A Hardcore Advice On Making Money with AdSense

This post is guest posted by  Grandstart – Hardcore Strategies to Make Money Online.

Forget about blending your ads, disregard the heat map, toss away Joel Comm’s book. Don’t bother reading those tips dished out by make money online bloggers who have never even seen a Google checque.

If you want to make money with AdSense, read closely.

Simple sites make more money with AdSense

How do these sites look? Scroll below.

These sites are pretty clear-cut. There are no clutters and they don’t confuse the visitors. They don’t offer 97 or so options.

I did post about this in “Tighten your page and get 20-30% AdSense CTR” four months back. After that article, I redesigned my sites – further stretching their simplicity. Well, the result was an even better CTR.

It was not without a model. I followed closely the sites of the real AdSense gurus. And one of them is Michael Green. Michael, an internet marketer par excellence, is also a Conservative Member of the Parliament (UK).

Michael’s site is earning six figures monthly. Well, yes the traffic is already there. But the point is you have to convert that traffic into clicks.

Michael made his site incredibly simple that his CTR went to an amazing 30-40%.

Look at his site:


Here’s another example of a website that rakes in tons of AdSense money:


Now you know what a simple site looks. Yes, it’s on the edge of being ugly!

But do YOU care if it brings in 5 to 10 times more than your current earnings?

Ha!Ha! I feel your pain if you do a complete overhaul of your beautiful site.

If you still doubt that simple sites make more AdSense money than your 3 columned blog, why not try typing www.google.com? The site is the mother of all the simple sites. It collected tons of clicks in 2006.


Look at the Google site again. Ridiculously simple. While its competitors were busy converting their sites into a doorway of all information, Google concentrated on being simple. A plain logo and no banners. Content on the left and money ads on the right. Hey! there are even ads on the left.

The Google visitor is left with only a few choices. It’s either the content on the left or the persuasive ad on the right. The visitor is always in a hurry and decides quickly which makes Google’s CTR shoot thru the roof.

Follow Google’s example. Why have we not done this before? Google is showing us how it makes tons of money.

Should I say more of the elements of a simple site? Like above the fold ads and white background? Watch out for my succeeding posts at www.grandstart.com


  1. says

    Sorry to burst someones bubble…

    But the are MFA (made for adsense) sites and are no longer allowed per Google TOS… Can you spell “banned”?

  2. says

    Of course you need a good amount of traffic to recieve any decent income from adsense. Most clicks seem to average $0.25 on my sites though once in a while they can be $1 plus.

    Your first example is Michael Green’s Forum which has good traffic but most visitors are internet marketers who have adsense blindeness and don’t convert well.

    The second example is a MFA site which does not meet Google’s TOS as there is no content. They will close this persons adsense account one day.

    In the end you need a large amount of traffic and to rotate the ad placement and colors to prevent ad blindness.

  3. says

    What you said makes some sense Alan,

    But there is a risk of making your site an MFA making it incredibly minimalistic highlighting the ads.

    Yes the money would come in, but I wouldnt dare to do it on my flagship projects. Probably I’d open a new site with a MFA look.

    Been a while before someone talked about AdSense thanks!

  4. says

    Well, your advice should only be followed by normal websites and not blogs. If we were to follow it on blogs, we wouldn’t get any readers at all. Yes, more CTR does mean more money, but it also effectively means loosing readers to another blog…

  5. says

    I have noticed this awhile back but it what comes to my mind is that won’t it make the visitors not come back? If they do not find your blog appealing.

  6. says

    I guess this is common sense… if you know you’ll lose your readers if you fill your blog with nothing but ads, why would you do that.. we can do site optimization wherein we place the ads on their proper positions, produce good content and make our blog’s design simple.. its not easy to do but I guess when done correctly will produce good results

  7. says

    I did not get the 20-30% CTR, but it doubled my current CTR when I converted my blog to 2-column simple design. Thanks for the advise!

  8. says

    You’re spot on with the advice (but note the issue with MFA sites). Simplicity is the key for not only AdSense success but also site success. Also, dd placement is huge if you really want to increase your revenue – if that is your focus. Just be sure to continually measure your ad placement clickthrough (and, maybe hire a designer to help integrate ads in a non-intrusive way).

    Nice job – first time to this site. I do like it.

  9. says

    Amazing post. No wonder people switch to the UBT. :-)

    Oops, before I forget, if you don’t mind, I made a similar post at my blog.

    VERY similar already I guess. :-)

    Anyway, I placed a link back to this post and to your other posts as well