Using Current Trends To Make Money

This article is guest posted by Melvin from The Melvin Blog.

If you’re doing affiliate marketing for quite a while, you would notice that there has been a huge saturation in the market. As many people learned doing affiliate marketing, the market has become well-penetrated and it has become harder to profit.

But you see, a lot of people are still producing high numbers and to be honest everyone can do it too! Ok enough fluff here, what I am talking about is taking advantage of current trends and events to make money online.

As you see everyday there is an issue, a hot topic or whatever you may want to call it. Now the thing here is that you have to be quick. Usually a hot trend can be profitable for at least a week before it goes down. Now here it goes, you can look for current issues/trends using the following:

So what are we gonna do with them? Basically if you visit them, you can find a common trend. For example “American Idol” . American Idol has its new season and basically we know how popular it is right? How are we going to make money with it? Affiliate Marketing! There is actually a ton of way to profit from it, but I would tell you the easiest yet the low-risked one, email submits. Basically email submits are offers wherein you get paid for when someone puts his email address. Most of the time the offer is about getting a free ipod, ps3, or tech gadgets. This offer converts on first page email submit. Easy? :-)

Now we will create a page that puts up a survey like this. “Who is going to win the American Idol? Vote now and win a free ipod nano.” Then whatever answer a person chooses he will be redirected to an offer mentioned above. The next thing to do now is send traffic to our page. In this we will do pay-per-click through Google Adwords. I have written a post about doing pay per click on email submits this last month and I think its worth a read.

Then profit! The tip here is that most keywords that we will be bidding on has a very low Cost per click. Why? Because no one bids on American Idol, no one bids for “Jett Travolta”, no one bids on something that hasn’t been related to an offer! But what we did is we simply incorporate the latest trend with a certain offer! Do you get the point? You will be getting dead cheap clicks. Now about worrying if you are going to convert or what, listen. Email Submits again converts on first page which means a user only has to submit his email and you will be paid $1.25 for it immediately. You can then work your way up and start promoting different offers that have a higher payout. It depends on what you can do and your expertise with affiliate marketing

Using trends like these really helps! Not only it can get you started so quick but also it can make you profit without having to go through the tight competition in your niche.

This article is guest posted by Melvin from The Melvin Blog. His blog talks about affiliate marketing and making money in general with a personal touch. There has also been a contest going on there with over $700 of prizes at stake. Give his blog a visit and subscribe to his feed.


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    I agree with Digg, SU, and Google Trends but about Yahoo! Buzz, i really don think i will getting enough traffic from there, plus they’re still in beta and i can’t even view my submitted articles. How funny is that!

    • Morgan M says

      I’ve found that you can find trends everywhere if you just keep your eyes and ears open. It might be an advertisement on tv, or in a magazine. It might be an item on the local or national news programs. Just always be aware of things going on around you, and remember…..the trend is your friend!

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    nice trick… I have blogs on blogspot with traffic I think I will try your affiliate to earn more from my traffic.
    thanks, :)

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