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Help! I Don’t Have Anything To Post Anymore! Things To Do When Running Out Of Ideas

By Carl Ocab Under Blogging

Help! I Don’t Have Anything To Post Anymore! Things To Do When Running Out Of Ideas I’ve been blogging for almost 7 months now and not to brag but, I still have a handful of ideas that I want to post. TONS of people have emailed me about it, and I know some of my blogging friends have this kind of problem at times.

So, yeah, their big question is: What do I do when I have nothing to post anymore?

1. Systematize

Everytime I lack ideas to post, I do this “System”? or so called idea generation that luckily always works out. It’s not that complicated, even a 5 year old can do it. Just remember, anytime can be idea generation time. What I do is:

  • Grab a pen – any kind of pen you like.
  • A small notebook
  • Bring it everytime, anywhere!

When an idea pops out, write it! No, no erasures. There’s no “wrong” in idea generation time because when there is, you stop generating ideas.

*Some leakage* The best place (in my experience) to do this is in the bathroom (while doing something…) peace, quiet and – relief Hah!

No seriously, this works.

2. Gather blogs within your niche

Probably the easiest of them all, I used this on some of my niche blogs, or should I say “MFA”? Made for ads that is (no, not adsense) All I do is find 5-10 blogs in my niche, subscribe to them (Be sure that they are the best ones!)

If you find a great post, rewrite it in your own words and add some of your stuff and thoughts, leave no trace behind! A little greyhat technique though because you’re stealing someone’s hard earned ideas.

3. Forums, comments and e-mails


Talking, chatting, instant messaging, etc… Socializing is the main reason that keeps the web alive and moving (Just imagine how many people are in MySpace!) and when there’s communication, information are being shared, when there’s information, then definitely you can generate MORE ideas.

Forums, comments and the people who email you are true goldmine.

4. Open your blog for guest bloggers

Let’s just say you’re a make money online expert. You know a lot of things about making money online blah blah blah. But still, it’s just making money online in YOUR own perspective. A person’s mind is limited to what he can imagine and others got their own imagination too!

Even though 90% of guest bloggers in the make money online industry just blogs for the exposure that they will get, it’s still great way to let other people’s perspective flow through your blog and give you some fresh new ideas.

5. Drilling down

Drilling Down PostsWhen I say I know internet marketing, it does not mean I know affiliate marketing, it does not mean I know blogging but it may also mean I know how to market websites.

So if you have a post about AdSense tips, and you have there ad relevance and ad positioning. You can make another post and concentrate on a specific topic like “ad relevance”? that discusses about how to section targeting.

Some Ramblings

If you really can’t make a post, then you’ve made a bad decision about your niche. Better hire your own writer or better yet, sell your blog.

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13 Comments Add yours
  1. Kyle M Stephens
    August 23, 2007
    7:47 am #comment-1

    Have you checked out John Chow’s redesign? It looks quite a bit like your layout…

  2. 16 year old money blog
    August 24, 2007
    9:39 pm #comment-3

    the design of john chow its not the same, just the layout, the first 3 blocks.
    this tips are very usefull, i will start using the guest blogger in my blog in this month.

  3. Marc Eilbeck
    August 25, 2007
    1:17 pm #comment-5

    great post carl, good use of pics ;)

  4. Maher
    August 25, 2007
    5:16 pm #comment-7

    yeah i feel sometimes im out of ideas but try surfing around and finding ideas

  5. mikko
    August 27, 2007
    9:02 am #comment-8

    Haha, I can relate! Its really hard to write when you run out of ideas (blogger’s block?). Nice tips anyway.

  6. Sly from Slyvisions.com
    August 27, 2007
    1:53 pm #comment-9

    This sounds just like the ones I gave on my site. Nice post Carl.

    10 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Blog About

    10 MORE Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Blog About

    Sly from Slyvisions.com

  7. MMS911
    August 30, 2007
    12:37 am #comment-11

    Thanks For This Great Post. Frankley Speaking Your Website Is Wonderful, and full of Amazing Articles.
    Thanks Again Brother.

  8. prasanga
    September 3, 2007
    5:55 pm #comment-12

    Great post. Now I know what to do if I run out of ideas. Thanks

  9. DerekBeau
    September 8, 2007
    4:53 am #comment-13

    Nice post. I almost used that light bulb in the grass image for one of my recent articles.

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