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Social networks are everywhere these days. From the Big 3 (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to smaller networks you might not have heard of before, and those designed for one specific task (think Instagram), social networks have come to dominate online life. You might wonder, with all this diversity and overexposure to social networks, what makes the development of yet another one special? Well, there are a few reasons that Zurker should stand out in your mind.

Dual Streams – Home + Street

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If like most people, you have an account on Facebook, you’re familiar with the term “stream”. Most social networks have one (or the equivalent). On Facebook, your stream shows all the updates of your friends and the various pages you’re connected with and you can choose either “most popular” or “most recent”. Twitter’s main stream is similar. Even G+ has a stream – you can choose to view all your circles or individual circles for the updates you want. Zurker offers something a little different.

Zurker offers a Home stream and a Street stream. They’re quite different and switching between them is easy. On your main page (reached by clicking the Zurker logo), you’ll see a button for each. Home will take you to your home stream and the updates that affect you directly, including comments others have left on your posts and more. Street will take you to updates from contacts and subscriptions.


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How many times have you logged into Facebook or Twitter and groaned in frustration as you have to scroll through page after page of inanities just to find the information you want? It’s frustrating, but what can you do? Actually, Zurker offers a pretty innovative way around this. With Zurker, you can use tags to your advantage for both incoming and outgoing information. Zurker requires that you tag every connection on the network and that’s important. Ever feel like you’re being overloaded with information? Uncheck a few tags (family, friends or whatever tags you’ve decided to use) and you won’t see updates from those people until you turn the tags back on.

Own a Piece of the Network

While tags and the dual Home/Street stream are both pretty cool features, there’s one thing about Zurker that really stands out. The network gives you the chance to own a share (or more than one) of the profits. While other social networks court big investors, sell stocks on Wall Street or make it easy for big business to earn money, Zurker is more about courting you, the user. Buying vShares lets you own a piece of the network, and can be bought with cash or earned by inviting friends to the network using your referral code.

Giving Back to Users

In addition to vShares, Zurker is about giving back to users in other ways as well. While Facebook and Twitter might take your loyalty for granted, Zurker realizes that users make the network’s world go round, and offer rewards for your loyalty in the form of promotions and giveaways. For instance, the New Year Promo for 2013 gives all users the chance to win a free iPad or Microsoft Surface tablet, just for doing what you already do – using the network. By accruing zurks (the Zurker equivalent of a FB “like”), you can earn a chance to win your choice of tablet.

Cons to the Network

While there are a lot of innovative features to Zurker, new users might find that there are a couple of things lacking. For instance, currently, there’s no way to search the network for users. Likewise, there’s no built-in chat feature. All communication with other members has to go through comments on posts and photos.

Try Zurker Today!

In summary, Zurker offers quite a lot of innovation and has the potential to grow enormously. Between vShares, iPad giveaways and the ability to customize the updates you see rather than overloading you with updates, it’s a pretty cool place and one that you should definitely check out.


  1. says

    As much as I admire their idea, I don’t think this site would be sustainable in the long term. FACEBOOK will still be the number social networking site unless a better idea comes along. Zurker doesn’t offer anything else other than monetary incenvite.

  2. says

    Hmmm interesting. I think this is like wazzub they also share a profit to their members… but didn’t succeed on beating Google. I’ll keep an eye on this site if it will become successful

  3. says

    Interesting concept– will definitely check this one out. I don’t think a social network has to beat Facebook to be successful if they offer something different— think Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest—all successful in different ways.

  4. says

    Honestly, I didn’t know about this social network before, but I like its interference. I think I’ll start using right away.

    Thank you so much for the recommendation!

    Best, Anup

  5. Lalay says

    I’m glad to see this article. Zurker is the coolest social media. Thank you Valerie. :)

  6. says

    The concept sounds pretty cool, but I imagine that if it really starts to gain any traction one of the big 3, or maybe another up and comer will just buy them out, merge everything and eliminate the competition. Seems to be how it’s been working, Can’t really say I blame the folks selling tho, do a lot of work upfront and make enough from the sale to do whatever you want for the rest of your life and never have to answer to anyone again.

  7. says

    Interesting idea, I hadn’t heard of that site before, I’ll give it a try. There’s far too much “noise” on Facebook and Twitter and I find myself spending less and less time on there. Using tags to get “more niche” could be the way to go.

  8. says

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ve taken a look. The concept looks interesting. One thing though, they state “you will not be banned or suspended for what you post”. That’s fine in theory but with more government censorship of the internet I doubt that’s sustainable in the long run. Good find though.

  9. says

    That website sure has a lot of nifty features. Everything else aside, I’d surely love that ability to filter my updates according to my specifications. If Zurker’s user base grows to millions, we’ll probably see this site rival the current big three, or possibly even topple one.