About Carl Ocab


Carl Ocab, at 12 years old, started tinkering with the internet. He created information websites and forums. By age 13, he started carlocab.com.

After a few months, the website hit the top spot of Google for a highly coveted keyword in its niche. It was this time that various TV programs, newspapers, and top internet marketers noticed him.

Today, he has turned carlocab.com into one of the highest caliber internet marketing agencies, putting businesses on the map online.

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The Carl Ocab Story

Hi, my name is Carl Ocab, formerly known as the “Kidblogger”. I’m from the beautiful archipelago Philippines.

Here’s a quick “overview” of my story…

(disclaimer: I’m not really good at telling stories so please bear with me here.)

I got my first computer at the age of four and got involved in the internet when I was 10 – playing online games, chatting with friends, networking, etc. I got so addicted that I had to use my own allowance to buy an internet prepaid card. Dial up was like the best I can get before because broadband or cable internet wasn’t on my dictionary yet.

3 years later, there was a time when me and my cousin were on for like five hours straight! (nothing special for internet “gurus” out there but hey, for a 13-year old, it was a big deal back then, specially if you’re paying per hour on allowance + per hour on the online game we were playing)

Suddenly, someone knocked at the door – GASP! It was my dad, he then jokingly asked “What will you get from those online games? You’ve been playing that for the whole day!”

That triggered my goofyness machine and looked for a hole to get through, so I replied “Well uh, I’ll beat my friends! And heck I’ll get on the leaderboard and get seen by a lot of people!”

Of course, that wasn’t a *real* good reason so he replied “That’s fine, all of us needs to enjoy life, but all day? Those games are eating your time AND money. It’s becoming an addiction. What will you get in the longrun?”

After that, he let us through but that conversation was running on my brain like a loop.

After a week, I got so curious that I asked my dad “What’s a better thing to do, I know you stay on the computer longer than me.” Then he introduced me to blogging – blogging to make money.

Of course back then, I was like “How would I get the cash?” “Why would they give me cash?” “Blogging?!”

But we took baby steps, I kept on listening, then came AdSense, link building and some search engine optimization techniques.

So I did what *I* understood…

I spent the whole week making tons of blogspot blogs with content “copy pasted” from other sites I found via search and plastered huge AdSense ads on it. Made some pennies and later on got my blogs deleted by Google, it was labeled “spam”.

It was devastating. I mean, I spent the whole week making those blogs and POOF, just that, it was gone.

I was totally clueless and hopeless (I’m not a genius at all – heck I’m not even close to the honor roll!) so I stopped and got back to my old hobby – music. I love playing the piano but I’m not really like the “master” or something because I often switch from an instrument to another.

Here’s the sweet part, the “LIGHT BULB” moment…

Few months after that, while I was playing, an idea popped out of my brain: “What if I start a blog with all of the stuff I know about the online game I was playing?” I knew that I may fail again and just waste more time and money – but I took that all off.

So I ran back to my dad and asked for my very first own domain name and web hosting. Then I started to blog.

Now I knew what to do – I gave value AND I marketed that value.

I created original content, created sort of like a “fan club” really out of that online game and started to build a community. I was much easier than I thought (Plus, all I needed to start was just a domain and hosting) From there I was able to see results.

Those “results”, even though it was not that sweet, it kept me going. After just a few months, I started to see *real* bucks on my part.

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Rosalind Gardner
“What A Great Hook!”
It’s hard to believe that a 14 year old kid who started his blog just this past summer, would rank #1 on Google for a highly competitive keyword phrase like “make money online”, isn’t it?

Well, it’s true.

After attempts to make money online with a tech blog and then a gossip blog failed, Carl Ocab says he was “Heavily Inspired by my Dad, I tried my best to find a broad topic that I can blog about for ages”, so he started blogging about how to “Make Money Online with a 13-year old”.

What a great hook!

Rosalind Gardner

Jack Humphrey
“Better Delivery Than Many”
I am playing the odds here. But, barring readers like Brian Clark, Andy Beard, Michel Fortin, or Dean Hunt, I am reasonably sure that this 14 year old kid from the Philippines blogs better than you do. Probably makes more money than you do too. Sad yet?

In fact, if you didn’t know his age before you checked out his site, you’d never in a million years guess Carl Ocab was so young. He has better delivery than many people trying to make money blogging who are 3 times his age. He has a grasp of blog marketing that people doing this twice as long as him still haven’t mastered!

Jack Humphrey