How To Get Featured In WordPress

This aritcle is guest posted by Hooshmand Moslemi.

Getting your blog featured in an authority website is something that all of us are looking for and struggling. This time, pleases bloggers by allowing them to submit their sites for WordPress Showcase. But, before anything, I must state that this opportunity is not for everyone.

If you have a new blog with very low readership, then it won´t work for you. Also, if your blog is not unique and outstanding, then why do you think it would be worth featuring in the WordPress Showcase? So, don´t bother yourself!

WordPress Showcase is a place that demonstrates how powerful it could be. As you know, WordPress is a publishing platform and gives its users the capabilities to announce their messages to the whole world. With that being said, WordPress wants to prove people what can be done with this platform by showing them some great case studies about successful blogs and bloggers. So, your blog has the chance to be seen by millions of users and readers from all over the world.

How To Get Featured In WordPress Showcase

So, if you have a site powered by WordPress and think it is worth being shown in a very popular showcase, then go ahead and submit it to It´s quick and easy to do. But, I need to inform you about some of the submission criteria. Then, it will all up to you.

1. Your website should be using WordPress in a very unique and creative way. so, if your blog is a copy of thousands of other bloggers, please, do not even think about it!

2. Your site should be getting tons of related visitors each and every day. I am talking about tens of thousands of regular readers that visit your website in a daily basis.

3. You, as the owner of site, should be someone popular or expert in your topic. While it is not necessarily mean that you have to be a famous celebrity, you might be especially notable in your field, not an average guy.

4. Finally, if your blog, as an official website, represents a remarkable organization, corporation or government authority, than it is worth submitting.

As you see, getting featured in one of the most popular websites does not seem to be a simple task. Due to these strict requirements, not everyone can benefit from this opportunity. However, if you think your blog could meet the criteria, why not give it a chance and submit it to the WordPress Showcase!

Besides, you don´t need to be the websites´s owner to submit it. You could suggest other blogs and mention that fact in your submission.

As you see, it is always about quality and uniqueness. People who think outside the box and build innovative websites all the time, win forever and really deserve it. Hope you will be one of them.

To Your Success!

Hooshmand Moslemi

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