What You Should Know About Popular Bloggers To Get Your Guest Post Accepted

I was supposed to post this article yesterday but my rhinitis keeps bothering me so I just head on straight to bed after working on my layout for my mentor, Joel Christopher’s “How To Make Money Online Seminar” where I’ll be guest speaking on February 14.

So right when you’ve found the popular blogs in your niche to guest post to, the next thing you should know is how to get your guest post accepted.

It can get really tricky when you don’t have a close relationship with the blogger – but I’ve heard of that.

On my part, what I did was to make a step by step plan to “guarantee” my article will get posted on their blog somehow…


I don’t do guest posts that much but I have submitted 2 articles before and guess what, both of it got accepted ;-)

Alright, let’s get to it…

The Step By Step Plan To “Guarantee” Your Guest Post Accepted

You don’t just make a post and submit it to the blogger, that’s crazy talk. Here’s my guaranteed (or close to) plan to get your guest post accepted.

  1. Get to know the blog and the blogger – This is the most crucial part that most people skip because of the fact that, it’s time consuming. But this step alone will sky rocket your chance that your article will be posted.
  2. Comment on their posts – After getting to know the blogger, you’ll be able to write something relative about them so speak up in the comments section of their posts to get noticed.
  3. Observe what style of post are popular then write about it – It’s content writing time! Have a good browse on their blog, check out what posts get the most comment and observe what topic is it in. By writing on popular topics, you and the blogger will benefit from it because the blog and, of course, you will get more exposure.
  4. Contact the blogger – Notice how this came up in the last step? Most people start with this and leave out those stuff I mentioned¬†above so their chance to get their guest post accepted is narrow.Now when you contact the blogger, be sure to say something personal first and let them know that you are a reader of his blog (this will force them to read your email even if it’s a page long) then tell them that you wanted to contribute and help (don’t mention that it will benefit you, always talk about what they will get). So right in that email, you have to attach the article in .txt format, nope not word – not everyone has MS word. Tell them that you’ve observed that that topic works well on their blog and it will benefit both of you. Lastly…

    Don’t forget to say thank you ;-)

And to break my 4 posts/7 days challenge, I’ll post a sample email tomorrow that you can use as a swipe file to email bloggers.

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  1. says

    Hey Carl, great post! Couldn’t be a better timing for this one huh ;)

    And to tell you the truth, I had no clue what rhinitis was…I had to google it.

    Good luck with that runny nose!

    AJ Kumar

  2. says

    I didn’t know we have the same problem. My only advice is to stay away from dusty places or from the ‘thing’ that causes the allergy. After a while you’ll get to know what triggers your rhinitis and just stay the heck away from them. You’ll have fewer episodes when you do that. I’d like to recommend a cure but it’s safer to ask your doctor.

    I guess I’m on my way to steps 3 and 4 already…;-) Get well soon…..

    • CarlCarl says

      I was listening to something and couldn’t help to play along with it on my guitar – and my guitar has never been touched for like a month so yep, dust is my number one trigger…

      Then second is this perfume my aunt gave me :-D