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Job Pinoy

About Job Pinoy

Job Pinoy is a young innovative job search company aiming to provide employment solutions to the next level. With the utmost goal to redefine job search, Job Pinoy is a firm believer that a simple yet effective technological approach called cover video technology would serve as an advanced solution to increasing the hiring rate of both job seekers and employers.

JobPinoy.com was created to show people that there is an easy way to apply for a job. With the help of Job Pinoy, you may still look for your dream job without having to spend money, and travel far places just to submit your resume to the companies.

Goals & Objectives

Job Pinoy aims to have an online platform wherein they can cater both employers and jobseekers. They also want the website to serve as a channel to company advertisements upon subscription.

Carl Ocab Digital Marketing was able to bring to life the online platform that they only envisioned before. The platform also allows the admin to track the movements within the website easily. A separate dashboard is created so the owner and his colleagues can run the website without touching anything on its backend.

Notable Features

  • Multi-user function – Job Pinoy is for both employers and jobseekers
  • Company’s can post their advertisements on the website
  • Employer’s can post Jobs
  • Employer’s can upload company video on their profile
  • Jobseeker can upload video introductions
  • Jobseeker can upload resume
  • Jobseeker can apply for the job they want
  • A front-end Dashboard to control everything on the website

Click here to visit Job Pinoy.

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