How To Make Money On Fiverr

“I will turn you into a the Simpsons inspired cartoon for $5”

“I will record a radio-class professional voice over for you for $5”

“I will make a video of my hands saying any message for $5”

In their website, they ask the question:¬†“What are you willing to do for $5?”¬†With this tagline, Fiverr seeks to not only help those who want to make some extra cash online, but also change the world of Internet-based freelance jobs.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an innovative freelance and networking website that allows you to buy or sell all kinds of stuff for $5. Unlike other freelance websites that require you to have practical skills in industries, such as writing, web design, or coding, you can offer just about any kind of service (called gigs) on Fiverr.

Currently, there are 14 categories of services being offered on the website: programming, technology, advertising, business, social marketing, writing, video, travel, graphics, gifts, music and audio, tips and advice, fun and bizarre, and others. Because of the unique opportunities offered by Fiverr, the website has quickly become viral. They have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, NBC, CNN, Fox News and almost every tech blog online.

How Much Money You Can ACTUALLY Make

When you sell on Fiverr, you don’t really get $5. Instead, they give you $4, as Fiverr charges $1 for their services. Despite the deduction, it’s still a pretty good deal, considering that you get some money quickly and easily.

One of their top sellers made 6000 sales last year. Multiply that by $4, that’s around $24,000! Not bad for a part time gig right?

Of course that’s not the “usual” results. Let’s just say you make 5 sales a day and each sale takes you 5 minutes to complete. That’s $25 a day or $175 a week or $750 a month for 25 minutes of your time in a day.

How To Make Money On Fiverr

Signing up for Fiverr is free, regardless of whether you’re a buyer or a seller. If you’re a seller, you can simply sign up and then create a gig and wait for buyers to purchase your service. Once someone purchases your service, your money will be sent to you via your PayPal account.

The beauty about Fiverr is that you don’t need to have previous experience in order to get a job. As long as a buyer is interested in what you have to offer, you’re good. What’s more, there is a wide range of services that buyers are willing to pay for. Some buyers are as willing to pay you your money if you write an article or design a caricature of them as they are in you giving them a wake-up call at 4:00 a.m.

Fiverr offers you job opportunities about literally anything and everything under the sun, so there’s always an opportunity for you to make some cash through the site.

Of course, how well you do the gigs you’ve offered can affect how many jobs you will be able to get from the site. Buyers are able to give client feedback on whether they liked your services. On one hand, this can be a good thing, as you can get good testimonials from your clients that can help your business. On the other hand, it can be a bad thing, as poor testimonials will dramatically affect your reputation and get you less customers. offers a new and innovative way to make cash online. If you’re starting out in your online business or just want to earn money on the side, be sure to check them out.


  1. says

    Most people that are successful in Fiverr are those that make 30-second video reviews or testimonials.

    They’re really effective, especially if you’re living in a foreign country, and if you have an HD camera. Companies love those.

    The girl I hired before got 15 gigs per day.

    • CarlCarl says

      15 gigs a day is a lot. I personally tried Fiverr before and my best day was only around that range.

    • says

      Yeah, but that’s what make most product right now unreliable. Because you can hire the guys from Fiverr to say anything you want them to say about your product for $5.

      For me, I’m more likely to use the design service in Fiverr.

  2. says

    Yeah, I use fiverr but not as a main income. I use it only to cover the cost of my web hosting and other stuff related to my project.

  3. says

    Fiverr is a great way to make a little extra money. If you want to take it beyond that, you’ll have to relentlessly promote your gigs on social media and elsewhere because the Fiverr catalog is just too big now. There are nearly a million gigs on the site. How are yours going to be found?

    I know people who are trying to make a full-time living $5 at a time. They spend much of their day working on promotional methods.

  4. says

    On the surface, the primary purpose of Fiverr (and perhaps the main motivation) is to make money selling gigs, but are there any other benefits?

    For me, I’ve found that I’ve become much more confident and also disciplined in my creative talents.

    It’s really great to get compliments and praise from friends and family, but I always wonder just how much is tinged with affection. Getting praise and good reviews from strangers who have paid money can be very affirming.

    I’m also getting better at being creative to a deadline, and the fact that I am making some money from doing something I love means I have a good excuse to improve (not that we should only do artistic / creative things for money, and I’m not saying that having hobbies for their own sake isn’t good) and then possibly be able to branch out into other areas.

  5. says

    It is possible to make some money in Fiverr but not a lot unless you have something very unique. Last thing I want to do is dance in a banana costume or sing happy birthday in a swim suits. But you will be amazed what people will get up to over there.

  6. says

    I also use Fiverr, but until recently could only sell one only, because I was confused. I want to sell what?

  7. says

    Because of this post, I was intrigued and checked the website.

    It’s so cool, after only a day, I got one order that I just delivered earlier. I still don’t understand how to get the payment, and so on.

    But I think, $5 is still $5. :) Thanks.

  8. says

    Fiverr is good especially for those who have unique talent but not all could benefit from it. For a purpose it served well, having income with a $5 is good enough and a fine income for starters.

  9. says

    Hi Carl, nice post. I joined Fiverr couple of months ago when I heard about it. My experience is great. I am a level 1 seller right now and I want to learn more ways on how to increase sales. Now I want to focus reading and commenting fiverr related posts and blogs – and I plan to join the linkIn fiverr community!