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Seriously, I’m not like the “master” at this internet marketing thing. I’ve got friends who are gazillion times better than me.

That’s why I’m opening carlocab.com for guest bloggers.

In return you’ll get…

  • Lifetime link on carlocab.com – Links are permanent so you get high caliber backlinks pointing to your blog (you can do this in the about the author area at the end of your post)
  • Traffic + readers – My blog is currently in the frontpage of Google for the keyword “make money online” and some other make money related keywords giving me a pretty good amount of targeted traffic.


  • Uniquely written by the author
  • Exclusive for this blog only (Means that you can’t post it anywhere else)
  • It has to be good, obviously :-)
  • It has to be related to the make money online, internet marketing niche.

What to do now:

  1. Write an article
  2. Email it to contribute@carlocab.com
  3. Done, 3 step process, actually just two :-)

Now here’s what will happen next… Either my support staff or I will receive the article, and then it will be reviewed. If it gets approved, estimated posting time will be in 2-3 weeks time because there’s a posting queue.

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  1. chika
    March 7, 2013
    8:22 am #comment-1

    I will been very happy am highly accept in this thank alot

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