3 Simple Tips To Make The Most Of Unproductive Days In Blogging

This article is guest posted by R Kumar.

Are you tired of writing a post a day for your blog? Do you sometimes feel down and out? Do you feel like not writing any post on some days?

You are not the only one if you answered any of the above questions in “Yes”. Blogging can be a de-motivator many a times, especially if you do not have enough traffic or, you have just started out on your blogging journey.

A study says that 98% of people, who were successful in what they did, succeeded just because they were persistent. 95% of the people who failed in their objective were much qualified and skilled that their counterparts who succeeded. So what is the mantra to success – It is ‘Persistence’.

I can hear you groan and can also see that sarcastic look of yours. You are feeling as if I am preaching like one of those positive thinking motivational speakers. I might be, but the fact is that it is persistence that will help you in your objective. When it comes to “making money online”, it is nothing different. Making money online is something that is going to give you a lifestyle that you would never have imagined and so it is the never-say-die attitude that will help you achieve it.

How can you overcome the let-me-quit situation? It would require some conscious and deliberate effort from you if you are to do it. Follow these simple tips and you would be able to achieve everything that you have always wanted from your online business.

  1. Write down your dream – You had a dream in mind when you first decided to start your online business. Howsoever small or, big the dream is, write it down on a chart-paper. Write it big enough for you to see it from the door of your room if you stick it on the opposite wall. Then stick it somewhere near your computer so that it is always visible. Whenever you feel de-motivated and down, just look at it and read it aloud.
    Also make small stickys with the same dream written on it and stick it at places where you normally go to when you don’t feel like working.
  2. Get the picture of the most valuable person in your life – Most of the time we do things for our loved ones. Keep a picture of the most valuable person in your life on your table. Just look at the picture when you don’t feel like working on your blog and think about the things that you have promised them, when you become successful.
  3. Write down you goal – You can only succeed if you have clear and legible goals in life. So write down the goal that you want to achieve from your online business or, your blog. Once again follow the same process as earlier and stick it near you computer. Break it into small objectives and stick it at anything and everything that you come in contact with.

When I started blogging my objective was not make a million dollar in the first month. Instead I had an objective of earning $1500 in a month because that was what I wanted as an additional income. I broke it down into day-wise goals and I knew that I had to earn $50 everyday. The initial 7-8 days saw me getting frustrated because I was not achieving my goal. But the first 2 steps above kept me going and to my surprise when I finished the month I had earned $1610 which was more that what I had set as a goal. Such is the power of goals that are written down.

There is no surefire means to success. Success in anything that might improve your lifestyle needs an extra 10% than what is required in other things. At the same time you need to bear in mind that success in anything that you do will surely bring about a change in lifestyle.

Decide that you will write a post for you blog every day, irrespective of if you are going to publish it or, not. Write out a time-table for an entire week and strictly follow the routine. There would be some days when you will not feel like doing anything. Push yourself to do something on these days and you will see your objectives being achieved.

R Kumar is a part-time blogger authoring blogs on making money online blogging. He is a career-counselor and has a couple of blogs on career-couselling and job-guidance as well. His interests include SEO, WordPress theme development and blogging, of course in addition to affiliate marketing.


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    I always wanted to hear such inspirational word like this. Well honestly, It is very frustrating if you blog and blog and blog then realize that no one is visiting your site. It is like performing on a large stage without audience. It is really hard though. I hope that someday, someone might give me a lesson about how to earn through blogging. I didn’t expect to have bigger bucks like other blogger. I just want someone to just read my blog and give me a little benefit from my perspiration. I hope someone mentor me and I am willing to listen. Thanks so much and maybe someday when I have my blog, you could submit an article to me so that I may gladly post it. Thanks.