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This article is guest posted by Daniel Saul.

The other day I decided I was fed up of nearly all my domains just sitting there doing nothing. A few weren’t even linked to a hosting account! So I looked into the domain market, now everyone’s heard of it – buy a popular domain for normal price from a registrar, then sell it on a website like Sedo for reasonable profits.

Now, I was just about to list my various domains on a site very similar to Sedo when I saw a couple of guys chatting on a forum. One was asking the best place to sell a domain for big profits and then the other came along and said don’t sell them, you can make a bigger profit from your domains another way. I saw this and was immediately interested so I contacted him. It was then that I found out about renting domains.

Have you ever heard of renting a domain before? Well neither had I and I thought this guy was mad. But then I did a quick search and it seems you really can make money from domain renting but it is currently a relatively new idea. Sometimes you might manage to sell a popular domain for around $100, but you could rent your domain for $20 a month or more!

The way it works is simple. List it for around $1 dollar on a domain renting site, state your price per month etc. Wait for an offer to come in and then if they are willing to pay enough, accept. Once they have paid their first instalment, alter the domains nameservers and if they for some reason stop paying, change the nameservers to something different.

So what are you waiting for? Instead of selling those domains you have lying around, rent them out and stop renting when you find a use for them. One domain renting site I have found, which is relatively new and doesn’t yet have that many users but has a very professional setup is Also this site, until 30/08/08, isn’t charging anything to list your domain which is why I thought to mention it. Another,, lets you either sell or rent your domain but they don’t look professional and probably won’t do well.

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  1. says

    Nice find!

    I posted one of my domains to DomainsListing (which has a higher PR of the two sites), but when I tried posting it to and proceeded to the checkout, PayPal gave an error saying that there was a problem with the email address used by the vendor (DomainsForLet)…not sure if it’s something serious, but it wouldn’t let me check out.

    Thanks for the tip though. I didn’t think something like this was possible!

  2. says

    Does this model really work?? I dont see why someone would pay rent for a domain that they can buy for 9 bucks??, I mean branding, promotion etc would be lost once you stop paying rent on that domain.

  3. says

    It sounds like a good idea, but what happens to the site when you decide to stop renting it?

    Someone could’ve worked really hard to create a site on your domain and then you decide to stop renting it to them – they’d be pretty annoyed!

    Or do people rent domains for different purposes? I’m intrigued.

  4. says

    I use to own over 3500 domains and have had people offer me all sorts of crazy deals for domains.

    Also, people have asked me if they could rent my domains before and I have had a lot of discussion with other resellers about this.

    One major point to consider is what the person does site that is renting the domain. Depending on the content… they could get you blacklisted from Google and other search engines. You really need to understand what the person intends to do with the site, and make sure there is a way out if you don’t like the direction they are going. You don’t want your premium domain name associated with a bad site.

    Renting a domain could be profitable… but consider everything before you make any kind of deal.

  5. says

    Sorry, it’s been sorted out. There was a problem with the checkout process that was overlooked.

    Thank you for your interest.


    • Brad says

      I agree.. The time you take to promote could easily be snatched by the owner if they choose not to rent it out anymore..

      Better to just register a new one and work from there.

  6. says

    I don’t think renting domains is such a good idea especially if you cannot control the DNS and stuffs. Domains cost less than $6 nowdays (promotion) and if you wanna develop a truly beneficial site which can make you many Ks per month a rent domain is not an option.

  7. Novikov V. says

    I have decided to try to rent the domain 1UJ.COM for 600$ in a month, but I do not know where to place the announcement of it. Somebody knows as it to make?

    Best regards,
    Novikov V.

  8. says

    A smart person wouldnt use the domain as their website name. A smart person would use a good generic name as an extra name that would be forwarded to their main site. Direct navigation is a proven way of getting traffic to your site. Thats why you would rent a domain. Its just another road to your website.

    Example: is their main site but will also take you to their site. Ahhh…I hope you all get it now.

  9. says

    I believe this is feasible if and only if you have actually an age domain, your tenant will set up a site where the main theme keyword is in the domain, among other stuff.

    e.g. If someone had beaten Microsoft in registering or by the time Microsoft dominated the Operating System market, then such sites could be sold or rented for quite a lot!

    Otherwise, if it’s just a new one registered out of Namecheap, I don’t think you’ll find much bidders, and it would be worthwhile if you develop it yourself at the onset, especially if it has age, then sell or rent it.

    If it’s lying around and no one is interested in renting it, parking it for SEDO or Adsense for Domain might be an option that you can consider IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE TIME yet to develop those extra domains at your disposal.

  10. says

    Hi there,

    Thanks for this information. I think this idea is feasible… think a little outside the box. An idea I have is purchasing action keyword domains such as “” rent it out to people who have a PPC campaign and want to get people to take action… with the rules of Google, you can only put your own domain name in the ad campaign. However renting out a call to action domain, for a limited time, a person can rent the domain and have the URL point to the person’s company website for the period of the campaign. They still meet Google rules, they get more traffic from the call to action keywords and you gain revenue from renting the domain.

    I don’t know if I’m explaining myself right, but I hope you guys are getting the drift.

    An example I have is, I recently bought “” I can rent this out to someone who is currently advertising for an up coming webinar on their PPC campaign. To get a user to take action, the person doing the webinar rents my domain for their campaign period, I point the URL to their sales page/business website and they use the URL within the copy of their PPC campaign.

    Anyway, just another way of seeing it!.


  11. says

    I’ve just thought about this today, but I have to agree with Domainer, there are so many issues around it.

    Also, I think that the holder of the domain name must be the owner of it. I was received some few emails from about this.

    Anyway, it is very nice idea :)

  12. says

    Renting a domain name from someone is such a waste of time and money! Think of the time invested, advertising costs etc.. only to come to the point that some day the onwer of the domain says eh doesn’t want to rent it anymore. What happens then? Go get your own domain, own it out right and build a strong business that no one can take it from you over night. Just my two cents…

  13. says

    Yes, I agree. Maybe for a time sensitive business that may lose steam, then a “domain rental” would be a great idea. But for dumping money into a “rented domain” just to lose it later is a waste. It’s the equivalent of “improving and building on your landlords house!”. Just get a cheap domain somewhere like DasCheapDomains,com