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How to Use Pop-up ads to Make Money Online

By Carl Ocab Under Monetization Strategies

Just found this videos on how to make money using popup ads. I really find this videos helpful and full of ideas. You should check these out.

Here’s my favorite method:

Doing some Math on how much you’ll make through Pop-up ads.

So if you’re site gets a lot of pageviews (Like Proxy sites) you might want to use these kind of monetization technique. Just imagine $27 for 9k impressions! That’s big!

UPDATE! Yes, pop-up ads are kinda rude, but if you have non-returning visitors (i.e. Visits from General websites, MySpace Profiles, Typo domains, etc..) You’d make a great sum of money out of this!

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4 Comments Add yours
  1. Zenon
    February 22, 2009
    5:10 am #comment-1

    I was thinking of doing popups for a gamming site Im busy developing then I read this blog at http://www.pageoptimiser.com/blog_popups.htm . My thought was I would rather get paid per impression as such rather than everytime someone clicked off my site to visit an advertiser.

  2. Anonymous
    February 15, 2012
    2:10 pm #comment-2

    Am getting good traffic for my website, can you suggest who will give me ads….

  3. mathew
    April 15, 2012
    6:41 pm #comment-3

    but which site does the pop up ads? i see them everywhere but i cant find them

  4. Rohit
    July 15, 2011
    6:31 am #comment-4

    I have visited the blog nice one

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