing – I personally do not think that a theme in itself can do anything to help you make money blogging. I have seen people with crappy themes making huge money even from advertisements. But yes, a good theme and a good logo could create an identity for your blog which could help you gain some subscribers. But ultimately, your success is dependent on how much hard work you put into your blogging and how good your mentor is.

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    Hey Carl!

    I’m Dave and I am a 19 year old entrepreneur. I was wondering if you have any advice for me – I want to rank well also for top keywords?

  12. CarlCarl says

    @jj-momscashblog – Haha, thanks – still working on it though ;-)

    @R Kumar – That’s right dude, MOST of your success will come from your hard work – theme is just one PART of it. Imagine people with crappy themes making huge money from advertisements, what more if they had a well designed, advertising optimized theme? Thier income would skyrocket!

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    Hi Carl, I am a very big fan of you and your dad’s work, and I should know that you’re a Filipino, and as such I hope that you will keep on bringing each and every Internet marketers out there, Filipino or not, insoiration and guidance on how to really make money online. Keep posting those videos too. Love them all.

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    Hi Carl, I am a very big fan of you and your dad’s work, and I should know that you’re a Filipino, and as such I hope that you will keep on bringing each and every Internet marketers out there, Filipino or not, inspiration and guidance on how to really make money online. Keep posting those videos too.

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    Hey Carl, I like the video — I thought you said it was poor quality? I thought it came across very well. I found it informative and enjoyed listening to how you got started and transformed yourself from the early stages to where you are now. I have heard other people talk about having to have passion for what you are blogging about … I don’t know that I necessarily believe that to be true. I think to some degree you can fake it and make it.

    By the way, I am new to your blog. you said you started doing this when you were 13, out of curiosity, how old are you now (how long have you been doing this)? thanks. again really great video.

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    You never cease to amaze me, I mean, you’re a teenager kicking it to the big boys (and girls!) and your methods are sound and proven and I like the fact that I get fresh content off you, not just rehashed, ‘been around the block’ internet marketing content. I am going to Tweet this link as well. Cheers

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    Hi Carl,

    This is so amazing, i am 14-years old and i run a little community with 600+ members and 18000+ visitors everyday. I just added some ads in my forum and i only got 8$ in 3 days? How can i get more, could you give me some tips?

    I am going to develope my own MMORPG flash-based game and i need money for a VPS Server so please help me out :)

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    Wow, I’m impressed how you started blogging and ended up earning lots of cash with that. You’re a filipino right? Then I guess you’re playing ragnarok when you’re 12… more power to you

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    that’s cool. That video wasn’t bad as you thought. I’m still collecting some bucks to buy your theme. I’m a Malaysian.

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    Hi Carl,
    I’m the old retired police chaplain from 7m7y and I really enjoyed your video, it was very enlightening. I’m already receiving your e-mails on a regular basis and am learning from you. THanks for being there for us.

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    The h1 to h5 tags are very important. + As you said, putting keywords first in the Title tag is essential. And for off page factors, link baiting is a bit difficult for some people. Very nice tips Carl Ocab.

    Viju Dallon

  22. Paul says

    I love the content. SOme great stuff for this old dog. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks and have a great week to all

  23. madz says

    I watched a while ago your video,,
    You really had a great blog and i was amazed to that,,
    keep it up and and more power to you Carl,,
    I learn a lot from you so keep it up!

  24. Deam says

    Hi Carl,

    I would like to buy your theme. My question is, will I have any support if
    I will have troubles with the theme?

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    Hi Carl,

    I finally had time to watch the video and I enjoyed it. All except the part at the end when you broke in and started apologizing for something that didn’t need any apology. This video is better than the vast majority that I have watched. I like that it was low key, you spoke clearly and slowly and you stuck to an outline .. half the blogger I know who try video wind up going off on a tangent, or trying to act like a TV personality instead of a blogger.

    Now, if I could only get a couple of my pamamkins to watch and open their minds enough for your words to sink in … they always want to know how I make money online as if it was some sort of built in American talent, when, in fact, there’s fellow Filipino, younger than most of them, who makes way more than their tiresome old tito does … they just have to listen, and then do. Happy holidays and best wishes for an outstanding 2011.

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    Excellent interview. I like it very much. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I get motivated by you to continue blogging. I have a doubt. Do we have to apply business license for blogging business? Hoping to hear from you soon.

    • Osman A. says

      Hi Carl, thank you for your nice and load with valuable tips for me, I really enjoy viewing with
      picking some knowldeged you had said.

      I hope I’ll get another follow up videos from you soon with more infor. on this subject.

      May god bless all of us doing good things on earth and giving more opportunity in future
      to come.

      Osman A.

  27. Carlo Coroncion says

    hey carl i downloaded the video because my internet is very for i went to a internet cafe just to download your video… I am following your blog. you a KINABOG mo lahat ng internet money makers. Think I am the first blogger here in my place.