Conquer The 9-5 With IM Fuse

This article is posted by Valerie and sponsored by IM Fuse.

With the rise of the Internet, programs and products that promise to help you leave that 9-5 grind behind seem to have sprouted up in the thousands. However, you’ll find that some of those programs are just too technical and time-consuming to be worth it, while others offer no value whatsoever. IM Fuse makes many of the same promises those other programs do, but there’s something very different here. What makes IM Fuse stand out from the slew of other options?

Simple & Effective Layout

One of the first things you’ll notice once you become a member is that IM Fuse offers a simple, effective, intuitive dashboard layout that puts everything within easy reach. You’ll find an introductory video available that really explains what the goal of the program is, recommendations about where to start and more. Definitely give it a watch – it’s informative and short. You’ll also find that this theme (simple and effective) carries over to every other part of the site.

Below the video, you’ll see the categories from which you can choose – Video Training Series, Tools and Resources. Each is distinct, filled with value and vital for your utmost success. Let’s take a closer look at each of these sections.

Video Training Series

The video training series is really the place to start. You’ll be chomping at the bit to get out and get started, but you have to have the skills and knowledge necessary in order to do so. One way that IM Fuse stands out from other options on the market is that they tell you that upfront, and then they provide you with the training you need. You’ll find six modules on offer, including:

Module 1 – Keyword Research

5 daily videos walk you through everything you need to know about keywords, how they’re used and how to find the best ones for you.

Module 2 – Website Creation

6 daily videos demonstrate how to create a website that will work for your needs.

Module 3 – Content Creation

Content is King, and these 4 videos help you understand how to create unique, original, compelling content for your visitors.

Module 4 – Backlinking Strategy

Backlinking is vital to website visibility, but it’s confusing and difficult to do right. IM Fuse walks you through the process with 8 full videos.

Module 5 – Monetization

Monetization ensures that you can earn from your website, and these 5 videos give you strategies and solutions to ensure you can do just that.

Module 6 – Testing & Optimization

You should never release your website into the wild without it being fully tested and optimized. These 5 videos show you exactly how to do that.


IM Fuse offers a truly stunning range of tools for members to use, including Contexta Custom Search, downloads and action guides, a duplicate content checker, a skills assessment, keyword review request feature and a video training series overview that lets you jump from one video to another in different modules if you need immediate information or just a refresher.

All of the tools offered by IM Fuse are well laid out, easy to use and provide tremendous value and understanding. Once you’ve watched the video tutorials, you’ll know exactly how to put these tools to work for you in boosting your online success.


Unlike most other programs out there that cut you loose once you’ve learned a bit, IM Fuse takes things a bit further. Their Resources section is jam-packed with value and utility. One of the most important tools is their Fuse Forum, where you can interact with other members, ask questions, provide advice and more.

Of course, you get access to many other tools, including the FuseCast podcast, IM News and articles, products and reviews to help you determine what’s perfect for your needs, self-development and goal-setting tutorials and additional resources and tools recommended for the utmost success (these range from recommended webhosts to platforms, themes and add-ons for better analytics).


In the end, IM Fuse offers exactly what it promises – the means to take that 9-5 lifestyle and kick things into high gear. From in-depth video tutorials to powerful tools and resources, IM Fuse really packs a punch.

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