Just Sold 11 Text Links, 3 Banners and Reviews! – How To Sell Advertisements on Your Blog

And oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I also sold feed advertisements. All this happened in just a simple tweak that took me only an hour to do. C’mon and find out how:

1. When You Have It, Flaunt It

Flaunting, Show off the good things

I can say that this is the most important thing that I’ve done in my blog’s life (Well, up to now) Just when I made that “Big Sale” banner on the header, the next day I surprisingly received 1 banner advertiser and 2 review offers.

I also did it to my Text Link Ad description that sold out the ten text links that I have.

How cool is that?

2. Flaunt And Flaunt More!

And no, don’t think this as a bad idea. Well maybe some might think that you’re a too much show off, but heck, their just the “jealous” ones that don’t generate you ANY income at all!

How about if you take a look at my advertise page and look what I have to flaunt”

  1. carlocab.com is in the first page of Google in the keyword “make money online”
  2. carlocab.com has a pagerank of 4
  3. carlocab.com averages 300+ feed readers daily.
  4. carlocab.com is the top 2,000+ blog among 80 million according to technorati.com
  5. carlocab.com receives laser targeted traffic from search engines daily.
  6. carlocab.com is always up to date.
  7. a lot of advertisers enjoyed the traffic boost when they advertised on carlocab.com

1. Rankings – That took their eye and kept them reading, so show off your best at first.

2. Pagerank – If you got the 1, 2, 3’s and most importantly 0 don’t hesitate to be quite and not talk about it, telling the predicted pagerank will most likely ruin it more.

3. Feed readers – Pretty good for sponsored reviews. I’d suggest not telling this if you’re still in the 2 figs.

4. Technorati – Probably a good show off on how popular your blog is. But then again, technorati rankings can easily be gamed.

5. What kind of traffic – I’m on first page of Google for the keyword “make money online”, so I’m pretty sure that my traffic is laser targeted.

6. Is your blog still alive and updated – Of course, no one wants to advertise on a dead blog.

7. The finishing touch – Of course, include testimonials.

You can add anything you want here that you think is worth flaunting and would not ruin the advertisers point of view on your blog. Just put your feet on the advertisers shoes.

3. Clear Out Some Ads First

clearance sale your advertisements

People who advertise on blogs mostly just wanna join the bandwagon. If your ads are almost full and you offer prices that they can afford, chances are they’ll advertise without even giving a thorough check on your blog’s statistics, etc.

4. Assign Limited Ads

This tip comes with that one on the top. It’s easier to sell something when it’s limited (So that’s why there are limited edition ipods!) By giving limits on how many the product can be, you give value to them.

After the limited ads are all sold out, offer another “limited” ads on some part of your blog.

5. Give Discounts

Discounts can be by means of multi-month and or, discounts on some special deals.

Multi-month discounts are discounts that you can give if someone orders advertising for more than one month, let’s just say an ad on your blog costs $50 and you give the incentive to sell it $80 for 2 months. Though it may depend if your blog is strongly growing and/or you want to be secure that all your advertisements will be sold.

Special discounts are useful if you want to clear out your all your advertising spots. It’s good to do this on holidays, maybe Christmas. I call this a “gimmick”

6. Be kind, and give private bonuses

give free hugs, I mean free stuff

I want my customers happy, if an advertiser didn’t reach what they expected in your blog, it would be nice if you give them private bonuses, meaning you give something from your heart and “help” the advertiser reach what they expected to get from your blog.

I know this wouldn’t attract other advertisers but there’s still a chance that that person will try your advertisement again and maybe give something in return of your kindness. Just don’t expect big things.

Final Thoughts

These tips are based on my experience on what I did the last month, I currently sold 10 text link in text link ads, 1 feed advertiser, 3 private banner deals and currently 8 sponsored reviews for this month.

The change I did only took me an hour and surprisingly gave my blog another milestone in earnings. You can’t just live on Adsense alone, I believe in multiple streams of income.

Thanks frankko and wlyu2001 for the pics


  1. says

    Awesome post Carl – and congrats on those sales. Reminds me that I need to start pumping out the orders – so thanks for the advice!

    • CarlCarl says

      Sorry Paolo, I don’t do tags anymore, well if it was a cool one and under the umbrella of my niche I would.

      Thanks anyway :)

  2. says

    Great work Carl. Very impressive work. Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference! I have a few tweaks to try on a couple of my sites.

  3. says

    Carlo I think it is great that you appreciate that advertisers need to get some value from advertising as well, even paid reviews.

    You seem to have a good way of achieving this without breaking the social contract with your readers. It is a shame so many more “adult” bloggers don’t realise this.

  4. says

    Hi carl, Not anymore wants to use ppc ads on site. From where we blogger i can collect sponsors/pvt. advertisers (just like u have) ? any market place u can refer?

  5. says

    Hey Carl,

    good tips, I’m impressed of your good posts, not of your age though. It’s like learning to ride a bike. A young fellow needs one day, an adult needs weeks or more to ride properly :) . And everybody can see you learn the world of bloogin, making money online and so on very fast!

    Looking forward to see more of some good posts.


  6. says

    Man Carl,
    it’s amazing how much you know and how successful your blog is being so young! Forget what the guy above me said, I am impressed! Keep up the informative and interesting posts, I will be stopping by often,


  7. says

    Hey other Alex ;)

    I didn’t mean that I’m not impressed with his age and definitely with his posts. I’m just not surprised of what great content he writes in his age. But many adults underestimate how clever and smart young kids can be. And Carl shows very well the opposite, that he can keep up with some experts with more than 10 years experience :)

    BTW, I checked out your website, very interesting story about you. Respect! I mean it.


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    Wow, i’m very impress of these 32 tips. I love the advertising part. Hope can learn more from you lot cus i’ve just start blogging for two weeks. Thanks for the tips.


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    Nicely done brother. If you’re the #1 dog then bark and bite hard and the puppies will always listen. Hey, maybe for christmas you can put out a post that maybe lays out a simple script on how to approach potential advertisers and close the sale. Just a thought, you know.. If you’re in the giving mood around christmas lol. Great site. It’s number 1 for a damn good reason!

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    One of the best readings I have. I enjoy every bit of this useful information. I am still learning even if I have been online for years now. It’s plain and simple everyone can understand.

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    This is really helpful. I believe I’m close to this season of my blog. I’ve been working hard on having what visitors come for now I need to learn to draw the advertisers in. Thanks for this wonderful post.

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    thanks for sharing… i was able to make my blog PR3 for 3 months but then again i stopped… procrastination will ruin everything :-)

  13. Andrew Busser says

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already Cheers!

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    Great post, it was just what I was looking for. I’ve been making ‘ok’ money with adsense, and had wondered for a long time about selling ads on my site.

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    Awesome points! Before I add ‘Advertise’ page in my blog I have to grow it consistently. Will try to implement all of your tips.

    Thanks for another awesome article.