Writing A Useful Content For A Business Blog

This make money online article is guest posted by Dan.

When it comes to content for your business blog, it’s really all about what your readers want. This may seem counterintuitive; after all, you’re writing about your business, so shouldn’t you be the one to decide what to write about? Yes and no. At a high level, it is true that you’ll be writing about content that’s related to your industry. But within your chosen subject, you should write content that is useful primarily to your readers and that answers the main question when they’re on your blog: “What’s in it for me?”

The type of content that works best on a blog is very different from the content you’d include on your website. Your website is best for outlining details and specifications about your products or services or as a place to give general information about your company. In comparison, while your blog can still be related to the products or services you sell, it should offer something that adds value to your readers without asking anything from them in return. Rather than writing a post that outlines the benefits of one of your products, write a post that mentions your product or industry in the context of something that adds value, such as unique research you’ve done or insights you have about your industry. If you sell accounting services, for example, don’t just talk about the great value pricing you offer on your accounting services; rather teach your readers how to file their tax returns or provide objective critiques of popular automated tax software products.

When your blog content adds value to your readers without trying to push your products or services on them, they’re more likely to associate your brand with quality and usefulness. In turn they’re more likely to become loyal readers who will return to your blog for the insights you provide. The best part about all of this is that if your insights lead your customers to want to know more about your product, they’re more likely to convert from readers to customers, which in turn grows your business even further.

This guest post is courtesy of Dan Reyes. He is a freelance writer and blogger for http://www.internetincomeandonlinebusinessguide.com and has been writing and blogging for several publishing companies and blogging networks since 2007.

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    We share the same sentiments Dan.

    Other companies generally get angry at other companies to offer free valuable information to their market.

    But the question is, who are people going to choose? The one that’s greedy in information or the one that openly gives you free useful advice?


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    If you have a blog then it is imperative to write useful content. Think about what problem you can solve not how much money you can make by posting irrelevant articles. Fulfill a need and mony will come with it.

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      I agree, Emran. I am just starting my own blog and that is actually what I have in my plans. No irrelevant articles at all. We have so many blogs that blog about nothing already.

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    Well done This article is very informative i agree that content of any business website is the key of business.Your content must be accurate and to the point.
    so if you want to Run successfully your website then you must follow accurate and relivent content.