7 Websites You Can Use To Hunt Popular Blogs In Your Niche

After introducing the new article marketing, the first person to comment just leaked my next posts unconsciously…

I love the idea, Carl, but I’m a little confused. How do you a) find the best authoritative blogs in your niche, b) submit your article to these blogs, and c) get them to publish it?

Way to go Joel for that comment (Now you’ll anticipate more people to subscribe to my blog, heh.)

Alright so…

How Do You Find The Best Authoritative Blogs In Your Niche?

Here are 7 websites I’ve been using when I go around hunting for popular blogs…

1. WhosTalkin – This new baby (just launched last year) is going big sometime soon. When you do a search, you get all the related blogs basing on your keyword PLUS results from other social media and social networking sites like Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, etc. A great tool for reputation management too.

2. Google Blog Search – Hmmm nothing new here, clean interface, relevant results, just the same as how Google serves us LOL.

3. Technorati – They’ve been pretty messed up for the last months because of their weird feature tests and design changes but their big, big directory still lives up to the promise of ranking top blogs.

4. StumbleUpon – Not really of good use if you’re doing a proper research, just a nifty tool to read some cool stuff on your interests.

5. Delicious – I like using Delicious personally because you get to know what people think about the blogs and how many people REALLY liked it – compared to the other sites in this list, it’s real people voting, not just some algorithm.

6. Ask Blog Search – Well Ask’s been doing a pretty good job with their blog search, less splogs than any of the above.

7. Google Reader – After a long day hunting, subscribe to the blogs you’ve found and test out Google Reader’s new “top recommendations” and you’ll double your popular blogs list.

How About You?

It’s definitely not a complete list, how about you? If you’re using a website or a technique to find popular blogs in a specific niche, speak up and share it in the comments section below ;-)

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    Thanks, Carl. I picked up your Ultimate Blogging Theme yesterday and am having a designer make some adjustments (adding my color scheme and header). I’m really looking forward to putting it to great use.

    And thanks for crediting me in the post :-) I’m looking forward to the next few for sure!


    Joel Marion
    #1 Amazon.com Bestselling Author
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    Great article Carl. I personally think Technorati is a great way to find the best “Niche” and other sites since you can see how many fans a niche site has, thus the probability of that site holding authority. Although I am surprised you didn’t include Digg.com I know you’re not going to find most Niche sites with a thousand diggs, but its a great way to find out if a new site or an existing site is getting some good feedback from readers. Since those readers tend to be more engaged with the sites they take the time to digg I think its a great way to find sites where you can attract engaged users who are interested in the topic.

    What do you think about the digg path?

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    I used to use delicious.com and stumbleupon.com. Now I find your suggestions, “Ask Blog Search” and “Google Blog Search” are especially useful for me. Actually I use “google.com” every day, but never use “Google Blog Search”. I mean it is very good to know this.