Make Money Online Taking Paid Surveys

Taking paid surveys is one of the simplest ways to make money online now. If you are interested on this income-generating method, all you need to do first is signup on online survey sites. Joining these survey panels is not at all difficult. Most good online survey sites are paid, but there are still some that are free. Now, if, for instance, a certain panel requires you to pay cash before signing up, there are things that you can do to test the legitimacy of the site. You can either read reviews or check out forums about this particular site.

The idea of making money online taking paid surveys is simple. Each survey site has a list of surveys with its corresponding payment. You simply finish the survey by giving them your name, email, address and every detail they ask you too. After finishing the survey, you get the payment.

The Pros

The most attractive pros of online survey income generating scheme is its simplicity. Taking paid surveys is a no brainer. You just fill up some forms and you’re done.

Another one is the possibility of completing a task at breakneck speed. If you could finish several surveys within a few hours, you can easily generate hundreds of dollars.

Perhaps the best advantage of online surveys is they are very flexible. You are your own boss. You can stop and start taking surveys anytime.

The Cons

One of the most pressing issues is your privacy. Answering surveys requires your name, address and contact details. Giving them out to lots of companies may mean telemarketers calling you from time to time. Some may even send snail mail ads.

Free Online Survey Website: CashCrate

The best thing that you can do to make sure that you are maximizing all the best benefits of online surveys is to sign-up with an excellent online company such as CashCrate. This prestigious online entity provides online work for a lot of people who are looking for the fastest and easiest way to make money taking surveys. By becoming a member of their program, surveys will be automatically sent to your email.

These online surveys can be of various payment terms, topics, and length. Basically, surveys that are short will get you paid $5 or less while long online surveys will get you paid $10 and more. Aside from its excellent payment scheme, there are more benefits that you can enjoy once you sign up with CashCrate.


Earning cash from this site is fast and easy. By simply answering survey questions within a few minutes of your time, you can earn good money through this company. In short, spending long hours in front of your computer is no longer necessary.

Excellent Money Making Opportunity

Aside from the ease of earning money from this company, you will also be given better opportunity to make more money. By answering more survey questions, you can generate more cash. In short, your earnings will simply depend on how often you finish surveys on a regular basis.

Cost Effective

Since you do not have to go out of the house to earn money, answering or taking online surveys from CashCrate saves you from a lot of expenses. For instance, allotting your budget on operational expenses such as fares, clothing, gas money, and food is no longer necessary since you will be doing your job inside the comforts of your own home.

Earn Prizes

Aside from surveys, CashCrate also have a point system where you can earn prizes. You can get points by playing games, installing Facebook apps and other tasks. This is really great since you can do this on your free time. Prizes range from Amazon gift cards to cameras and even to PlayStation 3’s!

Well, these are just some of the superb advantage of working with CashCrate. As you get to know the company more, you will be ushered in to a world of vast income generating possibilities. In conclusion, is no doubt the best company today that can help you make money online surveys.

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      The best thing that you can do to make sure that you are maximizing all the best benefits of online surveys is to sign-up with an excellent online company. These online surveys can be of various payment terms, topics, and length.

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      The minimum you can earn Smit,, will be directly related to the effort you put in with filling out the surveys. Some survey websites tend to pay more than others, price per survey paid varies.

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    I have been using cashcrate and many other online surveys to pay my fuel prices. The problem with online survey sites is finding a trustworthy one that will pay you for the service you offer them.

  2. says

    I really do think that getting paid to take surveys is making a comeback. It is important to find the right company to help you get started. I have not used CashCrate before but I have used a couple others with some success.

    Good luck to you!

    – Rick

    • says

      I have done paid surveys before and made a small income. I think there is a limit to how much you can make from doing these and it is important to find a reputable company. As you don’t want your details being sold off to every internet marketer under the sun.

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    I am trying to make money online for a little timeat this point. I have tried a whole lot ofstuff, from niche marketing, to internet online affiliate marketing and likewise to design and sell my own products. After i read your write-up i consider that i’ve mastered some valuable knowledge and that now i am well prepared to make some real money online fast from home.

  4. says

    Sounds like a great opportunity! I’ve been a little hesitant to try out online surveys. But CashCrate looks good. Anyone else have experience with them?

  5. Tom says

    Hey mate, I take surveys online and I earn a fair bit of extra cash. I use a paid website because I found the free ones to all be dodgy and not pay. I use

    I personally this its the best out and I’ve tried a few in my time.

    Cheers for the blog mate and congratulations on your google ranking.

  6. says

    i’ve personally tried to go the surveys for cash route. I find it full of spammers and scammers. DAE have this experience as well? Please advise.


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    Yes you can make some money with paid surveys. You need to do a lot of surveys inorder to make significant money but everyone is different. That is a safe way of making money.

    I prefer to have websites that make a little cash every day. Added up, it is a lot of cash.

    Everyone is different. I know your post will help a lot of people looking to make some extra cash.

  8. says

    I have never even considered taking surveys online. I have been concentrating on adsense and affiliate earnings which tend to take up most of my time next to trying to increase my search engine rankings. Getting traffic, seems to be the most important task to increasing revenues to my sites.

  9. says

    Paid surveys is a way to make a little spare cash but I certainly wouldn’t count on it to earn a living.

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    good post brother.. This blog just powerfull and greatg.. No.1 in google to keyword make money online. Just awesome blog for young blogger!

  11. says

    Yes you can make some money with paid surveys. You need to do a lot of surveys inorder to make significant money but everyone is different

  12. says

    Sounds good, almost too good to be true. I’m guessing that if you live outside the US that this is no-no?

  13. says

    business like this reminds me of another business survey. because I think a lot of online survey companies that defraud the members. are you sure this company can be trusted??

  14. says

    Paid surveys are a great way to make money granted you join the right websites — I’ve found a lot of scam websites out there in this department though so just be careful when signing up for paid survey websites. Another problem I find is that a lot of survey websites run out of surveys after completing a few — so you never get to reach the minimum payout. That being said, there’s also a lot of great survey websites out there.

  15. says

    Actually, I’ve made money doing surveys in the past. However, you must pay upfront to get a list of links of websites where you can sign up surveys with the POTENTIAL to get asked to fill out surveys. I ended up making about $200 doing a Yahoo search engine survey that lasted about a week. I got some Visa giftcards after the survey was complete, so it was worth the $25 that I spent to get the list. However, most high paying surveys have strict criteria for who can and cannot participate.

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    This is a great article! I work outside my home and also work from home so when I am done with my outside job and start working from home and making money online.

  17. says

    Great post Carl! I’ve been taking surveys for over 6 months now.. I never used CashCrate, but I’m using Get Cash for Surveys.. It’s great.. I sometimes get from $20 to $50 per survey..

  18. Brandon says

    I am just starting out online, bare bones. Is this a good way to get my toes wet and learn the “internet ropes”?

  19. Bianca says

    I am thinking about trying things like this, i have only had one job and it was tough labor. Its hard finding a job with only a high school degree. so what sites should i trust?
    im not willing to pay much.

  20. says

    Man, I don’t know. It’s pretty awesome to get the extra cash, but I’m thinking maybe it’s a distraction from my Google Sniper Empire which I found on this site a couple days ago. I’m looking to build that thing to at least $3,500/day – kind of set that as a benchmark, but I think it will probably take me a few months to get there, but I’m willing to work it hard!

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    I always try to get extra income from some advertiser to my blog. But sometimes, i didn’t get much earning. I Also have tried to get surveys too, but what i get is just nothing. so, what is the best to do?

  22. says

    Hi Andre, really interesting article you wrote! :) Paid Survey sites are one of the easiest…if not THE easiest way for anyone to make extra money from. it’s really convenient especially for those who are in college ((Myself included)), high school, and stay at home parents. Cashcrate is among one of my most favorite online survey site to make money from, along with other similar sites. Now I kind of disagree about having to pay for Paid Surveys. You could find many good paying surveys sites for free. You just got to do your research, and everything. But again, this was a really interesting post, and would help people who are looking for easy ways to make money online.Thanks for sharing this!

  23. says

    You’re right: cashcrate is a legit survey sites. However, there have to be others out there. I’ve been hunting for a comprehensive list out there.

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    Hey Mate, I’m from Indonesia. Your great Blog Take first position on “Make Money Online” in my country. I’m running new site for helping Noob to making money. Please come by someday.

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    Taking surveys online does certainly meet the needs of some who have time to spare and lack in tech savvy needed for other online endeavors. The only problem is that there is no passive cash flow. In other words, you have to keep taking endless surveys to keep making money. So is it better than the 9-5 drab of working for a boss? Yes! Will it set you up permanently for life so that you can go live on the beach? No! I will however serve as a great supplement while you pursue other more long term projects.

    -David K

  26. says

    yes Carl Taking paid surveys is a good idea making money online but before taking sign up you must need to know first waht is the best Paid Surveys yes you can start with Cash Crate i know that thier program is the best to make money while you are taking surveys from them.

  27. says

    As a couple other commenters said, I definitely wouldn’t count on paid surveys as a means to make substantial amounts of money online. But I’m sure if you find a good one you could be able to earn some side money. Thanks for the review on the company that you trust.

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    Paid surveys are great.Unfortunately there are a lot of sites that offer you a list of surveys not for free.There are not to many legitimate companies.I would recommend you to search for only free surveys.Most of these free surveys are legitimate.

  29. says

    Yes, Cash Create is a great site …

    I’ve been making money for more than several years from them.The biggest disadvantage is they have not too many surveys.That’s why I recommend to join for more surveys.There are a lot of free and legitimate surveys online.

  30. says

    The problem with free surveys is that there are lots of effort must be done to get qualified for the surveys. Then if you do not qualify you have to say good bye to taking the surveys. That means that you have to put in work for nothing if you do not get qualified. I am from Holland and I think the most of the opportunities exist when you are from The States. Thanks for sharing.

  31. says

    In my mind paid surveys is a good way to prove to yourself you can make money online by making your first dollar. That’s it!

    Make your first buck then move on to more efficient and profitable methods of generating online income.

  32. says


    Thank for this info. Am just wondering if this is possible for people in Africa? I’ve always heard about Paid Surveys but haven’t given it enough interest. I might just do that now.


  33. says

    I use Iconzoomer. I got sick of long questionnaires and really like how all the surveys on Iconzoomer is answered with a photo. I take all my photo with my htc phone and use the Iconzoomer app to upload them, simple as that. The payout is good – specially the fact that you can choose paypal and get real cash for you photos.

  34. says

    When researching for my site, I also looked at paid surveys. My conclusion was that CashCrate and TreasureTrooper are two most trusted sites which have surveys, offers and things like that. There are also numerous sites which are specialized in surveys only (GlobalTestMarket, OpinionOutpost, Toluna, …) and, from what I’ve been reading on the internet, those are legitimate sites used by many people and not some scam sites.

    I don’t understand why Google thinks that surveys are not legitimate way to make money. I mean, that’s how it appears to be. It is forbidden to put AdSense on sites that talk about paid surveys. It’s not that you cannot talk about scam survey sites. You are not allowed to talk about any survey sites. And this is very tricky because they don’t actually say that in their policy. But when you go to their forum, you’ll see that it’s true. They ban AdSense accounts because of this.

  35. says

    Paid surveys is not a way to make even a part time income. I don’t like the fact that they ask so many personal questions like name, age, birth date, income ect… I have started years ago with that and really didn’t like it at all. Maybe because i chose the worst ones.
    Frank Z.

  36. says

    I’ve seen some legit sites in Europe that offer amazon coupons and the like but never bothered with these type of surveys. More out of laziness than anything else ;-)

    However i think there are 2 sides of the coin so to speak. Those that provide the offers (=the ones actually making the money) and those who fill out the offers (=who probably don’t get so much).

    So i’m guessing that those who provide offers are packaging their offers as CPA offers?

    Cheers And God Bless,

  37. says

    Hello there, I am interested in paid surveys, however some sites who offer paid surveys do not accept international members, people from Asia sometimes are less privileged to make money. I will try to check this one, as I am also trying to gather sites or program that can help make money specially for international users. Great post!

  38. says

    I did not have too many luck in this type of online income. I honestly think that the most effective way to make money online is to use and promote affiliate products and services. To earn couple of bucks using paid surveys can take months – which is not effective at all!

  39. says

    Great post, I’ve been a member of a lot of several survey sites, like mysurvey and myview. I didn’t know about CashCreate, you’ve mentioned. I will join them.Surveys are the easiest ways for people to make money online…

  40. says

    From what I’ve read, doing paid surveys can be a viable way to supplement some income but so far, my earning has been very very less, plus it is also time consuming. I guess like what you’ve mentioned, I need to work on my speed but even then, the limitation is always there. Also I’m looking into possibility of earning through affiliates programs. Do you have any idea that apart from Amazon, is there any other affiliate program worth trying? Thanks for your time.

  41. says

    Can you really make a decent living off taking online paid surveys? You’d have to work hours a day just to get a reasonable income from what i’ve researched.

  42. says

    Just make sure that its not too good to be true. In example, earning $200 in a single form is a scam. None of the advertisers/client will pay that huge amount of money for survey.

    As far as I know, more than 90% of survey websites offering money are scam. So, be aware. No such thing as easy money..

  43. says

    It is highly unlikely that you can make a decent living from taking online paid surveys. Plus, most people wouldn’t consider it because it can be a boring & repetitive task!

  44. says

    I tried paid surveys for a bit but earned hardly anything – I didn’t use one of the paid services though, which sounds like it was where I went wrong. I am now going down the affiliate marketing route but it’s hard work at the beginning!