7 Blogging Mistakes

This article is guest posted by ZK.

When I first started to blog , I thought that by posting a few articles on the blog and promoting it via articles directories, a few social network sites I would drive hoards of traffic to my blog. That did not happen, along the way I made a few mistakes. Below are some of the mistakes that I made hopefully you can avoid doing the same

Do not start on unfamiliar topics

If you are a beginner and are starting on a topic then you should keep in mind that you should start on topics which are you are familiar with. There are many bloggers who start with topics on how to make money using their blogs, they have hardly been successful. So it is better to start on topics which you are familiar with.

Blogging on “me too” topics or articles

Avoid using topics and articles that have been covered on other blogs. While starting a blog plan on it and try making it resourceful for the readers. People would visit your blog again and again only if it has something to offer for them. If your blog has something useful then it is definite to spread among the community of people who take interest in it and they would make it again and again to your blog.

Not devoting enough time on your blog

In general, blogs take time to gain momentum and to become popular among users. So it is necessary to give enough time for your blog to start off and do not give up early on it. Give it the necessary and time and effort to make it successful.

Not interacting outside your blog community

It is important to share your views with other bloggers and writing on good content in your blog doesn’t mean that you needn’t interact with other bloggers and comment on their blogs. In fact it is a part of the blogging game to stay in touch with others as this not only improves the number of readers you have but also important for your success in building your own community.

Choose the right platform

Choose the right type of blogging platform rather than choosing the easy type of blogging platform. Though it requires a person to be familiar with the type of platform he/she is going to blog on, one necessarily has to choose the right type of platform which would serve the purpose rather than making things simple. Instead of being lazy you can choose to learn and get comfortable with the one which stands the purpose. I recommend you to start blogging on WordPress.org , it give great flexibility in building a resourceful blog.

Overload of ads

Having ads on your blog is not that bad an idea. But what one has to remember is that these ads should never hurt the content of the blog. There are many disadvantages of having too many ads in your blog. It is definitely going to hurt on your readers count because of a number of reasons and factors. First of all too many ads create loading problems and when the page loads the presence of too many is going to affect the content by pushing it below them thereby irritating many readers. So it is necessary to exercise control on the ads and widgets which you have in your blog.

Make great posts with great titles

After you have devoted enough attention to everything in the list do make it a point to improve on the titles of your posts. You might have made the best post but lack of good titles is definitely going to get fewer readers for your blog post.

What were the mistakes that you made when you first started to blog?

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  1. says

    one of the biggest mistakes I made when I just first started my 1st blog which could be found on neobuxtutorial.blogspot.com is the categories.. *lol I accidentally over added so much categories in it that it’s so hard for the to understand my blog when they are searching for my posts.. lols, Now I am *punished* for re-categorizing them and start over.. which is really hard to do with more that 100 posts..

    anyway, good job ZK..

  2. says

    Nice Post.

    I think blogging often about something thats not related to your blog will kill your blog because your readers only want info about the niche your blogging about.

  3. says

    Nice article, I’m strongly agreed with your point. Any how I like your first step and second step. According to me we should write topic which we are familiar with. It is very necessary steps for us to make perfect blog plan before start blogging.

  4. says

    One of the most common mistakes of a newbie blogger is they tend to blog just to earn money and if they failed to earn they tend to lose interest at all.

  5. says

    “You might have made the best post but lack of good titles is definitely going to get fewer readers for your blog post”. That true.

  6. says

    Hey ZK,

    I really like that first tip. Makes a lot of sense… Dam*, I really like this blog. I’m gonna be a repeat reader for sure.

    Keep it coming man,

  7. says

    What would you consider too many ads? On visiting super blogs I notice that they are loaded with ads. Is it that their visitors are forgiving of all the ads because now they are die hard in the wool fans of the super blogger?


  8. says

    This post really helps, I’m actually just starting, and i would truly appreciate it if someone could give me more tips. like.. how do I make more readers? like how would they know your blog even exist? sorry I’m really a newbie here.

  9. says

    Thanks for the great tips! These will come in handy when starting a new blog project. If I may add, you also have to be passionate about the topics in your blog or else you’ll lose steam and interest in the long run. To be able to succeed in the blogging world, you need perseverance more than anything else.

  10. Hannah says

    Thanks this is alot of great tips!I have been researching before I start my blog website and the biggest problem I have right now is what I want my blog to be about because I have so many things I would like to blog about that and can you have a successful blog that has more than one category of interests?If so whats the best way to go about it or should I create different websites for each s blog also I really want to make a website that has blog articles on it written by me but I also want to make a website for other things is there a way I can have a succeful website if my blog articles all relate to the rest of my website content?