Steps That Super Affiliates Use To Rake In The Dough

This article is guest posted by Sushant Risodkar.

Do you believe super affiliates possess something you don’t that makes them so successful? I assure you super affiliates don’t possess anything that you don’t, besides the drive it takes to be a super affiliate. If you are serious about being a super affiliate it is very achievable.

In this article I’m going to discuss a few things you must do if you hope to get in the ranks of super affiliates. We are going to discuss choosing a niche market that is not too competitive, being able to generate a list and then leverage that list, along with offering attractive bonuses in order to get people to purchase from you instead of the competition.

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Choosing The Right Niche Market If You Want To Become A Super Affiliate.

Super affiliates don’t know anything that you don’t, but one thing they understand is the importance of choosing the right niche market.

Sometimes there will be products that are very expensive and you couldn’t imagine anyone would purchase them at a high rate. This isn’t the case, if you were able to find the appropriate niche you’d be surprised at how high conversions might possibly be.

Super affiliates are able to hone in on these types of niches, and then get all the sales they can out of it. But once a super affiliate has discovered a high converting niche, they will find related offers for the highest commission to offer to it.

Super affiliates are also smart enough to capture the traffic so they can market to it again and again. Even though they may be generating sales for somebody else, being able to have access to a high converting niche will enable them to generate revenue for other high-end products. So if you want to become a super affiliates, make sure you choose the right niche. Choosing the wrong niche can lead to low conversions and ultimately little income.

You Can Become A Super Affiliate By Squeezing All Of Your Traffic First.

Super affiliates are very good at generating targeted traffic towards a given offer. But they know that in order for them to generate revenue long term they must convert people onto their list. There are certain affiliates who make it their number one priority to build their list before they even decide to promote the offer.

By doing this they increase their conversions from what may be as low as 1% to as high as 10%. Of course a lot will depend on how much a particular offer costs, but it is not unknown to be able to generate $50 plus commissions at as high as 5% conversion rates for higher end products.

Also once you have gotten someone onto your list and you build credibility with them, they’re going to be far more trustful of you. You would’ve taken the appropriate time to build a relationship with your list, and as a result sending them an offer once in a while would not seem evasive. All of it comes down to a science, and the ability to execute time and time again.

Sometimes You Must Offer A Little Bit More Then Your Competition Does If You Hope To Be A Super Affiliate.

Super affiliates understand that for the popular products there will be a lot of competition. Super affiliates know the importance of offering more than the competition in order to generate sales. Usually they will offer a bonus in order to entice a buyer to purchase from them instead of someone else. This has become a trend these days. People on the Internet know the value of the dollar and usually they will shop around to see where they can get the best deal. Don’t assume because a given product costs the same at all sites that the deal being offered there isn’t sweeter.

Super affiliates may have any number of different bonuses they can offer to push a buyer into purchasing with them. You may need to take on the same approach, or figure out some unique twist to add to your affiliate marketing efforts to get more conversions. You must also master the art of using money generated to scale up successful affiliate campaigns. Once you’ve found that a given affiliate offer converts like crazy, you want to dump as much money as you can into it while it’s still hot.

Final Words

Super affiliates are super affiliates because they have mastered the art of capturing traffic, offering all sorts of bonus product so they will garner get higher conversions, and then reinvesting money into successful campaigns. Super affiliates are also prepared for major launches, usually by having money reserved for its promotion once it comes out. You can follow the same rules on your way to becoming a super affiliate. Once you have gotten to this level, then you may want to consider creating your own products and marketing them to a given niche as well.

Sushant Risodkar is a young blogger from India and has been making money online from past 2 years now. You can grab his FREE Secret-System to make money online in just 7 days. Do visit his blog – SmartBloggerz to know more about what he does.

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    This is a very informative article. Yes, I believe that in doing Business, you need to invest for it. Becoming a super affiliate also needs a bit of education on how to market your affiliate product. I saw many people succeed and live prosperously by just doing Affiliate Marketing, and by becoming an super affiliate marketer that is a hard work to do but it will give you some good result by following what this guy is tellin on his Article. Thanks for sharing this information.

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      Yes, I do agree with you 100%, because super affiliates will be your source of getting assistant to boost you website rank and improve your SEO

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    Hi Sushant,

    Nice article, more than 1000 people start blog daily to make money online but only very few succeed because their inner drive make them work hard.

    There’s no hidden bullets which make them super affiliates, it’s just how hard you can work and choosing a perfect niche is very important.

    Kai Arora