Start A Online Business With The P90X Workout

This article is guest posted by Brad Gibala.

In 2010 it is predicted that 1 out of 3 people will be obese in 16 states. With the trend of obesity growing in the United States there is one company that is trying to stop it. You have probably seen their late night infomercials talking about one of the most popular workout programs available right now called P90X. This workout takes people through a rigorous 90 day at home boot camp with 12 different workouts guaranteed to get you in shape. The name of the company that created P90X is Beachbody. They are a company that specializes in health related products like supplements and workout DVDs and spend over $70 million dollars a year advertising their products in their effort to get people into shape.

How Do You Get Involved With Beachbody To Make Money?

Beachbody has a unique program where you sign up to be a Beachbody Coach. Upon signing up, you are given all of the tools needed to start a online business including a personalized website with videos, content, and products where you can take your customers to. Here you will get your affiliate link where you can use on your own site if you want.

How Much Money Can You Make?

There is no cap. When you become a Beachbody Coach you get paid a 25% commission on all sales that you make and get a 25% discount on anything you buy for yourself. You can earn money by sponsoring other coaches into your business. This way you can earn over rides on what products they buy and sell. In total there are actually 8 ways you can get paid as you move up in ranking with the company and most of them are residual.

What About Those Customers?

What makes the Beachbody Coach program the best online business available is once you bring a customer in they are yours forever. As long as you stay in the program you will never lose your customers. This gives you the opportunity to earn future commissions on purchases from your past clients without you having to e-mail, call, etc. Think about how many other affiliate programs are out there where you get to keep the clients that you turned over to a vendor. You probably can’t think of that many or any.

Is The Beachbody Coach Program For Everybody?

Yes and no. This is one of those instances where you need to become a “product of the product.” Do not think you can sign up for this program, sit behind a computer, build some crappy websites with your affiliate link, and never actually do the workout. People will see right through that. Potential customers are going to want to see your photos and read about how much weight you lost. This is how you build trust with them. You do not need to be in awesome shape to be a coach but you do need to be working out and eating right. Your ultimate goal with this program is to live a healthier life and help other people get there too. The making money part is bonus. It happens all the time where people will buy P90X, start working out, and get questions from co-workers, family members, and friends asking what you are doing to get into shape. Now you have a place where you can send them to get in shape with you and earn some money on the side.

Do You Have To Handle Any Orders?

You don’t have to. Beachbody handles order fulfillment, returns, and customer service. This way you only have to worry about bringing new customers in and working out with them. You can handle orders if you want but its not necessary.

What’s The catch?

It’s not free. There is a one time enrollment fee of $40 and a monthly charge of $15 to stay in the program, keep the website they give you running, and giving you the right to buy discounted products and sell them. The P90X DVD itself sells for $120 which is a $29 commission for you. Most people will spend another $100 with that order to get everything they need which results in a total of $50 for you. This more than covers the monthly cost.

In Summary

Being a Beachbody Coach can be one of two things. You can sign up to only take advantage of the discounts or make a business out of it. Many people sign up at first to do it part time. When they start seeing their own workout results it makes it easier to promote. With it being a online and offline business you can build a strong Internet presence but also do the old tactics of networking, handing out business cards, or leading a group workout. Since Beachbody is spending over $70 million dollars a year on advertising it has created enough buzz where the term P90X is now searched for in Google almost 800k times a month. Everybody wants to get into shape and the P90X workout can show people how to do it. You just have to be willing to show them what it did for you.


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    This is a great write up Brad. Very Informative and to the point. By the way I am loving every minute of being a coach and my blog is kicking but!

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    My friend has been doing this for a few months and she’s enjoyed it. So naturally I was curious as to whether or not I should start something up myself, so after reading this I think I might just do that. Thank you for sharing this.