Tips To Increase Number of Comments in Your Blog

This article is guest posted by Stephen O’Neill You take pride in informing others that you own a blog but the what irritates you is that none of the posts that you have made managed to draw a single comment, save those unfrequented occasions when you find your posts getting flooded with spam. Now screaming at the sky would not change the situation. The only consolation is that you are not the only blogger in the universe who is having this … [Read more...]

Hard News and Image Lookup for Affiliate Marketing

This article is guest posted by Riley Kissel Although many successful bloggers are using different affiliate marketing techniques to build stronger relationships with their clients and increase traffic flow through to their website, the majority of traditional techniques are soon to fall by the way-side because they’re too predictable. Rewarding online followers with gifts and other incentives for clicking and browsing is soon to become … [Read more...]

List Building Blueprint For Online Profits

This article is guest posted by John Rhodes. Two of the most popular internet marketing questions of all time are ‘how do I build a list’ and ‘how do I generate traffic’. These are the same questions I asked when I first started and I would pay with an arm and leg to anyone who would show me how to do it. Well there’s no need to send me your arms and legs. In this article, I’m going to teach you how to build a list with thousands of … [Read more...]

5 Simple-Yet-Effective Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog!

This article is guest posted by Wong Chendong. Today I’d like to share 5 simple-yet-effective ways for getting blog traffic and believe it or not, once it’s done correctly, you can get tons of traffic almost immediately. Okay, let’s start with the first one: 1. Launch Something Many bloggers take launch to mean something product related, but I’m a big believer that your blog IS your product, and should be launched at least once. If your blog … [Read more...]

Super Secret Traffic Generation Method Kept Secret On The Internet

This article is guest posted by Style. So, you've decided that you want to make money online, that's cool but there's just one problem. How are you supposed to compete with inferior knowledge, inferior skills and an inferior budget. In order for a "system" that you've design to be profitable and easy to manage, it has to have two desirable features. a) it needs to be automated and b) it needs to convert visitors into buyers. This married to … [Read more...]

How To Target Your Target Audience Indirectly

This article is guest posted by Albert Fang. In any webmasters point of view, they would agree that without targeted traffic, they are simply nothing. Bounce rates begin to reach ever so high, conversions are at it's decimals, what else can be worse? These are the practical stats that most webmasters face due to the fact that the keyword that they want to rank for is too competitive and they become discouraged. They want to get targeted … [Read more...]