Your Biggest Moneymaker? Reputation!

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Many bloggers are notorious for doing things at the wrong time. May it be trying to cash out too quick, or trying to do too much. I said “wrong time” because most bloggers follow the established bloggers too much that they tend to imitate what the latter is doing. I’m not saying its wrong but it’s not good because established bloggers have one thing we may not have yet (or Carl only does have here) and that is good reputation

A Blog Is a Good Reputation Management Tool

Contrary on what it used to be before, a blog is a useful tool for carving out one’s reputation. I know first time bloggers start blogging primarily because of money and I can’t blame them for that. But one underrated thing is that it brings a lot of good things more than just the money thing. Blogging gives out an online brand for yourself and it wouldn’t take long before it would start raking in reputations (hopefully for all good reasons).

Why not look around? Guys like Darren Rowse, Shoemoney, Daniel Scocco, yes they are making good amount of money with their blog but how has their reputation in their blog paved the way for more opportunities for themselves and their business? Because they have good reputation, a lot of people trust them. Because of their name, a lot of people are willing to do joint ventures with them and because they are famous a lot of fellow marketers respect them!

What Can You Get With Good Reputation?

I’ve always been told that before a company or a person do business with you, they search your name in search engines. This is so true. Just existing in the index of Google is not enough. You have to exist for the good reasons. You, being able to be known as a good influence can lead to a lot of good things that are way better than just making a direct income from blog. It includes:

  • Getting invited to large conferences
  • Being able to speak in seminars
  • More business opportunities
  • Irresistible Offers from some top notch companies in your niche
  • Unique Brand for yourself

Those are just few things that you could be eligible with when you start gaining that reputation. These things are obviously better than just making money directly from your blog and these would lead to a lot of good opportunities that could very much make you and your business more profitable.

Wait patiently and Just Work Your Way Up

It is essential for us bloggers to be patient. It will initially take certain amount of time for a certain blogger to gain popularity, much more to gain good reputations. Sadly, a lot seemed to give up already and they just instead focus on milking their blog too much that it hurts their readership and reputation. Patience is a big factor here and it having the right mindset is essential to achieve it.

How about you? Are you risking yourself too much because you want to have that money quick? Do you also believe reputation can be your biggest asset as a blogger? I would be very much elated to hear what you guys would like to say.

Melvin is a young entrepreneur and student who has been doing internet marketing related stuffs for more than 2 years now.  He shares his experience and ramblings in his blog in w/c you can subscribe. He also uses Twitter and hopes to get followed by more people.

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  1. says

    Hey Melvin,
    I liked that perspective of going beyond making money. But the most essential aspect of that post was:
    1. Your post gave a question & opportunity to think about to your readers.
    2. You have given them answer & enough motivation.
    However, I would have tried to make the same concept relevant to other bloggers or mewbies by few interesting details.

  2. says

    You’re absolutely right.

    Take a look at kern or reese etc… They’re millionaires.


    Is it because they implement the best marketing strategies amongst us all?

    No. Their marketing strategies are good, but the thing that pushes them way ahead of the pack is their reputation ;)

    Nice Post.

  3. says

    You couldn’t have said it better. If when starting a blog your sole purpose is to make money first, make relationships later, you’ll be doomed from day work.

    It takes time to build up a following and in order to do that, you need to provide quality information from the start. Everything else will fall in line later.

  4. says

    Hey Melvin,

    Yaro Starak once said in one of his free ebooks that each time you make a blog post or submit an article offsite to it for backlinks it’s like creating a micro signal to your website. I think a lot of bloggers are about 1-2 years shy as far as waiting for their turn goes. They don’t take enough time to get enough of these small signals out to gain the necessary momentum, nor take the time to do enough smaller Joint Ventures first to establish enough trust.

    I think when people make their break too quick it can kill their reputation and their list. I do believe now in slow and steady wins the race, and if you’re willing to put in the time to make quality blog posts it will pay off big in the long run. The people who do it as a lifestyle are the ones who will prosper in the Blogosphere long-term.

    Great Post
    Brian Garvin

  5. says

    @make money blogging, it isnt just the popularity. I thin these everyone can be popular easily but if its for all the wrong reasons, then it doesnt make sense.. Positive reputation is the main key

    @gerri “world is your oyster” thiis one is funny.. :)

  6. says

    I like your point of view when it comes to blogging Melvin. It is true that you have to look much more further than just earning some bucks. Gaining reputation would give you more opportunity in the future. It is much better to aim higher.

  7. says

    @nathan, thanks..
    @dana, true but just being patient alone wouldn’t give you good reputation. To better state it, working well and patience would do it..

  8. says

    Agreed on this, reputation magnetizes clients, it makes you much richer and popular. Yet, the down side for this case is that a little mistake can bring the blogosphere go wild with their opinions. Social media which helped you established your popularity could get in trouble too. Good people should be constant on what they do and how they do it. I guess they are like celebrities who need to be cautious with their actions so they wouldn’t make their fan disappointed.

  9. says

    True reputation play main role,when you break news,it is not neccessary that all accept it,but if you had reputation in your back it plays

  10. says

    It takes lots of time to build a reputation. Mine took three months but all was well. I was promoting and networking to other blogs at the same time. Quite a tedious task but all was worth it once my reputation was built. Great post Melvin, I’m a huge fan of yours ;)

  11. says

    Reputation is key….but it seems like a lot of the top money making bloggers use their readers as tools…..just making money by recommending ways for them to make money. Not sure if that made any sense to anyone.

  12. Jayson Tan says

    I’m confused and interested with this “BLOG” thing.. I really want to try it. I hope somebody could help me start this dream of mine. I really don’t know the what, where and how of BLOGGING. What do i need to start this? Where can i possibly get it or obtain it?? How can I start it? Please email me.. I would really appreciate your help.

    God Bless… and Thank you…

  13. says

    I agree 100% that reputation is important in making money online.. That is also my reason in getting my real name domain as soon as possible when I realize that I need it for branding myself in the internet.

    Specially if othe prominent bloggers are also talking about you in their blog . Great post melvin

  14. says

    That’s right. This can be done with a website as well. Anyway, I get many jv request, and today I’ve just received three. One of them was directly from the blog.

    So if you add good content to your blog, this will pay off overtime.

    the Body Guard marketer

  15. says

    I certainly agree to this! Reputation carries your brand! And it can bring you to a lot of engagements whether online or offline.

    As for me, I’m trying my reputation under the brand “Millionaire Acts”. And hopefully, it could open up several opportunities for me in the future not just online but also offline.

  16. says

    Some call it reputation, others authority, others mavenship. Bottomline it’s when people trust you because you continuously add value to their lives that the money comes in. And patience and building solid relationships online and offline is what brings you there.

  17. says

    Great post, ofcourse in blogging you need to have a reputation to make your readers interesting and keep coming back to your blog. The question is how you are going to build your reputation as a blogger? Thus it mean your going to use your name as a domain? Can you not build your reputation by using other domain name? By the way it’s really true that in blogging you must have reputation just this Blog of Carl. Keep posting.

    • says

      it can be either way. We’ve seen real life examples like John Chow using his complete name and still succeeding. Others like shoemoney and problogger are more for brand awareness but they succeeded as well..

      It really depends on who you are and you;re marketing plan

  18. says

    Hi Melvin,

    I totally agree with you that reputation is the way to go. Having a good reputable will help in your online for the long term as it help customers to trust you more.

    Excellent post!

    John Tan