Google Suppression Attack

Last month I was able to speak to a 70ish crowd of marketing and sales people about blogging, how it can help their business and a cool Google Suppression Attack that they can do after the seminar.

It was fun and sort of funny because in that small crowd, 2 of my classmates’ parents where there – and I didn’t even talked about it in school, actually I don’t talk about it at school.

Anyway, here are some spy pics…

(btw, download link to the presentation is below)

Carl Ocab Speaking Seminar
Telling the story of how I started online. With the disclaimer “I’m not really good at telling stories or ‘teaching’ stuff so please bear with me” which I think is true :-)

Carl Ocab Seminar, Changing Slide
Changing slides.

Carl Ocab Rapping
EPIC beat boxing part ;-)

Tarantula Tactic - Feed Kid Google
Discussed the Tarantula Tactic – one of the stuff included in my upcoming video course, Feed Kid Google (instead of an SEO book, I’ve turned it into a video course to make it sweeter)

Carl Ocab Seminar
Trying my best to explain how I gave value on my blog and how I marketed the value, heh.

If you’re interested with the slides, including the part where I discussed the Google Suppression Attack… Click here to download the power point presentation.


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    Wow! Thanks for the slides! Learning is a good thing! Thanks Carl! Ang galing talaga ng kababayan ko!:)

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    Great carl! Where was this?
    About that school part, lol. Same here. I think an unspoken rule on young bloggers is NOT to talk about it in school. ;)

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    Wow can’t believe your friends parents were there, that’s so funny! presentation…Thanks for the slides! Blogging has become my main focus, Thanks Carl!

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    Do I need to tell you that I keep on raving about you every time I tell my friends who among the bloggers or internet marketers have been so successful in their niche? Well yeah I’m just really amazed at how you’re able to handle all these things and I believe you go to school at the same time, right?

    I was wondering if you’d travel sometime and give seminars out of town like Cebu, Iloilo, etc? I mean you’ve been giving seminars like this but only in Manila. Hope you’d organize or make some time to do so outside the boundaries of Manila. Thanks!

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      Posted on Some great advice here Werner, it is true that if you do no SEO on your site then you can’t eepxct anything to happen. Whether you pay for it or do it yourself, it has to be done

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    Wow .. very inspiring, at the age of Carl method which is still very young but already successful as this

    I’m downloading your power point slides show
    Thank You

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    Hello Carl;

    I read your ppt file and was wondering who could read my blog. I also want to get into the frontpage in google search. though my site has rank 3 but still I want to improve it. could you help fine blog reviewers?


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    This is a fantastic presentation. I wrote down quite a bit for use in gaining traffic for my own blog. Thank you!

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    Thanks Carl for motivating people to be learn how to start earning online through blog.

    I’ve heard about you and I know there something in you to learn about.

    Thank you

    Rosendo Cuyasen from Eyewebmaster – Local SEO in Philippines..

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    wow! I’m inspired your achievement kid….but you are not just a kid, you are a lion kid!

    Thank you for your power point.