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Web Design & Development

Sedco Plumbing

About Sedco Plumbing

Sedco Plumbing is a small business located in San Diego that has been running for more than 25 years. Their goal is to provide a positive plumbing experience to every customer. Through this, it is clear that they want their services to be clear and available for everyone interested.

Since they have been running for more than 25 years, they knew that they should be able to ride the waves of modern marketing—which is digital marketing. This way, they wanted to update and improve their online presence.


Sedco Plumbing’s goal is to be able to inform customers about their services in the most convenient way, which is the internet. Lately, everything has been going digital, and they wouldn’t want their business to be left behind in this significant marketing innovation.

They wanted to change, update, and modernize their current website, at the same time, make sure that this would be easily viewed on mobile phones. Carl Ocab Digital Marketing provided a new layout or design for their website and made it cross-device compatible.

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