Catching Eyeballs: 5 Steps To Transforming Visitors To Loyal Subscribers

This is a guest post by Chetan Chauhan.

We, bloggers, are normally so busy writing articles and finding new traffic sources for our blogs that we forget that we already have some traffic coming to our blogs. And these visitors should be treated well so that they subscribe to our blogs.

Over 90% of bloggers find it difficult to increase their blog readers just because they don’t concentrate on converting their visitors to subscribers. So I formulated a 5 step plan that shows how to convert your visitors into readers.

#1 Attention: Draw Their Attention To Where You Want

The moment a visitors arrives, his attention should be drawn to your articles’ Titles. Its the articles that would make them your subscribers, not some Adsense or other type of advertisements.

#2 Interest: Show Them You Can Solve Their Problems

The visitor would only subscribe if you are able to clearly show how you can help him/her. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Focus On Benefits, Not Features: In the article Titles don’t stress on features or the information, but the benefits. More people would read your article if it’s Title shows how the article can benefit him/her.
  • Keep Them Glued To Your Articles: Long paragraphs look really boring, so keep them short. Enlist the benefits or information since lists are far more easy to read than paragraphs. Also, don’t forget to use Bold and Heading tags wherever necessary.

#3 Navigation: Give Them A Reason To Stay On Your Blog

You should make sure that your visitors find what they are really looking for. The navigation structure of your blog should be user friendly. Make sure all your popular posts are easily visible to the visitors. This would give him more helpful information and thus a reason to stay on your own blog.

#4 Trust: Make Them Understand You Are Behind The Blog

Trust is another factor that would give your visitor a reason to subscribe to your blog. In order to gain his/her trust, make sure you have an About page or an About widget on your blog, preferably with a photo of yours. Knowing that the blog is run by a living person and not by some script, he/she is more likely to subscribe.

#5 Action: Tell Them How To Subscribe, Simple

The last step, give your visitors easy options to subscribe. Remind them that they can easily subscribe to the future updates of your blog. Try to include subscriptions options right below the articles so that they see it every time they visit any of your article pages.

Also, don’t just put a link saying “Subscribe To RSS”. Many visitors might not know what is RSS. Instead, try something like “Subscribe To Our Future Updates” or “Get Future Posts Free”.

Bonus Tip

To summarize all this, don’t make your blog for search engines or for advertisements. Make your blog for your visitors. Trust is what would make them subscribe to you and, probably, buy from you. And trust is gained by giving your visitors what they want, by truly

Chetan Chauhan is the author of Page Rank Gameplan, a report on how to increase page rank.
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  1. R Kumar says

    A few of the tips mentioned in here is really valuable. But I often wonder as to what is something that could keep the readers busy on your blog. With so much of everything on the internet, even a ‘niche’ is not a ‘niche’ always. The same content is wrapped in a different wrapper and presented in almost all similar blogs. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to determine what is “interesting content”.

  2. says

    this is really a great posting. Every step is clear and helpful. I have one tip for all: If you start blogging about a topic, Try to write really good and helpful postings, comment on other blogs about the same topic and don’t try to get a designer price for your blog. It should looks great to get the attention of a visitor but content and traffic are more important then the design.
    After some time your blog will grow and when you monetize your blog and earned some money, then you can pay a freelancer or webmaster to make the design you want.
    To your success
    Maik Jaeckle

  3. says

    Great tips!

    I’m actually writing some the things you mentioned down on paper. I believe what you are saying goes much beyond having a successful blog, it’s also the keys to branding and being loyal to your customers if you are a product owner or if you have a list of some sort that you are marketing to! I really enjoyed this post and I know it will help me make more money online! Keep up the great job!

    Alex Kaplo