I Have A Secret… Content Is Not King

DANGER: Extreme rant ahead. Proceed with caution!


Is content king? I think that’s overrated.

The way I see it…

Marketing is king.

Let me throw some examples first:

Case 1: Coca Cola vs Pepsi

Since 1975, Pepsi has been running “The Pepsi Challenge” wherein they hand 2 blank cups to bystanders in malls – one containing Pepsi and the other one, Coke, and then they’d ask which tastes better.

The result? Pepsi topped the challenge.

But Coca Cola is still the number one soft drink. Why? Advertising.

Case 2: Problogger.net

It’s widely accepted that Darren is the #1 blogger who blogs about how to make money blogging (And I amen to that) but does Darren give “the” best content about blogging to make money? I’m not saying that Darren’s content sucks, Darren gives high octane info. But does he give the best content around the blogosphere?

Of course not, there are a lot of bloggers out there who give hard core advice on blogging but they’re unnoticed. Why? Because they didn’t market themselves enough. They haven’t positioned themselves properly. Darren positioned himself as THE Problogger.

Case 3: McDonalds

Let’s face it.

They don’t have the best tasting burgers.

They don’t have the best tasting french fries.

But they do know where to put their branches.

One of my dad’s MBA teachers once said “McDonalds is not in the fast food business, they’re in the real estate business.”

Content is just a part of marketing

I personally believe, and the way I apply it to my business, content – is just part of marketing.

There are a lot of people out there who are topping the charts but are not really “the” best or don’t really posses the best skills – but they know how to market themselves.

Another quick example: Bruce Lee, not the strongest, not the quickest but the most popular martial artist ever.

There are a lot of people too who have “the” best content, but are unknown.

Of course, I’m not saying that you should just put all your efforts into marketing – again, content is part of marketing – you have to deliver.

Not necessarily the best content, but “good enough” content to keep them coming back.

So in conclusion: Marketing is king.



  1. nathan says

    Yeah carl, this is so true. There are so many bloggers out there that injects a lot of useful information to their readers but doesn’t get the attention that they deserve. They should learn how to “sell”. Sell themselves to the public. ^-^

    • says

      Exactly! It’s useless to provide good content to a non-existant audience.

      Carl made some very good points here.

      Content is important, that’s true…


      If you don’t market your business operations wisely, then they will be pretty much useless :/

    • says

      whatever you react regarding this post..it is the author who knows how to succeed..carl is just sharing information, and believe it or not..he makes money even without good quality content..i got your point carl..marketing is the best way to make money online..even if you have good content but no one knows it..it seems non sense..thanks to this idea carl..

    • says

      I agree with you.. Content is not important.. But marketing is.. I have started blogging just a week ago. I didn’t know that blogging business existed. Had I known before, I would have started long time back.. Anyway.. better late than never..

  2. says

    No one seems to approve to this since many bloggers are blogging their heart out and then all of a sudden you talk about content is not king. Very passionate bloggers may disapprove to this but this is what I’m sure of, Carl got to the top knowing this. Good (not best) content + (not good) Best marketing = Top 1 Page Ranking! ^_^

  3. says

    You really did a good job Carl. You inspire me a lot. I tried my best to feed my blog with quality contents I knew. But it is enough to gather traffic.

    I agree with you Carl. It makes me feel that you need to be intelligent as a blogger but a wise blogger that markets his content to be on public.

    Thank you for your inspiring article…

    – BloggerGuidez

  4. says

    Really really great examples. That is the SAME thing that I have been emphasizing to my readers, that content isnt everything. There is a whole lot of good blogs that are left unnoticed and thats because of lack of marketing or not doing it properly..

    Really great writeup carl..

  5. says


    Marketing is king but if you don’t give your visitors and email subscribers some good content here and there, you will not do as well as you want to do in terms of making money.

    Great article man,


  6. says

    You’re just a little child to know what is the important what is not.
    I don’t mean your post sucks but why don’t you think how can that people and products can get a returning visitors and buyers?
    How? It’s content.

  7. says

    I’d say
    Content is king to make visitors return to your site. To make a loyal readers group.

    And marketing is king to promote yourself.

    Both terms are a MUST nowadays.

    Good post Carl :)

  8. says

    Carl. I love you man!

    No no no. Carl is right. Marketing is king. You must think marketing first. Content first is a trap! It’s easy to slip into… If you put ‘content first’ you are training your readers to only expect free stuff from you. Trust me. Been there done that, then did it again, then woke up again. Train loyal customers! Train people to be loyal buyers! DO NOT train people to be loyal freebee seekers! It takes a little leap of faith to do so but that’s just what needs to be done – well, if you’re in business.

  9. says

    Defiantly i agree for this post you have quoted problogger in this post i accept he is not giving good tips but he is just telling that i am giving the good tips and i have read his problogger book also what’s there inside nothing no tips only few tips what we are seeing in net same tips in the book.

  10. says

    Well, in my opinion both are kings in two different perspective, you need content to let people return and find valuable information on your site, you need marketing to let people know that you have something to show anyway nice post! Are you really 13 years old? phew! you write well boy!

  11. says

    With so many bloggers in the world today, content WILL determine the direction the readers go. Quality content builds trust and loyalty. Believe it or not, many people do expect to get their time’s worth when surfing. Marketing is key but content is the foundation. Good controversial article.

    • says

      If the content is relevant to the search query, then content is indeed king. Check your bounce rate and determine if visitors are engaged.

      To Successfully Market “Brand You” requires a reputation of being HONEST and trustworthy, and people may forgive weakness in content if they like your style.

  12. says

    Without promotion or marketing, good content can still be king… but it will take you a damn long time. By then, you may already be a dying king. :P

  13. says

    Marketing is king but if your content sucks, not much point in spending a lot of effort in marketing. So you have to start somewhere and with most bloggers, content is what gets people’s attention. How well you market, however, does determine how successful you will be. So I agree with part of that argument.

    Very good points, Carl but McDonalds DOES have the best fries. Sorry! ;)

  14. says

    Man I just love this line ““McDonalds is not in the fast food business, they’re in the real estate business.”. when it comes to blogging, not beats personality and connecting with readers by making them feel they are part of your life.



  15. says

    I was sold on the last part. Content is really just a part of marketing. Great post. With good content, people will recommend you to their friends. Thus, you have the best form of marketing which is word-of-mouth.

    With the correct mix of flash and substance, you’re sure to have a winner.

  16. says

    Well written, I agree too that Marketing is needed but you need a good content too. The way I see it, Marketing and Content are equally important.

    • says

      Or we can put it this way, like the game of chess Marketing is King and the content is the opening, the strategy and tactics on how to win the game ;)

  17. says

    I agree partially. I feel that it’s essential to see as something that comes in group package, in which it can’t be either or kinda situation. It’s about being the overall superpower in combination. In case of blogging, combination of content, marketing, seo & look. I hope it’s applicable in your case studies too. I think so.

  18. says

    100% true. content is only a part of professional blogging but marketing is a heart of professional blogging. If you have a product but don’t know how to sell it then nobody will buy it. One more thing, if you are blogging but do not promoting any products then your blog is incomplete.

  19. says

    Great debating post Carl. However, the ones that you’ve made as an example are products that are really good. This products market themselves as people have different taste. You can’t contrast these products with each other as they rule based on what consumers want. Also, you can’t compare and contrast this one to blogging as basically, people on the internet who rely on blogs to get free information are certainly looking for something that is good and that is “good content”. it is important that you have something good to market as it will end up with sales.

    Yeah! i know you are a great blogger, i couldn’t more agree with that. But i wanna ask you this. How did you all started and make it this far? isn’t it because of the good contents that you market? No matter how great you market your blog if you’re blog is a crap then all your marketing efforts will be wasted. Its human nature, people look for something good. Therefore, content is king and marketing is queen. This two should go along with each other.

  20. says

    I agree. :D My content sucks but I have lots for friends.. nyok. :D

    I saw u sa wordcamp, pero nahihiya akong lumapit sayo. Too bad… di kinaya ng powers ko makipag kilala sayo personally. :D

    Hoping to see you sa future events to come! :D

  21. says

    this is a great post carl. very well explained. Now I see the difference and importance of marketing. for me, you’re right carl in comparing these products. they are a good examples in explaining your viewpoints. it doesn’t matter if it’s king or queen, what we know is they are both important. Cheers!

  22. says

    Nice article Carl! That struck me a lot coz I am really ensuring that every article that I publish is definitely of quality. However, I lack the marketing skills. I envy those who doesn’t have very nice content yet they earn so much money online.

  23. says

    Your conclusion is quite true and I do absolutely agree with you Carl. Marketing is really the King, no matter how good your content is, if we don’t know how to market it, then its useless. However, content is also important on the other hand.

  24. says

    This article is cleverly written! Hands-down…

    It`s always been great to be involved in this conversation – really got me thinking. It`s also interesting to note that we would not have been able to have this chat if we hadn`t had a provocative bit of content to talk about in the first place.

  25. says

    Carl is correct… I have excellent content…but very little traffic…

    I am start to focus on marketing nowadays….

    By the way, go buy his theme…

    it’s super SEO friendly… and help you rank fast..

    go get his bonce as well…very valuable…

    checkout example theme layout at my blog P90X Workout

  26. says

    So so true, not to echo everyone else but you can have a really crappy blog but if its marketed right that guys making more money than you are even though you may have better content. Now the key is learning the tricks of blog marketing. Great read as normal Carl – Good job.

  27. says

    Success equals a combination of both. Marketing brings you the traffic, good content keeps them coming back. Funny enough, it’s the great content that gets them talking = word of mouth = powerful marketing.

  28. says

    Content still will always be the king, its both powerful and versatile. Though if you don’t get the words of the site out through marketing, people wont see the site ( the world to come to your door) and wont be able to read the unique content in it and therefore won’t attract the natural links.

    Links help build traffic, unique content maintains it!
    So content is currently the best way to get links, but if the purpose of your content is to acquire links, then it is just yet another tool to acquire the currency of SEO – links.

  29. James says

    Yeah this is true, this is exactly why there are a lot shit products in internet marketing today. For cryin out loud there are bunch of hyped up products in the internet marketing niche that are being spammed every freakin day!

    REAL VALUE as opposed to inflated or Higher Perceived Value (as the gurus say) is extremely hard to find especially in the IM niche. Gurus bomb you with their NLP(Neuro linguistic programming) just to sell shitty products that has been regurgitated over and over again. I read about 2 or 3 products that are being sold for $2000 but you can get the same content for $97 or even free somewhere. Most content are just rehashed crap that has been repackaged to a prettier box that happen to cost thousands of dollars.

    At the end of the day, you could ask yourself these two questions:
    1. Do You Really Want to give really valuable content to your cutomer?
    2. Do You Just Want to Walk away with their money with your “Good Enough” Content to keep them coming back?

    Just my two cents.

  30. says

    I think you nailed it. I love the comment about McDonalds is in real estate, and it’s so true.
    People seem to spout off that content is king left and right, but i just can’t agree. If you don’t market no one will ever see that content. Without inbound links, no one will see your site. Without having some amount of SEO, search engines will never direct traffic your way. When you look at the big picture, marketing is where it’s at!

  31. says

    hello carl, I shared This post to Selaplana Post, And this is what he said.. :D

    “if you are simply blogging not marketing a particular product, then your main product is your content. In other words, content is not marketing although the content is the one you are marketing to your target visitors.

    You can only say that Marketing is King if you are marketing certain product not your blog’s content and that you are just using your blog’s content in marketing that certain product.

    However, if you are simply blogging like me, teaching people on how to do something… Then Content is the King… and that Content is not part of Marketing but your main product that you are marketing.
    SELaplana says:
    October 3, 2009 at 8:38 am

    Before you conclude that your blog’s content is just part of marketing (marketing is King) you should first ask your self: What I am marketing here. Am I marketing certain product? Or Am I marketing my blog’s content.

    If you’d realized that you are actually marketing or promoting your blog’s content, then your content is your main product. But if you’d realize that you’re actually using your blog’s content in promoting certain product, or promoting your own, …. or whatever, then content is not king because it is just part of your “marketing.”..”

  32. says

    I agree with your post, carl! I would love to see you speak soon about making money online and yes, discuss more on why content is NOT king :D

  33. Andy says

    Question, what if I own top level domains like .edu and .gov, who would like to pay for linking to my sites

  34. says

    I think that it’s a case of striking a balance between the two. I appreciate the examples you’ve given, and they do illustrate your point. But if you were, for instance, to set up a site with shoddy content, and market it like crazy until it hypothetically reached No1, it wouldn’t take long for your visitors to grow tiered of reading the less than inspiring blurb and click off to find a less marketed, more authoritative site that they can actually learn from. However as you said, having great content but no visitors due to lack of marketing, is much worse when it comes to moneterization.

  35. JBMac says

    Can somebody please clarify what particular activity in the blogging process constitute as “marketing”… the way i see it, content is a given, is there any blog out there with no content? My point exactly. But marketing… ah… that is an entirely different thing. I can make a blog without marketing it, but if I want to make money out of my blog marketing comes to play…

    Marketing is king if you want to make money!!!

    Carl, how do you market? I’m interested the get the DL on that…

  36. says

    “Content is king.”

    It sounds good in principle. Produce a truly great piece of content, and you’ll get all the links you could ever hope for.
    Maybe it worked too, several years ago. The Web used to be a fairly quiet place compared to what it is now, and it was easier for people to notice great blog posts.
    But not anymore.
    Now great is no longer good enough. The Web is full of so much remarkable content that bloggers don’t have enough time to read it all, much less link to it.
    If you want links now, you need to be more than great. You need to be connected.


  37. Roshan Ahmed says

    At some points I agree with you and content is not everything. But what about a product with very good marketing and poor quality. My point is that in the end all that matters is ‘content’ itself.

    Anyway, as you said, it may be overrating to refer content as the king. But for better marketing content is inevitable.

    But I think it will be overrating to refer Marketing as King as well.

  38. Roshan Ahmed says

    A product/blog with great content and no marketing will never be successful. Anyway a site with only marketing with no content will not be succesful either.
    Content may not be King, nor the Marketing as well.
    But in the end the thing that matters is Content itself. It is the quality of the content that makes it sticky and worth using again and again.
    A product with great content will also gets marketed by their own customers, i.e. customers recommend it to others!

  39. says

    I agree because from what i understand, marketing and content should be good, but marketing is the King. Not to down grade content but you can’t have two kings on the throne. Of course the queen matters but she still has to subject to the king. But we know when it comes down to carrying out a decleration, the queen influence the king. I like this post. It is a fact and not an opinion.

    Good stuff-keep it coming!

  40. says

    I second that too! Marketing is king. Very interesting discussion on McDonalds! They’re like everywhere I go haha.. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us!

  41. says

    I agree with this, I’m not fan of Mcdonalds after all, they have products that taste great but not all of them really sells great and it cost higher than other competing companies here in the Philippines.

    I agree with this topic, content is only a part of marketing but on how you promote your blog and generate traffic will be the most important of marketing.

  42. says

    I know exactly where you are coming from but I still think that content can go a long way. There’s no doubt that someone who knows how to market the hell out of their content as opposed to someone who focuses solely on content will probably gain more exposure in the end, though.

  43. says

    ha ha ,well said carl ,mad me laugh very well,well marketing outside and here can i refer to good + perfect SEO can do the job ,google can make u as popular as McDonalds !

  44. rik says

    imagine you believe you have a superior product but your brand name is unknown to the would be buyers. you are sure that they will keep on coming back once they try your produce.

    then you try to sell your product by getting a space in a big mall known of high foot traffic, unfortunately the location that you can afford is at the corner dead end. you know that there is less foot traffic. you need to get their attention!!

    now, what method of attack will you employ to get the attention of would be buyers? Freeb!es!! i think this is what everymarketeer is doing now : )

  45. says

    Short sharp and snappy – I like it… It is always a difficult choice when deciding about time and money spent – more time on content or more money and time on marketing.. finding a good balance to make sure you have enough meaningful and inspiring content to keep people once you have marketed to them is the key…

    And that seems like a working progress..
    Thanks you are a whiz and look forward to hearing more from you..

  46. Jam says

    Of course you are right but because my line of work involves selling content, I have to market it in a way that will make people believe that it is king. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to sell anything. :)

  47. says

    Blogging is no doubt among most effective approaches to generate funds by laying at family home. All you desire is a computer with a Connection to the internet. Companies like blogger.com and WordPress.com are popping up to teach you establish a website for cost-free. The biggest gain of a weblog among normal webpges is that it’s without delay obtainable. You are allowed to combine, alter or clear away your content as you wish. Often, a independent software is downloaded on your laptop or computer which you can work with to manage your article more readily and promptly.

  48. says

    If you build the content alone on your site, they won’t notice.

    It takes a lot of work to build backlinks to a website.

    Only when you get a good position in google will they come to your site.

  49. says

    IMO, content is still king. However, SEO and marketing are your knight of shining armour. Even though you have the best marketing or SEO, if your product (which are your contents) are flawed, I know it will not work in the long run. Content is still king for me. But marketing and SEO are our knights of the shining armour.

  50. says

    I kind of disagreed with Carl. Marketing is not king. Traffic is king. You can use the best marketing techniques out there but if you don’t have a traffic your site will be just another website.

  51. says

    wow, almost all SEO bloggers are advising that content is king – when I saw the title of this post, I got intrigued – Then I realized that intriguing content is king.

  52. says

    very nice man,awesome and true too.John Chow in every post says make easy money online,but the fact that is they write so just to attract people,not to tell them how to make money,so more is the attraction than content.

  53. says

    What the heck are you talking about.
    You are making money online and
    probably know more about it than
    All the gurus say that. Are you calling
    those gurus wrong!? The world revolves
    around information and the sun.
    Information is Power

  54. says

    so true, loved the post, its definatly all about marketing and advertising, i have seen people make such stupid products yet they make millions out of it while others make great products but cant make a pennie.

  55. says

    Great many blogging tips any blogger should know. I agree with you ( MARKETING IS THE KING) .wish you merry Christmas and a prosperous 2011.

  56. says

    You made a good point in there Carl, i thought the exact same thing, yet when i think about it now i bet that there’s more into it: I mean, it rather comes to combining the SEO, Marketing and Content itself, to be successful in blogosphere.. Sure though, Marketing your content must come first…

  57. says

    I have only met a few as young as you with so much talent in writing. I can understant why it is going so well for you.
    You have great content and seem to know what you are talking about.

  58. says

    yeah i agree on this. I’ve seen sites that has no “content” but still ranking top on the results page. really marketing is the major player here :s

  59. says

    Marketing and how your product is conceived. Product vs Commodity, commodity is the tangible stuff that you sell. By tangible, I don’t mean to be literally tangible but in our case it’s the written content.

    Now there is something in there that is not seen, the actual product that actually provides value to readers… The emotion.

    “I feel like this will solve my problem”, “I feel like eating burger at McDonald’s because it’s fast and clean”, “I feel like reading carlo ocab’s blog because I can be great like him”. You got to be able to touch people’s emotion (which is usually our perception) to be able to convince them to stay/buy.

  60. says


    I still say Content is King, but since I’m into online marketing now, I have to admit that Marketing plays a great role too. So great, that without the right marketing skills, having a great “King Content” would be useless, if nobody will see him and listen to what he’s saying…

    Maybe that’s it. Maybe Marketing is the General, who expands the territory of the kingdom?

    Yes, that makes more sense to me. I guess the real Kings of this online territory, are the people who can do both. A King who is also the General, leading his troops.

    Any Content can be King, but it’s only the great Content Kings who can wield the legendary sword of Marketing who can make their marks on this virtual land.

    Thanks for the post. It made me think about things.


  61. says

    hmmmpfff…I don’t think so..Jehzlau didn’t do anything on his blog he never linkbuild but the people love his post…he have a lots of traffic through the word of mouth..what do you think?? Content or Marketing/adverstising??

    • says

      But word of mouth is a form of advertising :D

      So, let’s see. Without content – there’s nothing to advertise! So they are partners after all.

      Your marketing efforts pull in visitors to your blog – while your content is the main ingredient for keeping your visitors active in participating to your blog.

      What do you think?

      It took me so long to realize this but Carl and Dean Hunt was right after all. :D

  62. says

    I guess you are right. I have great unique content but almost no visitors. I spend hours and hours writing and programming. Make me feel unappreciated. A blog with great content but no visitors is like a shop with no clients…..totally useless

  63. says

    Hmmmm, i will agree with you, imagine a very good shopping mall that is stocked with all manner of relevant items, yet no one knows it exists. Content on its own will not drive in traffic!

  64. says

    Haha! #EndofRant – that’s actually my favorite part. Seriously, I think you are right. You don’t have to be the best to be the leading, sometimes you just have to be the smartest. That’s why there’s more social media strategists everywhere than actual experts ;)

  65. says

    Absolutely correct, the way you are reaching a large number of audience is very important. Even if you have the best content if people don’t know about your site because you are not doing some marketing on it, then it would be useless.

  66. says

    Actually, both are King. Marketing without a good content is useless likewise good content without marketing is useless. Both should be done. So content is important in marketing. :)

  67. says

    Content is King. Content is in itself the biggest marketing tool which cannot be matched by anything and I mean anything. A Website with good content will in time attract not only visitors but would get people to talk hence marketing on auto pilot. What more could be asked?

  68. says

    Yes, I completely agree. You need to have good content, yes. But if you write a bunch of really great stuff and no one knows about you, no one will ever read your great stuff. So market and promote like crazy. That is how you get people to come.

  69. says

    wow!. great post for starter blogger like me. .
    Now I know that I should not spend some time in writing blog post but instead , market myself also.

    Thanks Carl. Cheers!!.

  70. says

    carl u have listed one of the biggest fact here that marketing is the more important than the content, but please share some marketing tips , how can we market our content ?

  71. says

    Real cool post Carl.

    I noticed that no matter how compelling your content is, if you don’t do anything to promote it, nobody will know about it.

  72. says

    In every Marketing, there will always be a content on it. Whatever we market, there has to be a content on it because it is what the customers are looking for, remember the WIFM? What’s in it for me?So even if you play your marketing cards well but does not have a good content at all, I wonder how branding yourself as an expert about a certain topic will affect your position if you don’t have a good content?

    Marketing is just the first part of reaching out but making your audience or customers loyal to you is giving them a good content to come back for more.

    This is like asking if a customer is a king and we always say the customer is and if we say so, what does a customer want? Just a good marketing to lure him in to your business or a good product/content that will make him your customer for a lifetime. Don’t forget the word of mouth advertising how they can easily spread a good news about you and how they will not stop spreading the bad news about you.

  73. says

    Well man, you wake up me for this long sleeping time with the nice dream from those called them self guru. they always tell that the content is king. Now, I realize that sometime they send a sentence that they do not understand.

    Well, it is better to learn more about marketing than just to try writing a best content for our blog.

    I already visit a friend blog that writing about google panda is not give a value even for the good content, and I think he was very upset and anger with the situation that his site face cos he in the same niche with you.

  74. says

    Nice one, kiddo! Same with your style of writing, you got that charisma that really attracts reader.

    I think, you reminded me of those not so pretty celebrities, but famous. And those really pretty girls, not as famous as them.

    I think that explains why women say, “have to show some skin.” LOL

  75. says

    You are right about that. Spelling errors are a huge no-no. The right marketing plan along with great content will blow your income out the park.

  76. Aron says

    haha, I do agree with you Carl, I have read so many SEO articles, as well as Google Webmaster Blog, and they are all saying that, “Article is a King”, in some point they are right, but, if they dont market their articles there will no leads right? So it simply says that, MARKETING, is a king. lols
    And in all business marketing has a big role. This article is not new news to me, because based on my observation, indeed Marketing is what we have to focus on. And also put some quality to the content. Nice to read this. (June 29, 2012, 7:32 A.M.) hahaha

  77. says

    I think you are partly correct. I believe that Content and Marketing go hand and hand in building a successful site. Too much marketing but crappy content makes it a bad site. It might get high ranks in at start but might be penalized in the end. So just post useful, relevant and unique content then mix it with smart marketing techniques.

  78. says

    I believe content and marketing both are essential part. Absence of any one of them makes a brand unsuccessful.
    Anyways, I really liked your writing style Carl :)

  79. says

    I think my perception changed after reading this post. Before, I believe that content is king.. Now, I definitely agree that marketing deserves to be the king.

  80. says

    I’m sure Carlo knows what he’s talking about. Look at his website..still in the top of the first page for a long time now. More Power to the Kid blogger! I’ve always believed too that content is King. Hmm may be its only the queen?

  81. Anonymous says

    I have always believed that the best marketing strategy that you can have is having great content to keep people from coming back.

  82. says

    But who says the king is the only one who has power?

    Marketing is king because it’s what pulls in the visitors.

    Without visitors, your blog is nothing more than one of million other blogs just lying out there collecting, not money, but dust.

    Quality content just so happens to be what you need to turn those visitors into readers, that you can in turn offer special promotions, services, etc. to so you can earn revenue from your blog.

    With that being said, I suppose you can conclude that quality content is queen.

    Then again, what is a king without its queen? ;-)

  83. says

    I may have to disagree with you on this, Carlo. Good content coupled with excellent marketing can be a success, not just pure marketing alone.