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$300 Cash Plus Ipod Nano? Not Bad For Beating A Book Author And A Few Names

By Carl Ocab Under Affiliate Marketing, Featured

Sorry for the bullyish title. I just can’t resist it ;-)

March 13 2008, Matt just opened the floodgates to one of the best viral tools ever – Optin Accelerator (You missed it, the floodgates are now shut tight. My list got the exclusive news about it. Of course if you want to be in, sign up through the form above.)

After telling my list about it on prelaunch time, the first leaderboard was up. Here they are on the first day:

  1. Todd Gross
  2. Chris Freville
  3. Reed Floren
  4. Brian T. Edmondson
  5. Chad Van Norman
  6. Ben Mack
  7. Carl Ocab
  8. Tan Jian Hui Fabian
  9. Ashley Yould
  10. William Quek

The next day, I sent an email blast to my list again telling that Optin Accelerator is live. Look where that got me:

  1. Mike Filsaime
  2. Todd Gross
  3. Ben Mack
  4. Stephanie Mulac
  5. Carl Ocab
  6. Chris Freville
  7. Michael Cheney
  8. Brian Edmondson
  9. Ashley Yould
  10. Gabriel Aguinaga

Unfortunately for us, Mike joined and yep, full slammed the competition.

Day four – the day that shook me down a little. A lot of guys were jumping. Especially this “Satyajeet” who came out of nowhere.

  1. Mike Filsaime
  2. Gross
  3. Chris Freville
  4. Satyajeet
  5. Michael Cheney
  6. Carl Ocab
  7. Gabriel Aguinaga
  8. Ben Mack
  9. Stephanie Mulac
  10. Teck How

And when Matt finally welded the gates closed. I drizzled down to top eight. Not bad considering Derrik VanDyke jumped in.

Optin Accelerator Secret Jv Blog

Anyhow, I’m ABOVE big Ben, author of the infamous “Think Two Products Ahead”. Sorry Ben.

Ben Mack - Think Two Products Ahead
Sorry Ben – I’m two products two steps ahead of you ;-)

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20 Comments Add yours
  1. albert
    March 27, 2008
    11:18 pm #comment-1

    Sorry I don’t get the point of the leaderboard?

    • Carl
      March 31, 2008
      2:14 pm #comment-2

      The point of the leaderboard is to rank the top affiliates who have generated the most sales.

  2. alchemygaming
    March 28, 2008
    10:47 am #comment-3


    well its kewl that you got in the race with all those big name marketers out there. You must feel really proud to do that.

    I wish i could do the same, but feel that i never could.


  3. Bontb
    March 28, 2008
    12:25 pm #comment-5

    Nice post Carlo…

    I must admit this is too fishy to me :) I think best tool to create something like this is having a blog have some competition requirering to add their friends and then use google,yahoo,hotmail api :)

    Thats what i am doing and that’s what helps me :)

    • Carl
      March 31, 2008
      2:16 pm #comment-6

      What do you mean man? The leaderboard is to rank the top affiliates who have generated the most sales.

  4. Suleman
    March 28, 2008
    9:08 pm #comment-7

    Cool, nice work Carl, and congrats for the prize :P

  5. Anonymous
    March 29, 2008
    6:06 am #comment-8

    It’s a Good start carl!


  6. Mike Huang
    March 30, 2008
    5:20 am #comment-9

    Darn, maybe I should really read these newsletters lol :(


    • Carl
      March 31, 2008
      2:18 pm #comment-10

      Not all of them actually. Some marketers are just there to promote stuff that aren’t really useful at all, read those guys who are concerned and holds a good reputation.

      Read my newsletter for a start ;-)

  7. ITrush
    March 30, 2008
    10:27 pm #comment-11

    Very impressive Carl, Very well done. Keep it up!

  8. Douglas Lampi
    March 31, 2008
    1:15 am #comment-12

    Greetings Carl,

    You are one of the people DOING the venture partnerships I’m setting up for my own business.

    Do the right thing, you get right results… age doesn’t matter.

    I’m going to collect up any RSS feeds I can find from your publications and add them to InternetGuruWatch.com so I can easily keep up on your activities!

    Three cheers!


  9. Albert Hallado
    March 31, 2008
    4:33 am #comment-13

    Hi Carl,

    Way to go Carl!, Congratulation! you’re doing excellent.


    Your Friend Here In Vegas!

    Albert Hallado

    • Carl
      March 31, 2008
      2:23 pm #comment-14

      Thanks man.

      By the way, Albert. I emailed you back five days ago. Sorry for the late reply though, I think I missed your mail.

  10. How to make money online
    March 31, 2008
    3:56 pm #comment-15

    Congratulations on the prize! :]

  11. derek
    March 31, 2008
    5:04 pm #comment-16

    great work on being on top of Ben, all the best. :D

  12. Joe
    April 1, 2008
    6:40 am #comment-17

    You are really 13? Thats cool:)

  13. Franck Silvestre
    April 11, 2008
    9:12 pm #comment-19

    Well Done Carl,

    Awesome results. I know the feeling when you see your name on the leaderboard!

    Franck the body guard.

  14. Vy Doak
    April 17, 2008
    4:15 am #comment-20

    I wish I could do the same as you:). Nice work!

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