You’re Letting People Get Away – Why Capturing Emails Matter

Capture Them Like Prisoners Of War - Never Let Them Get Away

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Adsense, text link ads, banner sponsorships, etc. can give you a pretty substantial amount of money… for a certain time. You may get big bucks from those guys but what about for the next couple of months? What if suddenly your readers unsubscribed from your RSS (Which can be done with just a click of a button) and Google started to hate you?

Sounds like hell right? Ok, don’t hide there and dry your pants off, I was just playing around with you! But honestly, it can happen. And it did happen on some websites. Some examples are seasonal websites i.e. for Christmas, Halloween and after that, traffic spikes got down the drain and they got nothing to get their visitors back AND the cash.

When I first started with this internet marketing thingy, my father would always say: “Capture your visitor’s email address”. All I have in mind that day was completely blank, I mean for a kid like me, what would I do with those email address, send them a joke?! But from time to time, I realized that hey I can send these guys some products or something or maybe an affiliate link (Because I knew affiliate marketing then) and make them sign-up through me!

I see an internet marketer in the making the day I thought of that, but if you still don’t get it why capturing emails matter, here are some points I have discussed with my dad before. I just leaked it =D

1. They Stick, REALLY Stick

There’s nothing better than capturing emails, it’s where most people spend time on (See my last post about it and how to manage emails). In the offline world, I guess emails are the equivalent to your telephone/cell phone number. It’s always with you, wherever you go.

So whenever you have something good to show off, send your list an announcement.

And by the way, capturing emails is way better than RSS subscription, which fluctuates everyday and you don’t even have total control with it.

2. Sell Related Products

I guess this is the main point of capturing emails, you can send them anything you want (Well of course, it should be related) send them affiliate links, your JV partner’s product, etc.

Let’s set an example. I don’t recall who said this but in order to make money with opt-in lists, you need to have a thousand emails. Ok, don’t give up this instance yet! You’ll see how rewarding it is:

If your affiliate program costs $47 and you get $30 of that. With an open rate of 10% and a buy rate of 5% of that 10% who opened your newsletter

1000 x 10% who opened your newsletter = 100 x 5% buy rate = 5 affiliate sales x $30 = $150 on just one message? What if you do that weekly with 50k list?

3. Communication

Making money online is also about communication, communication with other people. What if you just take a shortcut and build relationship with thousands of people on your email list. I’m pretty sure you’ll get thousand times more results also.

You can also give them a leak version of your new website that you’ll be launching and give them a special offer BUT in exchange of a review or maybe a testimonial.

It’s up to you on how you do it.

4. Make Them Your Affiliate

If you have a product that offers an affiliate program (products with higher prices are the best), you can contact your own list of subscribers and make them your own salesforce or affiliate members to promote your product. A big list can boost the ego of your product and make some buzz over it especially if a big daddy notices you and promote your product as well.

5. Promote YOUR OWN Products

What’s better than promoting YOUR OWN product? You get all the money, no affiliate cuts anything! So why not make a short report and promote it through your email list?

On A Sidenote

On my next post I’ll show you “the how” on capturing emails, I’ll also give some tips on how to boost sign-up conversions so watch out everyone!

This post and the next ones will be part of a case study about that free report you can currently see in my header. And by the way, did you sign-up already to get my FREE report? hehehe…


    • CarlCarl says

      Well, actually I’ve only started collecting emails on my blog since last month (I guess) so let’s just say it’s in the xxx mark

  1. says

    thats blogging and online marketing is all about, you have to be on your toes all the time but it pays off if you are consistent and patient !

  2. says

    hey carl! I have a thousand of e-mail subscription now. What do you think would be a “catchy” subject for an affiliate sell? :grin:

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    Hello i am sandeep, excellent your are 13 but you had done a good job.i am reading every day your blog.will you Please tell me Tips How to get traffic and more money. i am from India.

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    Those things are easily said than done. There are just too much blogs on the net now and may of them promoting the same products. Unless, you can get people to trust you enough to buy the products you recommend, affiliate marketing isn’t going to be successful overnight. But there are always special case where people get super great as an affiliate marketers.

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    Carl, now i know what to do on all my contacts..

    The solution to hard earn money online is in this article. It is true that make money online is hard. You better keep on searching and do what is good and what is better. Change your strategy and your techniques if you find yourself hard and difficult to make money online. Yes, it is the strategy. A big question is your patience and determination. Always bear in mind is not hard and difficult, just patience, good techniques, smartest way and determination to succeed is necessary in this business called money on internet.


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    If you want to go one step forward in blogging and online marketing then capturing emails is very important because you can make more money as an affiliate marketer. So, don’t let your subscribers go away.