Do You Know Where I Got My First Affiliate Check?

Just a quick video I shot last night after being interviewed by GMA 7 (had fun btw).

It’s about More Niche, the first affiliate network where I got my first affiliate check EVER. They’re totally cool.

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  1. well i was kinda reminiscing whether my first check was from cj or moreniche.. anyway the moreniche check that i got wasn’t that big.. people in their forums are totally cool so I recommend them as well

  2. wow! you are now a celebrity carl! kapuso, LOL

    for me, i am still waiting for the day to receive my first check… may it will take eternity? :D

  3. Hi Carl

    Nice to hear from you again.

    Is cool and delighted to receive my first affiliate pay check and honestly, not that fantastic as is only US$400+ cheque from Clickbank. But it actually motivated me to work harder for more cheques to be mail to me.

    Well done.

    Derrick Ng dot Com

  4. @elmot – does posting a video make me a celebrity? LOL ;-)

    @Derrick Ng – dude, that’s not bad at all. Imagine if you double what you’re doing right now, if you TRIPLE what you’re doing right now? Hint: delegate

  5. This video right here has made me a follower.

    Blogging Tips

    May 9, 2009

    You know what, Carl? I like you with a short hair…. LOL

    PS: How are you, pal?
    I would love to see you with shorter hair, lol.

  6. WOW Carl, you really really have grown a lot :) I remember seeing that very kidish picture you had on this blog, but now it has all changed.

    Hope you don’t forget me! (bloggin-ads) :)


  7. Hello, Carl! Thanks for making this wonderful video! Good luck with your future promotions, wishing you great success and speak to you soon!

  8. cant u afford to present your video better? i just feel that its kinda vauge how you delivered it… it did not attract me at all, i kinda expected more from YOU the so called “KiD Blogger”…

  9. My classmate asked me, did you meet the kid blogger during iBlog5 in UPD, coz he got interviewed on TV. So you just mentioned what she meant. Congrats! And great video about More Niche. :)

  10. I actually like that he presented himself like he really is and does not conform to what you think a “kid blogger” should be. The one thing I learned while promoting my internet marketing websites is to be honest and be yourself you will become much more successful, as well as sleep much better. I give you props kid you started early and I’m sure bigger things are coming for you!

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