What Is Twitterview And How I Exploited It


It was just another sunny afternoon, slacking around, browsing nonsense websites, hanging out on Twitter - let's just say, my unproductive time of the day, when suddenly this rad idea popped up in my mind... What if I do an interview on Twitter LIVE - people are hooked on Twitter, it's not time consuming (No scheduling, no fancy audio recording, etc.), it's VERY candid, and it's fun (Doing an interview in 140 characters or less is something!) No time to waste, I skimmed my friend's updates to see who's Twittering and it so happen to be John was on. Fortunately, John was also online on … [Read more...]

The Authority Website for Young Entrepreneurs

Over the last few months I've been hanging out on my buddy's site (More of a portal) called Retire at 21. I first got there way back in August when Michael offered to interview me, since then he has sent over 50,000 visitors to this blog. He has some really great young entrepreneur interviews which have really motivated me, here are the top 5 interviews that you MUST check out: Interview with Corey Kossack With millions of dollars in sales and over 35,000 positive feedback on ebay by the age of 24, Corey Kossack is the top man to come and see if you want to retire very early from an … [Read more...]

Content Is Not King, Marketing Is – Interview With Buzz Marketer Dean Hunt


The internet holds limitless amount of information that grows rapidly everyday. What will make you stand out from the crowd? Content - NO, well that's what most people think. It's like this, if no one sees you, you won't make anything. Even if you have the most prized possession anyone can think of. No eyeballs = no money. Although yes, content still counts. But think of it as a part of marketing. Don't concentrate on the content, exert more effort in marketing. Today, I'll post my very first interview and I would like to thank my friend Dean who's an expert in the field of Buzz … [Read more...]