How to Establish Yourself and Your Blog Locally

This article is guest posted by Melvin Dichoso.

We’ve been all taught that in order for us to make money blogging, we need to target large countries like US and Canada. The main reason behind this is because the audience from that country is more profitable than the audience in your location, for example here, Philippines.

Although there is nothing wrong in that, we must also not forget that establishing our local presence is equally as important as getting readers from those countries. The fact is our local demographics would still dictate how credible we are on a certain field.

While getting traffic from bigger countries is a lot easier, establishing a presence in your own country could mean more because its almost unrealistic to get press coverage from other countries, or get clients if you’re doing consulting and even get yourself popular. Building a personal brand plays a crucial role on your profitability as a whole and I’ve seen a lot of bloggers that are almost unknown in other countries that make huge money online mainly because of the reputation they built here.

So since last year, I started working my butts off on getting known here more and building relationships with prominent figures here. In this post, I am going outline the different ways to promote yourself and establish your expertise locally. It starts now:

1. Attending Conferences related to your Niche

Although not all niches have specific events assigned to them, there’s still a good chance that there is one for your niche. I wasn’t so keen on attending conferences and events here until last year when I realized that I need to start networking with my fellow countrymen.

Just last month I attended iBlog 6 Summit and it was really a huge opportunity for me to introduce myself and connect with people on the same industry. Attending conferences whether big or small is definitely the first step. Make the most of it, network with people, and build relationships because these people are either going to be your future customers or business partners.

2. Getting Into Local Forums

When we do forum marketing, what we usually aim for is the quantity of members. Oftentimes, we go to sites like Digital Point, Sitepoint and WarriorsForum because they have a huge number of members. That being said, we should never forget that we can also participate in local forums and still reap the same benefits. Why? Because in local forums, most people are likely to listen to you, communicate with you because they know you are something that they can be trusted considering the fact you’re on the same country.

3. Turning into Your Market Leaders

When I was getting started, I was lucky enough to have people like Carl Ocab and J. Racoma (two prominent people here) walk me through all of the things I need to get through to get started. Although its unrealistic to all of a sudden try to make friends with big people while just getting started, you can definitely work it out at a time.

You can start out small by just simply commenting on their articles or reaching out to them through social media. Then you can shoot them a private message. Just remember not to be annoying or demanding too much. Remember, relationships just like anything are built over time and there’s no point on rushing things.

4. Running Local Advertising Campaigns

If you have the cash then certainly you can get running faster. Pay-Per Click is one of the quickest ways to generate traffic so thats the first one you may want to use. Use Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing and target your local audience and make sure your ad is running ONLY in your country.

Through testing and tweaking, you can improve your campaigns and have better conversions. This is not cheap since youre paying per click so make sure you scale your campaigns carefully before diving into it. You may want to make sure that you know the terms and services as well so you’ll not be wasting your precious money.

5. Holding Contests

There’s no other quicker way doing this than holding contests. Again this may require an initial investment on your part or if you could get sponsors, the better. Make sure you strategize your contest since there would be obviously some people who would join your contest for just the sake of joining it.

You can determine the success of your contest by observing the drop-off rate. If you are getting 1000 visitors a day during your contests and after the contest it drops to 20 a day then that would be considered as a failure.

In running contests, make sure that it is properly aligned to your niche and to the audience you are targeting. Its hard to make people stick to you when they aren’t really interested and all they care for is the contest.

Getting into local Scenes and establishing your presence can be quite a bit tricky. After all, you need quality more than quantity but the problem is low quantity is a factor even from the start (Unless youre from US).

The key in all of this is overdelivering something, and building relationships. It doesn’t happen overnight but with the 5 methods I mentioned above, it wouldn’t take that long for you and your brand to get known in your own location.

Melvin is a fellow Filipino blogger and internet marketer who blogs at MelvinBlog Dot Com where he aims to share all his experience in the industry. If you like this post, make sure you subscribe to his feed or at least follow him on twitter. ;-)

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  1. says

    It seems that local optimizing is worthy to try. I think since we already international, the local market will looks us difference.

  2. says

    Hey Melvin,

    I’m also your “kababayan”. =)

    Anyway, I’ve been following this blog for quite some time now, and I just thought to finally contribute on this blog. I don’t have my own blog, because I’m really lazy updating my site from time to time. But I do have several products that I use for list building, most of them are free to generate list from multiple products. I admit that I usually visit foreign countries sites, blog, forums etc.. because of the larger market. But I realized that I should also share and participate to local areas to at least provide some tips about my experience.

    Nice post!



    • says

      Hello Gary,

      I’ve visited your site. And you did a good job on launching your great product. By the way, is this your own product or a resale?

      I am also a Filipino and also an avid fan of Carl’s blog. Thanks sharing your thoughts.

      I hope that we can start a good friendship here.

      – Felix Albutra

    • says

      hey Gary, Im glad you like this post. :)

      Good luck to what you’re doing bro..

      Btw, your full name is the same with a certain basketball player I know. ;-)

  3. says

    Well said Melvin, I thank having a local domain extension could also be useful since local search would easily find your blog.

    I also plan this strategy but I need more information about my new topic which will target the local niche market.

    Thanks for sharing it. It is really helpful.

    – Felix Albutra

  4. says

    Great tips, thanks!

    And for those newbie like me that can’t meet those blogging pioneers(market leaders) in person, then you can also shot them an email and ask them politely if they are willing to answer some questionnaires about them and their blog, and post it on your site… with the proper links, of course! :)


  5. says

    Hey Melvin,

    Good post there. I was looking around for ideas to establish a bigger presence for my blog since this “make money online niche” is so competitive. Good that you have someone like Carl Ocab to help you with your business.

    Good Luck!

  6. says

    Two thumbs up for this post! I’m quite focusing on the presence of my blog internationally but I think promoting it to locally here in the Philippines should also be done for it to be established neatly. By the way I’m also a Filipino, glad to know lots of Filipino bloggers are making their success online.