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Web Design Pricing in the Philippines This 2018

At Carl Ocab Internet Marketing, you don’t just get a “fancy” website, you also get profitable results. Our website design starts at only ₱49,999 one-time fee (30% more affordable than the market rate) On this page, we explore the market rate for website design and what you can expect at different price ranges.

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With our expertise in CRO using A/B and MVT, we develop designs all guaranteed to convert.

How Much Does a Website Design Cost in the Philippines This 2018?

It’s quite impossible for designers to provide rates and quote prices for a website design project without determining their client’s needs first. Be it a freelancer or a company, a web designer needs to know the project specifics before they come up with a price.

Tip: Think twice (or many more times) when a certain web designer was able to provide you with rates right off the bat without you having discussed the project details first.

The thing is each client has different wants and needs. Having said that, every web design project has different requirements. It isn’t just right to give exact project price outright and restrict creativity, functionality, and content.

Be that as it may, below is roughly-estimated chart showing how much a regular portfolio/ company website costs.

Moreover, the following are the factors that can be looked to know how website design prices range:

What Are the Factors Affecting Web Design Prices?

1.Site’s Size – Since every page takes time to design and develop, a site with a hundred pages will need higher web design pricing than a site with 10 pages. In such case, website development pricing is heavily based on the number of pages you have.

2. Style – Some web design companies spend little time on the look of a site — some even use pre-designed templates. Design by award-winning artists means you will get a well-thought out and unique appearance for every page. The overall quality is still up to you, and the quality you choose will impact your web design pricing.

3. Usability and UX Design – If you really want to accomplish something with your website like brand awareness and lead generation, you have to focus not only on your website’s aesthetics. You have to make sure your website’s design is also optimized for usability (of how easy it is to use your website) and user experience (of how actual users enjoy interacting with your website).

4. Coding Structure – Mobile friendliness (website’s ability to work for mobile users like how it works for the desktop users), page load time (average amount of time it takes for a page to show up on screens), and the site’s longevity (a website’s capacity to load despite its age) are yet another factors to be considered when designing and developing a website. If you want all these to be weighed, then your web design package price will range.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – A successful site is one that actually gets seen by your target audience. Without being visible, your site, although designed beautifully with engaging copy, will be useless to your business. SEO is the key to getting your site visible by your target audience. Your web design pricing will depend on your SEO goals, including how many keywords you’d like to use in your site to rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Some other determining factors for web design pricing are those extra features that can be added to your website design package like E-commerce, and CMS or Content Management System (an application used to upload, edit, and manage content displayed on a website). Depending on the extent of your needs, your web design pricing will change.

What’s the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Web Design Companies?

Perhaps you’re wondering why some businesses pay tens of thousand pesos for a web design when other businesses only pay thousands. Is there much difference between the two? What does an expensive web design looks like compared to the cheap one?

As you know, affordable isn’t always the cheapest but it is the best way to go (if the web design company really is as affordable as they advertise). So what should you expect? What does affordable really mean? And for that matter, what does cheap and expensive mean when it comes to web designs?

Expensive Web Designs

To begin with, an agency’s brand is one factor. There are agencies who are selective to whom they would work with the reason why they charge expensively. A web design company that is careful with choosing clients are likely to provide a quality service.

If you try to look at it closely, they can take any customer they want to so they can keep their business going yet they consider filtering their clients. Why? Because what they need is a long – term collaboration. Customers who are serious with their businesses and who value enough their marketing are their picks.

As a consumer, you might assume that if you were to spend tens of thousands of pesos on a web design, then you would get everything you would ever need. But to tell you, that’s not always the case. For any type of web design service, it’s only either of the two – you’ll get a responsive website or you’ll discover you’re not generating sales at all.

The money you invest into your web design needs to correspond to the work the web designer is providing you. This simply means that you need to get amazing results from your website – the usability of your website should be meaningful and the content must be compelling.

Availing an expensive web design service doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be getting a service that matches the price you actually pay. That’s why it is only crucial to do background check of a certain web designer you’re eyeing to hire for your business.

Cheap Web Designs

As a small business owner, a business that can provide you with a web design for only a couple of thousand pesos sounds like a wonderful idea, right?

However, hiring a cheap web design company can only waste that thousand pesos of yours! Most cheap web designs appear to be cheap since they initially limit their offers. Eventually, they will offer add ons so they can charge you more.

When your website crashes or you can’t update the content, or you have no ongoing support, or your friends, leads or customers can’t find you on the web, that’s when you know you have wasted your money!

The cost of cheap website may seem more appealing, to begin with, until you realize that it doesn’t bring in sales. For that matter, you’ll have to spend more money for a web redesign.

What Makes an Affordable Web Design?

You need to compare web businesses to see which affordable web design company in Philippines or elsewhere provides the best value. Once you’ve looked at the price, you should be looking at which company offers:

  • the best quality (request sample of their previous works)
  • the most amount of useful features for your business
  • no hidden fees
  • the ability to change/ expand your website for no extra cost
  • a durable, proven CMS
  • the ability to integrate email marketing
  • rooted analytics

Some businesses that class themselves as affordable web design actually have hidden fees and use ‘add-ons’ to attract clients. For example, they say that they can design 10 website pages, set up analytics, the functionality for a two-level menu option and a CMS.

The price is great and you think there’s nothing else you could possibly need. However,you’ll realize a few things after you buy this. You will start getting into your website and you will need another page added. You want another menu level or you feel the need to change the heading banner image. All these are chargeable expenses to that affordable web design business you bought the services from.

You don’t want to get stuck in a trap where you need to pay so much money for a web design, right? Continually paying for the design every time you want to update or change something is too costly. Many small businesses fall for this mistake!

And so, consider asking the following question s before hiring a web design company:

  • How long will it take to get my website up and live?
  • After web development, how much are the on-goings?
  • Do you charge extra if I need to change anything on my website?
  • Do you provide ongoing support?
  • How extensive is the CMS?
  • Will it really generate business and be found in search engines?
  • How much to redesign if needed?
  • How much is the web hosting?
  • Do I have to pay for new functionality and upgrades?

Affordable web design is the most effective medium for a small and medium-sized business. It doesn’t only provide you with a reasonable cost; it also gives you enough functionality to do what you like to your website.

Key Takeaway

All in all, the difference has to do with the quality, the price, and the service provided. Always remember that an affordable web design will help your business get online in the most effective and efficient way, and will ultimately get you tons of traffic so you can make you more money.

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  • I’m a subscriber of Carl and I contacted him when I heard that his company is now offering online services. Finally! I needed a new design and I needed my site to convert better. I was surprised on how affordable it was. I was even more surprised when I got an 82% increase in my conversion rates! What I would suggest is to hire them now before they get booked.
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