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Web Design Philippines: Pricing of Services in 2023

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With over 300+ client websites handled over the last 12 years in business, you can be confident that you’ll get what you want and need here at Carl Ocab Digital Marketing. Don’t get us started at our 6-month warranty and exceptional post-install support!

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Company Website

P60,000 TO P80,000

Company/Portfolio websites provide a simple yet functional website which focuses on your brand while also targeting company goals and objectives. Normally, company websites have an average of 10-30 pages complete with images and text. These may also include contact forms and newsletter subscription where you capture leads.

If you’re a small or startup business, consider getting a company web design as it can deliver profitable results.

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E-Commerce Website

P80,000 TO P150,000

Small to medium e-commerce websites often cost around P80,000-P150,000. If you have products that are not greater than 100 and only need basic payment integration with companies like PayPal, Dragonpay, and the like, then this is for you.

This is great for individuals and businesses who want to penetrate the online scene and start selling on the internet.

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Enterprise Website

P150,000 TO P300,000++

Enterprise web designs or big e-commerce websites with advanced API integration or custom programming and database integration cost around P150,000-P300,000++ depending on your website’s goals, objectives, and needs.

This type of website provides your business with custom functions designed to fit your specific needs. Spending this much on a website can be a big investment, which is why you can rest assured that you’ll be getting what you paid for.

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What You get

Web Design Inclusions

Unlimited Design Revisions

All of our packages include unlimited design revisions. We’ll never stop until we get you a design concept that you’re happy with.

Cross-Device Compatibility

More than half of internet users are on mobile and tablets. That’s why we’ll make sure that your website looks perfect on any device, operating system, and browser.

SEO-Ready Code

You need a website that looks good and ranks on search engines like Google. That’s why all of our packages include SEO-ready code so you don’t have to worry about on-page SEO.

High-Converting Design

With our expertise in conversion-rate optimization using A/B and MVT testing, we only use design elements that are proven to convert.

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Web Design Philippines this 2023

Perhaps you’ll agree when we say that finding an agency offering affordable web design can be a real HEADACHE.

By affordable, we mean getting a website design that GETS RESULTS even ON A BUDGET. Web design cost can easily get pricey and many businesses shy away from spending too much.

The solution?

The Philippines.

If your business is based in the Philippines, you no longer have to look elsewhere to find aid for your web design needs. If your business is in a different country, then shoo your worries away because with the right agency, you will get a web design that is far cheaper than other regions–with the same (or even better!) quality.


Yes, there’s a but: It isn’t right to pick just any web design agency here since not all cheap prices can get you a professionally designed website.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right page as we’ll be guiding you when choosing an affordable web design in the Philippines. Below are the topics we’ll be discussing:

    1. Our 7-Phase Web Design Process
    2. Freelancers vs. In-House vs. Web Design Companies
    3. 5 Things to Look For in a Web Design Company
    4. Factors Affecting Web Design Prices
    5. Cheap vs. Expensive Web Design Companies

So, let’s get started?

Our 7-Phase Web Design Process

Every web design company has a different process of building a website. You don’t want to just jump right into development and adjust along the way. With over 12 years of experience in creating websites, we have refined and perfected a 7-phase web design process that we follow in all of the websites that we create for our clients.

Before we lay out our 7-phase process, let’s take a quick look at each team involved in creating your website.

Your Web Design & Development Team

Your Web Design Team in the Philippines

Design Team – The design team is in charge of creating the look and feel of your website. If your company has brand guidelines, our design team is responsible for closely following those guidelines. Our agency designers start off by gathering relevant information about your company that will eventually help create a web design fit the company branding and target audience.

Development Team – The development team is in charge of bringing your approved design to life through coding. They play one of the most crucial roles in the process even though most of what they do cannot be seen by the naked eye. They’re responsible for all the functions, device compatibility, speed, on-page SEO, and more of your website.

Copywriter – Our copywriting services are optional. We can use the content that you already have or you can work with our copywriters to create engaging content for your website. Our copywriters are in charge of delivering verbal content that adequately accompanies all visual elements produced by the design and development team.

Project Manager – To eliminate miscommunication, your single point of contact is one of our project managers. They will supervise the whole process, align your goals to your website, and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Quality Assurance – Our QA team eliminates any website bugs, typographical errors, design flaws, or anything our lead designer and developer may have missed making sure that we deliver world-class website builds everytime.

Phase 1: Goal Setting

We create websites that get results. To do that, our project manager will set goals with you before we start the project. We will also define your target visitors so that we can create a design that is fit for them.

Phase 2: Design

To share the same vision that you have, we’ll send you an intricate design questionnaire so we can create a design that aligns with your vision. In 3-5 days (Yes, that quick!) you will receive a design concept of your homepage.

Design Mockup – Before we go straight to development, our design team will create an image mockup of your website. Since it’s faster to revise a still image instead of a live website, we’ll be able to quickly revise and perfect the look that you are looking for in this phase.

Unlimited Revisions – We offer unlimited revisions in this phase so we can create a design that you’re happy with.

Stock Photos – You can choose whether or not to provide us with images that we can incorporate in your website. Should there be none, we can always include and publish high-quality stock photos for you for free.

Logo Design – If you’re creating a website for a new business that doesn’t have a logo, our designs can craft a logo for you. This comes with unlimited revisions as well.

Phase 3: Development

When you’re happy with the design, our development team will bring your design to life and start the development. For a company/portolio website, this only takes 3-4 weeks after your design approval. This is also the best time to send us your content (text, video, pictures, etc.)

Content Management System (CMS) – You may choose a CMS of your choice or you may go with our recommended CMS–WordPress. A content management system allows you to manage and control all your website’s content even without any technical background.

Cross-Device Compatibility – In this day and age, majority of website visitors are not on a desktop. That’s why all of the websites we build look perfectly on desktop, tablet, mobile–on any browser.

E-Commerce & Payment Integration – Our team also specializes and offers coding and developing for e-commerce businesses that solely use the world wide web for purchasing and transactions. In the same way, developing payment integrations will allow your website to connect or link a customer’s payment account with your [website’s] account. Payment integration sees to it that all details are secure rather than being exposed and sent online.

Phase 4: Quality Assurance

After the initial development, your project will be turned over to our QA team. They will meticulously review the design and development of your project so that it can be ready for your review.

Phase 5: Client Review

After our QA team reviews your website, we’ll send you a link to the test site so you can see your website on your browser. If you have edits before we launch your project, you get rounds of revisions on this phase before we finalize your website.

Phase 6: Launching

We’ll upload your website on our robust servers or on a web host of your choice. If you’re ready to launch your website right away, you are free to do so. If you want to schedule a launch date, we can do that for you as well.

Phase 7: Performance Review

After launching your website, we will review the performance of your site and make sure that your goals have been met. We’ll also give our own recommendations on how to improve your website to better achieve your goals.

Post-Install Support – Once your website is live, we’re not going to leave you hanging. We give 30-day post-install email and phone support.

Warranty – You are covered with a 6-month iron-clad warranty from the date your website goes live so that you can be assured that it meets your expectations and functionality specifications.

Freelancers vs. In-House vs. Web Design Companies

People may have already recognized the value of having a website yet there are quite a few individuals who are not that particular with whom they have to run to once they’ve decided to put up a business website. Business people, especially those who are not well-versed with technology, are possibly too busy to study and/or create a web design on their own. If you’re one of them, know that there are basically three options available for you:

  • Hiring a Freelancer
  • Doing it In-House
  • Hiring a Web Design Company

But before you choose to hire one, it’s important to weigh their pros and cons to identify what best suits your needs for a professionally designed website.

1. Freelance Web Designers

Businesses often approach a freelancer, typically someone they know or referred to them. You can also find freelancers on websites such as Upwork and Freelancer PH.


Schedule Flexibility – Clients can easily tap freelancers as they tend to accept more projects. They have an ample amount of time to work on deals (that is if they can manage their time well, especially if they have numerous clients for a certain period).

Affordability – Freelancer often works alone and clients only need to pay him solely.


Personal Distractions – This is usually the biggest challenge for freelancers. Since they work on their own pace, it is nothing but easy to get distracted and procrastinate.

Inconsistency and Commitment Issues – Again, freelancers are fond of accepting numerous projects. And when time doesn’t allow them to perform multiple works, they are likely to prioritize a client who pays better than you do. Worse than suffering from an undesirable output is expecting an output and receiving nothing at all.

Support – As mentioned earlier, freelancers usually work alone. In case you need any urgent support and they are unavailable for any reason, you are stuck.

2. In-House Web Designers

In-house designers typically refer to designers hired by companies to design specifically for their business alone.


Communication – Face-to-face conversation can offer more engagement between staffs working on the same project. This is certainly vital in propelling progress and can help create new strength leading to bigger ideas.

Total Control – Since it’s in-house, the upper department and/ or the whole organization have the total control of whether or not the staffs are able to perform their tasks. More than that, confidential information is likely to be kept. Business may require the in-house to sign a non-compete contract so they can prevent staffs from taking ideas as they decide to leave the company.


Range of Time – Getting an in-house department means you need to advertise, interview, hire and also provide training to your personnel. All these procedures can be time-consuming and costly before you find the right staff for your department.

Quality – Output quality can easily be compromised as finding quality talents can be tough. Chances are web design is not the expertise of companies that hire in-house staffs. Having said that, they may not be able to choose the right people for the position. Moreover, most of the top talents may already be employed by web design companies.

Cost – Hiring an in-house staff implies the need to manage payment including vacation, sick leave, and the inevitable raise. More than that, if works aren’t really of great quality, chances are you have to hire yet another staff or outsource web designer companies instead. In this case, the cost only doubles.

3. Web Design Company

A web design company is usually a team of full-time individuals with refined expertise on web designing.


Expertise – Web design companies are generally capable of recruiting experts with deeper experience. Since they are working in their specialized field, they have a wider knowledge of the subject/s which will greatly benefit the quality of your project.

Excellent Project Management – Outsourcing projects guarantees that there are no unscheduled stops like vacation breaks, sickness or scrambling for a replacement on long service leave.

Support – With a full-fledged website design company, you are assured of at least basic support at any point in time.

Cost – Getting an experienced company seems expensive at first, considering all the web design packages and prices laid before and during contract agreement. Various businesses neither realize initially the value of hiring a web design company nor do they see what damages a poorly-constructed (often made by inexpert designers) may cause their business. There is no reason for taking such risks when professional website creation is cost-effective and easily available from website design companies. As time allows it, they would momentarily recognize the benefits it will do for their business.

5 Things to Look For in a Web Design Company

1. Contract – Securing a contract could be the most crucial part of every business. This written document aims to protect the needs of the client and the web design company. It outlines the full understanding of the business relationship and scope of the work so there would be no misunderstandings from any party down the road.

2. Registration and License – Before you sign a business deal, it is important to consider if the company you’ll be doing business with operates securely and legally. A registered business name implies that a certain business is protected and more credible.

3. Excellent Reputation – Do some research for you to know if a company sets a good reputation towards their business. The first thing you need to do is to check it by its name on Google. Google will show the results about that company, both negative and positive. Don’t forget to check the company’s official site, too. Check online reviews, especially client testimonials.

4. Transparency – For every service offered, transparency matters. As a client, you’ll know that a web design company is transparent if it discloses full, accurate, and timely information about the project collaboration. All its terms and measures should be fair and clear from the very start, ensuring that it doesn’t have any hidden agendas and condition.

5. Reasonable Prices – You’ll know it’s a reasonable price from a web design company once you see the result. Unfortunately, you can’t simply pull out your payment upon realizing that a company’s output for your project is not worth your investment. Nevertheless, what you can do instead is rely on the projects that certain web design company has previously worked on. Let them discuss projects (ideally similar to the project you’ll be needing their help with) they’ve handled before, the time frame they needed, and the results they created. To be more sure, you can also ask directly their clients; in this way, you’ll be able to check their background thus making you decide if you’ll push through with the partnership.

Factors Affecting Web Design Prices

Desktop with photoshop web design

1. Site’s Size – Since every page takes time to design and develop, a site with a hundred pages will need higher web design pricing than a site with 10 pages. In such case, website development pricing is heavily based on the number of pages you have.

2. Style – Some web design companies spend little time on the look of a site — some even use pre-designed templates. Design by award-winning artists means you will get a well-thought out and unique appearance for every page. The overall quality is still up to you, and the quality you choose will impact your web design pricing.

3. Usability and UX Design – If you really want to accomplish something with your website like brand awareness and lead generation, you have to focus not only on your website’s aesthetics. You have to make sure your website’s design is also optimized for usability (of how easy it is to use your website) and user experience (of how actual users enjoy interacting with your website).

4. Coding Structure – Mobile friendliness (website’s ability to work for mobile users like how it works for the desktop users), page load time (average amount of time it takes for a page to show up on screens), and the site’s longevity (a website’s capacity to load despite its age) are yet another factors to be considered when designing and developing a website. If you want all these to be weighed, then your web design package price will range.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – A successful site is one that actually gets seen by your target audience. Without being visible, your site, although designed beautifully with engaging copy, will be useless to your business. SEO is the key to getting your site visible by your target audience. Your web design pricing will depend on your SEO goals, including how many keywords you’d like to use in your site to rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

6. Domain – a domain name refers to the URL or web address of your website, such as carlocab.com. A domain is one of the factors that affect web design prices as it is a necessary and crucial step in acquiring a website. In other words, no domain = no website.

7. Hosting – hosting is a monthly (or sometimes annually) fee for the space that your website occupies on the Internet. To put it simply, it acts as the location or house of your website, giving users access to your page on the world wide web.

8. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – SSL is a standard security technology for building encrypted links between the server and a browser. It ensures that every bit of data shared between the server and its browsers maintain its privacy and security. SSL is a common website factor and tool used by hundreds and thousands of websites to help protect online transactions and other confidential information shared with customers.

9. Database Integration – this refers to a cloud or storage for multiple applications. Companies need database integration in order to analyze and fully understand the value brought about by immense volumes of data being collected from both users and customers. Database integration allows businesses to access real-time data updates as well as manage, transform, synchronize, and disseminate information.

Cheap vs. Expensive Web Design Companies

Perhaps you’re wondering why some businesses pay tens of thousand pesos for a web design when other businesses only pay thousands. Is there much difference between the two? What does an expensive web design look like compared to the cheap one?

As you know, affordable isn’t always the cheapest but it is the best way to go (if the web design company really is as affordable as they advertise). So what should you expect? What does affordable really mean? And for that matter, what does cheap and expensive mean when it comes to web designs?

Expensive Web Designs

To begin with, an agency’s brand is one factor. There are agencies who are selective to whom they would work with the reason why they charge expensively. A web design company that is careful with choosing clients are likely to provide a quality service.

If you try to look at it closely, they can take any customer they want to so they can keep their business going yet they consider filtering their clients. Why? Because what they need is a long – term collaboration. Customers who are serious with their businesses and who value enough their marketing are their picks.

As a consumer, you might assume that if you were to spend tens of thousands of pesos on a web design, then you would get everything you would ever need. But to tell you, that’s not always the case. For any type of web design service, it’s only either of the two – you’ll get a responsive website or you’ll discover you’re not generating sales at all.

The money you invest into your web design needs to correspond to the work the web designer is providing you. This simply means that you need to get amazing results from your website – the usability of your website should be meaningful and the content must be compelling.

Availing an expensive web design service doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be getting a service that matches the price you actually pay. That’s why it is only crucial to do background check of a certain web designer you’re eyeing to hire for your business.

Cheap Web Designs

As a small business owner, a business that can provide you with a web design for only a couple of thousand pesos sounds like a wonderful idea, right?

However, hiring a cheap web design company can only waste that thousand pesos of yours! Most cheap web designs appear to be cheap since they initially limit their offers. Eventually, they will offer add ons so they can charge you more.

When your website crashes or you can’t update the content, or you have no ongoing support, or your friends, leads or customers can’t find you on the web, that’s when you know you have wasted your money!

The cost of cheap website may seem more appealing, to begin with, until you realize that it doesn’t bring in sales. For that matter, you’ll have to spend more money for a web redesign.

Simplified 3-Step Process to

Website Design & Development

Step 1 Design

We’ll begin with giving you a design questionnaire so we can create a design that regulates your needs. Give us 2-3 days and we’ll send you a design concept!

Step 2 Develop

After you approved the design concept, we’ll start developing your site to bring it to life! In only 1-2 weeks, you’ll receive from us a link to the test site for you to see the website in browser!

Step 3 Launch

We’ll purchase the domain name and upload your site on a web hosting plan after adding content into it. Your new website is now live!

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