The Basics of Multilingual Link-Building

This article is guest posted by Lior. The Web is becoming an increasingly multilingual place. Though English is still the top language on the Web, Chinese and Spanish now hold a plurality and both are growing much more rapidly. Already the majority of Internet users don’t speak English, at least not as their primary language but very few English-speaking sites reach out to this audience, essentially ignoring over half of the Web’s … [Read more...]

Can Inbound Links Harm Your Website?

This article is guest posted by Angie. This is a question that I get asked from clients from time to time and in most instances, the answer is NO. Google and other search engines do not make it easy for competitors to damage your business. If inbound links could have a detrimental effect on your SEO than it would be in your competitors’ interest to ‘sabotage’ your site, thereby improving their own positions by knocking you out of the search … [Read more...]

69 Ways To Build Backlinks (kinda huge)


GASP! It's been a while since I last did this huge list thing, hope I still got the Kidblogger in me. I'm getting old! But this was rather late to say the least. I was supposed to post this the other week but got loads of stuff got in the way. Still, I'm quite happy to finish writing this BIG article so I hope you like it. ALERT! Disclaimers below... First disclaimer, some ideas just happen to pop out my head so you might find them a bit … [Read more...]

Search Engine Optimization Method: Long Term Plan To Rank #1 On Google, Yahoo And MSN

This article is guest posted by Mike Ndegwa. The SEO Method that is going to explain below in detail, is a surefire method proven to rank you #1 on all major Search Engines listed thus: Google, Yahoo Search and MSN. On this post we will learn how to Rank #1 on your Primary Keyword regardless of how competitive it is. Before we deep our feet to the SEO method, you need to first set some objectives for your site. Otherwise there is no need … [Read more...]

Blogging Using Leverage

This article is guest posted by Froi. Currently there is a very tough competition on the Internet when it comes to creating traffic and techniques to attract visitors. Although SEO techniques could help one way or the other, but due to the reality of so many blogs being created daily with so many people also competing on the same technique. I think there will always be some new trend of ways and technique that other blogger should adopt for … [Read more...]

Which Is Better – Link Building Through Guest Blog Posts Or Through Comments?

This article is guest posted by Mohammad Arshad. Without any ranting let me tell you my answer first .My answer to the question “Is link building through guest blogging better than comment posting” is ‘I do not know’.So then why am i giving you this article ? Because i want you to know it is still uncertain that which method is viewed as superior in the eyes of Google bots .So do not just stick with the link building through blog … [Read more...]