Tips To Increase Number of Comments in Your Blog

This article is guest posted by Stephen O’Neill

You take pride in informing others that you own a blog but the what irritates you is that none of the posts that you have made managed to draw a single comment, save those unfrequented occasions when you find your posts getting flooded with spam. Now screaming at the sky would not change the situation.

The only consolation is that you are not the only blogger in the universe who is having this tricky issue; some reputed bloggers have faced the same situation until they found out the secrets of getting more comments. Here we are going to uncover some so called secrets of getting more comments so that you would not have to stare blank at the posts that you have summed up with painstaking efforts:

Court Controversy

Adding a certain dose of controversy is not going to cost you anything. But it may help you draw a little bit of extra attention of people around. The truth of the matter is that everyone loves controversy, and for good or evil, we need it time to time to get the conversation going.

So, if you want to make people talk about your post or say something against someone’s views, do not miss out on this opportunity. Try to hit hard on a general topic and then put on your thinking cap and try to draw out something really controversial. And you have done it! Congratulation, now see the flood of comments in the next few hours.

Bring Out Your Best

Be honest with whatever you are going to write. Ask yourself these questions. Would you mind commenting on this post if you were a general visitor? Or would you bounce back after reading first few sentences? If the answers are affirmative, you need to do a little bit of research. Take your time until you come up with something really awesome. The post should have every semblance of a great post otherwise people would not care a straw to post in it.

Be Bold

Try to participate in other blogs and forums. And whenever possible post links of your website therein but do not stretch the limit to extreme. Of course I am not asking you spamming other blogs but it is not something sacrilegious to post relevant links in other’s blog. If your posts are of good quality, people will come to your website and comments will soon follow.

Do Not Finish It All

Do not draw a conclusion. If you are doing so, you are just leaving little room for others to post their valuable comments. So, leave posts unfinished as it will inspire others to post their feedbacks and thus, comments will be pouring in to your blog. And do not participate in the discussion all the time. Let the visitors discuss things themselves.

Ask A Question

This is a common practice so; you should not focus too much on it. Try other methods along with it if you are to get the best return. Ending with a question may have the dramatic effect but that does not mean that you will overdo it. Try to keep things simple and you will see a steady rise in the number of comments.

If you can follow these, you are sure to see some significant difference. Good luck.

Stephen O’Neill is a passionate writer and he has written different article on web design, online marketing and SEO. He is equally enthusiastic about latest gadgets.


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    Now this is my problem. I don’t get much comments in my blog. If I do get at least one, it’s a spam. But I love your tips on “Do Not Finish It All” and “Ask A Question”

    I’m practicing this lately and sometimes I forgot about it. Because I just type in what I want to say, what I could share then publish and that’s it.

    Keep it up Carl!

  2. says

    Hey Carl!

    This is a nice post about increasing the number of comments in a blog. Good blog comments work to develop a relationship with other blogger.

    How old are you now Carl?

  3. says

    Encouraging readers to comment on posts is really difficult. And it doesn’t necessarily follow that if you have traffic you will get comments. I think all of your ideas are really good and I particularly like the point entitled, Do Not Finish It All. Leaving a few points for your reader to finish off or add to is simple but genius.

  4. says

    Pretty cool Stephen.

    I might add, you can put a WordPress plugin for Top Commentators. Many say that it increased comments in their blogs.

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    This is really a very interesting topic and I would love to apply this to my blog. I am trying my luck in online earning and I hope with blogs like these my blog will be successful.