Kidblogger’s Two-Step Formula To Online Branding Success

A lot of people have been wondering…

“Carl, you haven’t given any updates for almost a month.”

I’ve been busy.

Last last week, I’ve been interviewed by a TV station. It’s my first time to appear on national TV so it’s gonna be great. Actually, some of my classmates already saw the commercial (that I didn’t LOL) and they were telling me about it.

Then this last March 18, I had the opportunity to speak to a crowd of marketing and sales people about online branding and how a blog can help a business. That took a lot of my time because I had to attend public speaking classes for the preparation.

It was great overall, I was more comfortable than the last time – I was even able to crack impromptu jokes, heh.

Here’s some pics from the seminar…

Please, don’t mind the sampaguita necklace. They made me wear that LOL.

Question and answer with Mon Lizardo, director of

Part of the audience – around 400 people were in the room.

This is the plaque :-)

Hopefully, if all goes well as planned, this April 1 I will have my own office in a *real* tower. It’s in the 37th floor with one full time programmer.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you updated.

P.S. If you want to know the two-step formula to online branding success, drop me an email to


  1. says

    Hey, you are looking handsome, Carl, you know that. And even that sampaguita necklace isn’t that bad either.

    And the tower you are talking about, it is for RichKidMedia, isn’t it? Well, congratulations for all your success and your first perfect public speaking session.

  2. says

    Hey carl, it’s nice for people like your age to give public speaking and talking about branding. It is really rare especially in Hong Kong where I am from where most young kids just worry about playing games, going out and hang around.

    Perhaps you would like to share a bit on what’s your speech is all about here.

  3. kitkathie says

    Hi there, Saw your interview yesterday night and was really kinda curious and well I ended up reading your blog. Lots to be learned and what can I say… “Galing mo, bro”. Anyway, More Power.

  4. CarlCarl says

    @chetan – Thanks dude! Even if I haven’t seen you, I’m guessing that you’re not that bad looking yourself :-D
    @proson – I’d like to try something different – so you can contact me if you want to see it.
    @Jeff West – Your wordpress theme is awesome too Jeff ;-)
    @kitkathie – “Salamat” Thanks!

  5. says

    Very inspiring carl… I wish i can make what you’ve achieved. I”m really in need of money. =( Eniwei More power to you and God Bless. Hope you help me too.

  6. says

    congrats carl. you are really on top of your game, and when you hear the word kid blogger, there is no one else to point to but carl ocab from the philippines.

    i hope to reach what you have reached carl.

  7. says

    Hi Carl,

    I’m on your list & was looking for the Google Trends report – I haven’t checked my email for awhile – do you still have that available? Alok Jain making $13,000 plus for 2 hours of smart work…

    Big fan of yours too – congratulations on all of your success! :)


    NJ Paust

  8. says

    Excellent article! The time commitment piece really spoke to me. I’m facing new and fun opportunities, but how does it all get squeezed into my already busy life. Keep moving! Keep hustling! Somehow, we figure out how to get what’s most important done.

  9. says

    Hey this is awesome, reading about this young boy so successful online. Anyway all the best. I am still learning so I have bookmark this blog for reference.