Sure-Fire Techniques for Linkbaiting

We all want to be linked. Links builds the internet, no links no web. Now all we have to do is get a part of those links to stand-out in this big, king-size, enormous, large, oversized web ;-) But how?

Link building is the hardest part of SEO, 80% of your work should be into link building if you want to get higher search engine rankings. Now, that could be hard and that can eat a lot of time brother! So, what we have to do is let your readers do that 80% of hard work!

Linkbaiting, it’s easy to say that Linkbaiting is easy but the truth is, it’s quite hard. You need to build a superior article or an extremely huge list. But you could also try it the easy way. Making funny videos or quotes, the problem is: do you have the guts to do it? Well, if not you could stick to the article/list way. A good example of this is Steve Pavlina. I mean, man! He writes articles as long as 7000 words!

You could also try creating a controversial story, funny and unique. And entertain your readers. After writing your great article, you then make a headline. I’ll tell you, if you worked 3 hours on your article, work also 3 hours on that headline. Headlines are very important because almost all readers judge article by their headline.

Ok, ok, I’ll give you an example, what’s better?

10 Killer Techniques to Drive Truckloads of Traffic to your Blog!

Or this…..

10 Techniques to Drive Traffic to your blog!

Well, of course you would go to ex. 1 headlines do matter.

But remember when Linkbaiting, don’t use spammy words. Most people would just throw your article. Nobody likes spam (except my brother ;-) )

Tools are very important to many people, Many people share tools in forums and in their blog posts to help people. What we have to do is take advantage of this. Make tools or some cool games that people would link to like this or this. Just make it interesting.

Hold Contests and give Giveaways. Like John Chow always do, Look at him climbing to Technorati’s top 100.

Ok, so that’s just some. To know more about Linkbaiting and how to master some of its tricky techniques try this articles by linkbaiters ;-)

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Hope those link would help you understand more what is “LinkBaiting” and how do you make a great linkbait.


  1. s_jenkins says

    Great article! I have a couple of questions though: a) does Google have existing penalties for the term ‘linkbaiting’ and b) what do you think of the term ‘linkbaiting’?