Commission Warrior Review: Victory In The Battle For Real Income

This article is posted by Valerie and sponsored by Commission Warrior.

Everyone seems to be touting their own Internet marketing program these days. From “gurus” to the guy down the road, it seems like everyone has found a way to make real money through online marketing – everyone but you. Of course, it’s likely that you’ve tried a few of these programs in your quest to conquer the income problem, and it’s just as likely that you’ve failed in that mission. Thankfully, Commission Warrior is here to show you the strategies and tactics necessary to not only start earning an income online, but to enjoy an automatic 6-figure income, now.

Sure, right – how’s it different from those other programs, you ask? Actually, Commission Warrior is poles apart from anything else you’ve ever seen or tried. It doesn’t make empty promises and then leave you hanging, your wallet lighter and your dreams dashed. It shows you the exact schematic you need to conquer life! Creating an automatic 6-figure income is not only a possibility, but a distant reality with this program. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll find when you hit the website.

An Overview: Design And Layout Considerations

If you’ve spent any time at all browsing around online, comparing different affiliate or Internet marketing systems, you have learned that you can often determine the quality of a program or offer by the amount of effort that went into creating the website. Low quality programs are usually identifiable by a website that looks jumbled and thrown together. They’re filled with poor quality images, chock full of typos and look like they were created by a fifth-grader.

Commission Warrior certainly blows that stereotype out of the water. As soon as you hit the main page of the website, it’s apparent just how much time and effort went into creating the graphics, the quality content and the layout. Take a look for yourself. In the screenshot below, you can clearly see how well the website’s aesthetics pull together, creating a seamless visual experience.

Immediate Understanding: Commission Warrior Arms You Immediately

How many Internet marketing programs have you looked at that made you read page after page after page of testimonials and promises before getting to the meat of the situation? Commission Warrior sets itself apart from other options by telling you immediately what it’s about. The information is all right there at the top of the page:

  • Ex-telemarketer reveals real industry secrets
  • Those secrets can generate more than $18,000 per month for you
  • It can be done on autopilot
  • There’s no setup fee and the traffic supporting the program is free as well

With other websites, it would have taken a long time to find any of that information, much less all of it. Commission Warrior ensures that you know what you’re in for as soon as you hit the page. Of course, anyone can promise big results with minimal cost, but Commission Warrior takes it a step further once more. You get more than just empty words – the promise is backed up by proof of income from several different accounts:

No Sales Letters, No PPC: Commission Warrior Arms You With Simplicity

If you have done any research on Internet marketing, you’re pretty familiar with the ways these programs work. There are several common methods used to generate income online, including article marketing, link exchanges, sales content writing, product description writing, creating and managing (and paying for!) pay per click campaigns. It sounds exhausting just reading about it. Commission Warrior is different.

The program promises (and delivers) real financial victory without the need to write a single painful sales letter. There’s no need to pen page after page of product descriptions, and there’s no need to flood the Internet with “informational” articles through article directories. There is no need to worry about the hassle and immense cost of pay per click campaigns. In fact, there’s no need to fight for traffic generation at all, nor is there any financial investment that has to be made upfront.

Sounds pretty tempting, doesn’t it? If you’ve “been there and done that” before, you might say, “Yes, it’s tempting, but…” Overcoming that hesitation can be tough, particularly if you’ve been burned by Internet marketing systems in the past. How do you know this is REALLY on the up and up? Skepticism is natural and, honestly, probably a good thing where online marketing is concerned. You can put your fears about this program to rest, though.

As the site says, this is, “a real, tried and tested method, and NOT yet another ‘push button software scheme’ or so-called ‘traffic loophole’ that some guy just discovered under a rock.”

Conquering The World through Passive Performance

With a name like “Commission Warrior”, you might not think that the program has anything to do with passivity. However, that’s exactly what this opportunity offers – the chance to create accounts that perform consistently, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

You’ll find reference after reference, account after account provided as proof to you that the system not only works, but works automatically once you get it up and running. “Of course,” you say, “that’s the catch, right?” No – there’s no catch.

What It Takes To Set Up For Victory

If you’re as cynical as most of us who’ve been through program after program, you’re probably pretty sure that the “catch” to this program is in the setup. Perhaps it does offer real income generation for months after you set it up. Perhaps it does really perform year after year after creation. Buy you probably think that getting the thing up and running is an exercise in frustration. Anyone who’s been there before knows just how painful it can be to create accounts, go through the setup process and make sure everything is up and running correctly, not to mention how difficult it is to find an affiliate product that is actually in demand.

This is another area where you’ll find Commission Warrior differs from other programs. Where you might expect to spend days, or even weeks creating accounts, Commission Warrior lets you do it in just a couple of  hours. Once the account is up and running, you can kick back and let it work for you. In fact, it’s almost completely automatic. The beauty of this system is that it allows you to spend as little as an hour per day, requires no ongoing maintenance and, best of all, there’s no need to go out and hunt down traffic for your sites.

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Conquer Income Problems With 3 Simple Steps

Now, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of what Commission Warrior is and what it does. Internet marketing can take a lot of different forms. However, perhaps the most respected affiliate site out there is ClickBank – it’s been around for years, is well known and is respected for the variety of products you can choose. Commission Warrior shows you how to use ClickBank products to create simple, tiny websites that offer big, big rewards, as easy as 1-2-3.

Unlike most other programs out there, Commission Warrior tells you right upfront what you need to do within the system. There’s no need to sign up to receive their emails, take a phone call or pay a “deposit” to find out what really happens in the system or what the basic steps are. It puts everything out front for you, so you know what you’re getting from the outset.

Step 1

Step one is pretty simple – you just pick a product from the immense number of offerings on ClickBank. This is one area where Commission Warrior really shines. The program shows you how to pick the RIGHT products for your sites. It shows you how to ensure that the products you choose are actually in demand and will remain so.

Step 2

Step two is building your CW site. While it might sound complicated, the program walks you through site creation, making sure that you know exactly how to make your microsite perform and stay performing for years to come.

Step 3

The last step isn’t much of a step at all. You just kick back and watch your sites perform. You spend an hour here and there maintaining your systems, you build new sites and you watch as your income goes up. It’s as simple as that.

Why The Commission Warrior Strategy Offers Success

As mentioned several times throughout this review, Internet marketing programs are a dime a dozen today. They rely on making big promises about exploiting secret loopholes or ultra-new technologies. If you have a grain of common sense, you know those programs are little more than huckster schemes designed to separate you from your money. They don’t work. They never have.

Commission Warrior doesn’t rely on any of those “secrets”. There’s no marketing guru behind this – there’s a guy named David Bauer, who figured out what works at the age of 17 while working as a telemarketer.

What really makes CW stand out from the crowd of other options is the fact that David stands behind the program and guarantees your success. If you don’t find financial success and the program doesn’t work for you, there’s an ironclad, 100% money-back guarantee during the first 60 days. That’s two full months to make sure that you really are seeing success.

In The End

In the end, Commission Warrior offers what other programs don’t – the chance to make real money through Internet marketing. There are no “secrets”, no push-button software to master, and no gurus to manage your life. CW is what it claims to be and nothing more – a way to earn a real living and take control of your life.

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