Writing A Useful Content For A Business Blog

This make money online article is guest posted by Dan. When it comes to content for your business blog, it's really all about what your readers want. This may seem counterintuitive; after all, you're writing about your business, so shouldn't you be the one to decide what to write about? Yes and no. At a high level, it is true that you'll be writing about content that's related to your industry. But within your chosen subject, you should write content that is useful primarily to your readers and that answers the main question when they're on your blog: "What's in it for me?" The type of … [Read more...]

Mobile Social Media and Mobile Marketing, What Does the Horizon Look Like?

This make money online article is guest posted by Alia Haley Now as we move ahead from email marketing, mobile marketing seems to be making a wider space in our lives. And with social networking in a boom, the blend of social media and mobile marketing can work wonder in capitalizing your business. If you check the figures of adoption rate of Smartphones in US alone, it’s incredible, and similar is the story in Europe and other developing nations. You will find more and more users to be comfortable in accessing the internet using high end cell phone devices. Any Tom, Dick and Harry … [Read more...]

Some Questions to Ask about Your Consumer’s Purchasing Process

This article is guest posted by Lauren Bailey Before launching a product, marketers should have a very strong sense of the market for that product and how potential buyers will evaluate whether or not they should purchase the product, whether it’s software, an e-book, or even just web content or ads. In other words, having just a good product will not be enough to successfully make a name for your company in its niche. You'll also need to manage the product after its release, which means knowing into what kind of world this product is going to be released. As you get ready to launch … [Read more...]

How To Promote Your E-Commerce Site

This article is guest posted by Nan Gibbons. When trying to incorporate your marketing decisions into the design that you choose for your e-commerce Web site and your domain hosting, you make a few mistakes about who you want your audience to be. It is important for you to influence how your audience sees your customer service and your products. Taking advantage of the following tips can help you change your market strategy to focus on your products and your e-commerce Web site. Shipping Cost Offering different shipping promotions is a great way for you to convince your audience to … [Read more...]

How Cloud Computing Will Level The Playing Field

This article is guest posted by Riley Kissel. One of the great things about the Internet is that it has become the great leveler among large corporations and small businesses alike. It used to be that larger companies had the competitive edge in the online industry because they possessed greater resources and better access to technology and other capabilities, but this is no longer the case. Cloud services have greatly changed the way online businesses operate, and have introduced new tools to business owners and companies regardless of size or need, and will greatly change the way online … [Read more...]

List Building Blueprint For Online Profits

This article is guest posted by John Rhodes. Two of the most popular internet marketing questions of all time are ‘how do I build a list’ and ‘how do I generate traffic’. These are the same questions I asked when I first started and I would pay with an arm and leg to anyone who would show me how to do it. Well there’s no need to send me your arms and legs. In this article, I’m going to teach you how to build a list with thousands of subscribers, generate consistent traffic to grow this list and make money from it. Hold on tight…this is going to make your head spin. Before you start … [Read more...]