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Social networks are everywhere these days. From the Big 3 (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to smaller networks you might not have heard of before, and those designed for one specific task (think Instagram), social networks have come to dominate online life. You might wonder, with all this diversity and overexposure to social networks, what makes the development of yet another one special? Well, there are a few reasons that Zurker should stand out in your mind. Dual Streams – Home + Street If like most people, you have an account on Facebook, you’re familiar with the term “stream”. Most … [Read more...]

How To Get 10,000+ Likes On Your Business’ Facebook Fan Page

This article is guest posted by Robert Cipriano. Have you ever wondered why most businesses have their own Facebook fan page? Why they’re trying to get more likes as many as they could? It’s easy as 1-2-3. Facebook has been the largest network of people today. Almost everyone has his or her own Facebook account regardless of age. This only means that their customers are most probably on the said Social Networking Site. That’s enough reason for them to desire the most likes on their fan page. But the question is how can it happen? In this article, we will discuss strategies by which you can … [Read more...]

SEO Tips for Utilising Facebook For Online Businesses

This make money online article is guest posted by WebGuru India Website design is not just a matter of using latest web designing apps and media enriched content. It is also imperative to implement necessary search engine optimization incorporating social media in web sites for long term success. Google, the undisputed king of online search, ranks web sites on the basis of their presence and image in social media sites. Hence, a web site owner needs to have a page in Facebook for his company not only for product promotion but also for higher ranking in search engine results. As social … [Read more...]

6 Steps On How To Formulate Your Social Media Plan

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This article is guest posted by Jack Harold. Formulating an online marketing strategy is vital when making the decision to include social media to your marketing efforts. A plan is required to evaluate the feasibility, know what steps you will have to take and to assist you in staying focused on your goals. As a solopreneur or small business owner, you might be interested in using social media as a means to promote your business or ideas, stay connected with your potential customers and create more traction around your business. Probably you already have accounts on various social … [Read more...]

3 Social Media Metrics Types to Measure Performance of Social Media Campaigns

This article is guest posted by David Smith. Things that can’t be measured can never be improved. Just imagine - Improving your ppc campaigns without any way to track performance of your ads or improving conversion rate of a website without any way to identify the poor performing sections of the checkout process? The same rule applies to social media marketing. You can’t improve the performance of your social media campaign unless you measure its results. In this article we will cover different types of social media metrics available and how you can use them to measure the performance of … [Read more...]

Be Personal, But Not Too Personal

I've been on Facebook lately - a lot. I only used Facebook though as a social networking site to connect with my non-internet marketing friends, classmates and family relatives. Of course if someone from the internet marketing niche added me, I'd gladly accept because this is also a chance for them to see the "real" me. Or so I thought. The only stuff I post on that Facebook account is stuff about my friends, jokes, song lines, quotes and all goofy stuff a regular teenager would post because I didn't want to mix my business with my personal life. But last month when I got my … [Read more...]