Breaking Through Your Blogging Barrier

This article is by my friend AJ Kumar who blogs at AJ spent more than half a decade learning about Human Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Sales and today he’s here to share an inspirational story…

Chuck Yeager was the first man to ever break through the sound barrier. During the record breaking fight, the crew however was trying to convince Chuck to stop and try again another day because it wasn’t happening. Chuck knew that he was too close to doing it, so he couldn’t imagine quitting at this point. Chuck disregarded the numerous messages, shut off his radio, and at the time, took that plane where no man has ever taken it before, mach 1 (breaking the sound barrier).

You blog to make money online. Clearly this path is followed by many people, making it much more difficult. Most people that get into this business to make money quit after being discouraged within the first 1-2 months. When getting started in anything you must first envision, create, and then declare your ideas. After this, you will be part of something called the Concentration Phase. During this phase, you will experience a ton of failure, you will work real hard, and get zero results. Since most of you are in this phase right now, be prepared for it to last at least 90 days. Like Chuck, this is the mach 1 barrier that you must break. If you read the advice that Carl Ocab gives you, apply it in your business (blog), and sooner or later you’ll begin to see the results. When you do experience results, be sure to use it as leverage so you can create momentum, kind of like the snowball effect.

If success was measured metrically, many of you are just a few inches away. Imagine yourself in the cockpit with Chuck, the tension, the energy, and the excitement. Your body has exerted all your energy and is drenched in nervous sweat. You hear the people screaming from the muffled radio, “abort” and “stop”. The voices begin to fade as the plane speeds up. The plane reaches 500mph, your heart starts pounding. You get to 550mph you feel like you’re about the faint. 600mph, can you really believe all this is happening! 650mph, is Chuck nuts? 700mph, your body is literally drained and you feel like puking. 750mph, this is unbelievable! 800mph holy sh*t, you did it!!!!!

Given, your excitement, tension, and stress won’t be condensed within a few minutes period of time, in fact, it will be spread throughout at least 3 months (Concentration Phase). Chuck could have made the choice of stopping because everyone on his crew didn’t believe he could do it. He believed he could do it, which is why he did it. I can bet that many of you have been influenced to stop and quit what you’re doing because you have nothing to show for it.

What do you think? Will you stop just short of your goal or will you break through your barrier?

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